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The 10 Best Muay Thai Gyms in Adelaide



In this regard, it’s hard to top muay thai. Called the “Art of the Eight Limbs” because of the eight points of impact – hands, elbows, feet and shins – Thai martial arts allows you to attack from angles from a full dial, building insane strength, strength and endurance in the process.

There are many gyms that offer classes. So, when you’re tired of the weight room or HIIT is losing its shine, a session on the mat can be a great way to get your blood pumping and adrenaline pumping. Check out our picks of the best muay thai gyms in the City of Churches and prepare for some combat workout that will get you in shape.


Location: Black Forest, SA

Price: From $ 34 per week

Info: This is a thoroughly professional facility with a strong emphasis on inclusion and personal goal achievement. With over 250 square feet of matted floor space, two boxing rings and eight heavy bags, there is plenty of space to work on your Muay Thai basics under the guidance of head coach Barry Saunders who was on the Australian team at IFMA World Muay 2019 . Can’t argue with that.


Insta: southsidemuaythai_adelaide


Place: St. Marys, SA

Price: POA

Over: Come here for an authentic training camp atmosphere without having to miss out on the flight – not that you can go to Thailand now anyway. Owner and trainer Ravinder Sidhu gives you a comprehensive introduction to the art of the eight limbs. You refine your elbow and knee kicks, punches and kicks, as well as grappling and throwing. If in the end you’re not a weapon, that’s up to you.


Insta: –


Location: Glynde, SA

Price: From $ 120 per month

About: Do you have dreams that go beyond sweating and developing predator repellant skills? You are in the right place. Veteran trainer Jeremy Keeping has over 25 years of experience in the trade and leads a stable of fighters to world, national and state titles. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned eight limb assassin, all classes include jumping, stretching, shadow boxing, pad and pocket work, sparring, and clinching with a partner, followed by strength and conditioning exercises. Work hard, dream big.


Insta: Rikersgym


Location: Burnside, SA

Price: POA

Info: The focus here is on self-defense and fitness, with courses in Muay Thai, Krav Maga and European kickboxing as well as Russian kettlebells and strength training. Head coach and director Matt Beecroft has almost every fitness and self-defense qualification, while head coach Muay Thai, Steve Pietsch, has trained world champions. In other words, you are in good hands.


Insta: Realitysdc


Location: Unley, SA

Price: Starts at $ 130 per month

Info: A holistic martial arts gym with Muay Thai, Jeet June Do, Kali and submission grappling. Muay thai Students are exposed to boxing and kickboxing combinations, variations of elbow and knee strikes, clinching techniques, shutdowns and sparring progress, as well as the Wai Khru Ram Muay war dance performed before a fight to pay respect to your teacher and parents. A great place to get started on the basics, improve your stamina, and develop your fighting spirit.


Insta: Mettlemartialarts


Location: Hindmarsh, SA

Price: From $ 41 per week

Info: These guys are a pure Muay Thai fitness studio and regularly change the Thai master trainers and have close ties with the Revolution Gym in Phuket. The crew is here with a welcoming atmosphere believe that muay thai combined with a healthy lifestyle “can help everyone benefit from the physical, mental and emotional challenges we face inside and outside the ring”. You can not ask for more.


Insta: strong heart muaythai


Location: Prospect, SA

Price: From $ 25 per week

Info: Located in a converted warehouse, this gym has an authentic, gritty feel that will inspire you to work hard across a range of martial arts including Muay Thai, BJJ, and MMA. There is also weights and yoga, which makes it the perfect place to work up a sweat while strengthening your body and mind.


Insta: Chaukaizen


Location: Adelaide CBD, SA

Price: POA

Info: Muay Thai may not be the focus here, but Grandmaster Leong trained un Grandmaster Yuttanna Wongbandue, headmistress of the World Muay Thai Association. There’s a bit of a kill bill vibe in the place that doesn’t hurt, especially when you have vengeance on your mind. Added bonus: Leong is qualified in Chinese medicine and offers acupuncture treatments that may be useful after completing a throb in class.


Insta: n / a


Location: Edwardstown, SA

Price: From $ 55 per fortnight

Info: A multidisciplinary training facility that offers both BJJ and Muay Thai from trainers with a high pedigree. Muay Thai classes are led by the SKA Welterweight State Title, Sam Goodman. He and the team will develop your kicks, holds and punches as you send your stamina through the roof.


Insta: Arrudateam


Location: Adelaide CBD, SA

Price: Starts at $ 31.95 per fortnight

Info: While this is a commercial gym primarily focused on weight training and cardio, it offers Muay Thai classes where you can learn basic movements, increase your heart rate on the pads, and even exercise if you feel like it. Perfect if you want to use muay thai to increase your stamina and grind up lard without wearing an elbow on your nose. Bonus: A bold red color scheme and an abundance of neon add to the fun factor.


Insta: ironindustrygym

What is muay thai?

Muay Thai is a martial art and martial arts sport that uses stand-up striking along with various clinch techniques. The most common difference between kickboxing and muay thai is that kickboxing is a 4-point punch system that uses only kicks and punches. Muay Thai is an 8-point punch system in which not only kicks and punches are used. but also uses elbows and knees as well as holding on to the upper body.

What does a muay thai gym cost?

Muay Thai gyms can cost anywhere from $ 25 per class to $ 150 per two weeks. You can see approximate class prices above (subject to change). It is best to call the gym that you are most interested in.

Can You Build Muscle With Muay Thai?

While muay thai is more about endurance, you can still build muscle. Depending on the type of class, those that involve strengthening the workout (where you are actually building muscle) are key. In addition, you need to be consuming more calories than you are burning, which means eating the right foods before and after your workout.

Is muay thai a good workout?

Because Thai boxers need both the endurance for long rounds and the explosive speed to beat their opponents, they are among the fitter athletes out there. However, their training is always applicable to sports. Skipping teaches the coordination and footwork of fighters, while shadow boxing with dumbbells ensures that weightless fighting is fluid and effortless.
Muay Thai is such a complete sport that a 2-hour session can burn up to 1700 calories.

How do I find a good muay thai gym?

Just check out our list above! You’ll find the best in Sydney, Brisbane here, and Melbourne here.

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Men’s Health

We Found the Solutions to Summer’s Toughest Style Situations



What should I wear? It was a pretty normal question we asked ourselves before the pandemic. But to ask now what clothes to wear is not purely pragmatic. It’s existential. Which pants should I wear to work? What kind of pants should I own? What is the point of pants and who decided we had to wear them?

And listen, we too wore sweatpants and sweat shorts and t-shirts to work last year. We too let our bosses see our questionable WFH outfits and unmeasured gallery walls in virtual meetings. Social boundaries have been broken, the back of our cupboards have long been forgotten. But now that things are largely reopening, we could all use a little reminder of how to dress for this. So we teamed up with our friends at Klarna to find the eaaaasssssyy solutions for some of these tricky style situations, such as going back to the office, finally taking the long-awaited vacation with friends and family or sliding to all the postponed ones Weddings.

The facts about Klarna

Klarna is an all-in-one payment and shopping service that makes both shopping and the purchase process easier. Download their app and you can shop at any retailer in America while also getting access to a custom selection of brands, offers and rewards tailored specifically to your type of shopping – like in Klarna, most of the heaviest lifts to get the to find good things for you. You can also use the app at many partner retailers you already know and love (think Adidas, Lululemon, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, and more). Just click the Klarna button when you check out on their website or scan the app in the store, and from there it goes “smoothly”.

If you want to pay later, there are plenty of options for your wallet too.

There are also many advantages for your wallet when shopping with Klarna. First, there is the popular “Pay in 4”, where you split your purchase into four installments. Don’t worry, there is no interest and it doesn’t affect your creditworthiness. Klarna also gives you access to exclusive deals with hundreds of their trading partners. Save items you love on your profile and the app will notify you when there’s a price drop or sale so you can get the best items at the best price.

Whatever you want to buy – and however you want to buy it – just got easier. Hey, even style icons like A $ AP Rocky are turning to the app to reconnect with their style. And if it works for him, you know it works for us too. Here, three of our very own Men’s Health editors share their advice on the post-pandemic situations they shopped for and what they chose to shop for with Klarna.

Back to the office


Spencer Dukoff, assistant editor for content strategy, prepares to return to the office. Not only will his everyday life feel completely different, he will also think differently about it. “I’m more focused than ever on comfort and versatility,” he says. “I can only imagine that more than a year of working from home will push the office wear norms in a more casual direction.” But that doesn’t mean he really wants to wear gym shorts to work. What it means is buying clothes that have high quality fabrics at the fore.

spencer dukoff

To Spencer, it looks like grabbing nifty sweatpants that look professional but feels like sweatpants and pair them with a classic polo shirt. When it comes to a blazer, he’s looking for one that feels as far from rigid as it gets without venturing into loungewear. Wear it with a clean t-shirt and a pair of shoes that feel like sneakers but look classy.

“In terms of equipment, this is a reintroduction of real commuting,” Spencer points out. “A lot of things that I took for granted, like headphones or a watch, become a little more important to maintaining a sense of normality and routine.” He opts for unobtrusive noise-canceling headphones and a cool leather briefcase to hold all of his hide other technology.

He also invests in a few important things. First, a series of mugs to keep customers entertained and to make his desk in the office more homely. And he makes a new watch – one he can wear to work, but also one that he can wear every day and that makes him feel good. To manage his expenses intelligently, he’d go for the Klarna Payment Option in Four, which allows buyers to plan larger purchases without interest – instead of having to watch them sit idly on a credit card statement.

QuietComfort earphones

Wingtip Oxford

Wingtip Oxford

Cole Haan

$ 130.00

Regular fit polo shirt

Regular fit polo shirt


$ 94.00

Canfield Weekday Stationery

Canfield Weekday Stationery


$ 895.00

ABC pants narrow 34

ABC pants narrow 34 “


$ 128.00

Venture blazer

Venture blazer


$ 198.00

Formula I watch, 43 mm 43

Formula I watch, 43 mm 43

Day, this year

$ 1,450.00

Old fashioned glasses

Old fashioned glasses

Marquis of Waterford

$ 59.99

Pack a vacation bag


Ebenezer Samuel, fitness director, looks forward to spending his summer outdoors. While he is stocking up on a few holiday items, he thinks differently about shopping. “The pandemic was the first time I actually LIVE in my house and I swear we found rooms that I didn’t know I had,” he says. “It was a good reminder of how many things I had collected in total that I never used or didn’t need. After the pandemic, I’m definitely thinking more about it. Do i really need this? Will it really enrich my life and my experience? ”

Ebenezer samuel

Getting to the beach is one of those experiences Eb can pack his bags for – taking versatility, quality and comfort into account. His wardrobe has to work in the sand for days and the rest of his vacation, for example double packs such as quick-drying swimming trunks that also serve as shorts and a polo made of absorbent terrycloth. For some of the more fashionable items, Eb uses Klarna’s collection function, with which you can put together products from different retailers and keep an eye on all offers. Eb is waiting for this Klarna price drop notification so he can grab a pair of mules and polarized sunglasses that his wife “won’t make fun of”.

To freshen up your equipment: speakers, a tablet for reading and a sturdy but cool weekend travel bag that goes with everything. This is ideal for summer excursions as well as for autumn hikes and ski trips. He’s also investing in an expensive but necessary cooler. If he uses it now while paying for it over the next few months, he can really enjoy it (no large loan debt required).

Stretch swim trunks

    Polarized sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses


$ 97.80

Club C shoes without laces

Base Camp 132L travel bag

Base Camp 132L travel bag

The north wall

$ 168.95

Portable roam speaker

Roadie 24 cooler

Roadie 24 cooler


$ 199.99

Terrycloth polo

Terrycloth polo

Orlebar brown

$ 175.00

Galaxy Tab S7 11

Galaxy Tab S7 11 “


$ 199.99

Do the wedding season rounds


Adam Mansuroglu, Senior Style and Commerce Editor, is ready for a change in style and looks forward to clothes that make him feel good. “I haven’t worn a suit in what feels like a century, but now that it’s time to store my sweatpants, I want to be totally stylish,” he says. “This summer, I’m trying to channel the looks of some iconic movies with classic pieces that have a touch of retro vibes.” To Adam, this effortless cool looks like a seersucker suit, linen polo, and loafers – light and comfortable for the heat, but heavy in the boast.

adam mansuroglu

Adam is always looking for high quality clothing and accessories, and this summer wedding season is no exception. “I’m absolutely ready to spend some money on goods that will stand the test of time, but luckily Klarna allows me to redesign my wardrobe after the vaccination without burdening my wallet at the same time,” he says. That means he can start right away with his carry-on luggage, sunglasses, and jewelry – all of the next-level accessories that he would normally need to purchase individually to meet his current shopping budget.

And because he is planning to spend a busy summer away from home, Adam stores himself with technology to keep track of things: a portable charger for his travel bag and an AirTag to keep track of things on the go. He could pay off this beautiful bag over time, but that doesn’t stop him from using it asap.

Seersucker suit

Seersucker suit


$ 429.00

Clubmaster sunglasses

Clubmaster sunglasses

Radiation protection

$ 94.00

Firenze travel bag

Firenze travel bag


$ 525.00


Portable charger

Linen blend polo sweater

Linen blend polo sweater


$ 195.00

Gold vermeil signet ring

Gold vermeil signet ring


$ 165.00

Reverse suede loafers

Reverse suede loafers

Fear of god

$ 695.00

CA resident loans issued or arranged under a license under the California Finance Lenders Law.

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Men’s Health

COVID-19 infection could lead to damaged testes, study finds



Some men have reported having testicular pain after developing COVID-19.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention doesn’t list testicular pain, which isn’t a common COVID-19 symptom. But previous research has identified traces of the coronavirus in the testicles of men who have died from COVID-19. And a new study deepens scientists ‘knowledge of the virus’ ability to affect different parts of the body.

Researchers at the University of Texas Medical Branch found that the coronavirus is able to infect the male genital tract of hamsters. Because hamsters tend to develop symptoms similar to humans, the researchers believe their results might help explain the testicular pain that some men have reported. The results can also represent what might happen to men with mild or moderate infections.

The study, published in the medical journal Microorganisms, found the virus in the testes of all infected hamsters in the first week of the study. The virus was detected in testicular samples without tissue changes for up to one month after infection. Then it finally went away.

The researchers also discovered virus replication in hamster testicular cells.

Previous studies have shown that the virus can damage the human genital tract, decrease testosterone production, and significantly disrupt the testes at the cellular level through the presence of immune cells.

“Given the magnitude of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to study how this disease can affect the testes and the potential implications for disease severity, reproductive health and sexual transmission,” said lead study author Dr. Rafael Kroon Campos, a postdoctoral fellow.

However, the underlying mechanisms and evidence for virus replication in male testicular cells are not currently available, the researchers said.

“These results are the first step in understanding how COVID-19 affects the male genital tract and potentially male reproductive health,” said study author Dr. Shannan Rossi, Professor of Pathology and Microbiology and Immunology. “We still have a lot of work to do before we have a full picture. In the future, we’ll look at ways to mitigate these effects, including the use of antivirals, antibody therapies and vaccines.”

University of Texas researchers were asked to investigate the link after studying the effects of Zika virus on the testes for several years.

Late last year, researchers from the University of Miami determined that it “makes sense” that the testes be a target of the coronavirus because of their affinity for a certain type of receptor found in many organs in the body, including the heart and lungs would, intestines, kidneys and testicles.

Other viruses can affect sperm production and lead to inflamed testicles, the Miami Herald reported earlier this year. Mumps can cause fertility problems in 10 to 20% of men who become infected.

Some research has found that COVID-19 can reduce sperm counts, but scientists have warned against placing too much emphasis on these results. It is possible that drugs or other conditions such as obesity could lead to low sperm counts. And they find that getting sick from a virus, including the flu, can cause temporary reductions.

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Men’s Health

How Sean Garner is Making a Remarkable Impact in the Fitness Community



Health and fitness are paramount to leading a great life. As the internet gives us more connections with fitness professionals than ever before, it offers a plethora of opportunities to start an online fitness business. However, running an online fitness business can be a challenge.

The industry is inundated with professionals each offering the next best. However, if you want to become a successful online or personal gym owner or trainer, you have to do it differently from everyone else. You need to have a unique presence in order to attract and retain your dream clientele as loyal, enthusiastic fans. Upscaling is not an easy task unless you have the right guidance from an experienced professional.

Sean Garner, the power behind it, is committed to helping fitness trainers and gym owners grow their businesses. Sean knows exactly what to do in a fitness training business as he has been in the industry for over 11 years. He understands how hard it can be to stand out from the crowd, and as a seasoned fitness business coach, you will see your business create the online presence you know deserves.

In his 11 year experience, Sean has owned and successfully run multiple fitness businesses including 2 CrossFit gyms, an outdoor boot camp, and an athletic performance / functional training center. He also has extensive fitness training experience having worked as an S&C trainer for the Winnipeg Jets EHCL team.

Sean practices what he preaches, has expanded his expertise in writing and as a fitness advisor for Men’s Health Magazine, and is also the creator of the 6 weeks Sweat Off Men’s Health DVD and app products. Sean is the lead developer of The Playbook App and Project DadBod, an online fitness coaching program.

At the EntreFit, Sean and his team will introduce you to proven digital marketing systems to help you grow your training business. He will also teach you the tricks of the trade that will help you stop drowning in the unproductive pools of influencers. Sean will teach you how to incorporate consistent systems into your fitness training strategy and with his guidance you will stop convincing clients of your worth as a fitness trainer. What is more? Sean shows you how to manage your time so you can accomplish more in less time.

Sean will help you grow your online brand, but also cover topics like building and marketing your online fitness business and introducing you to the systems you need to grow and scale. He will also cover sales, create a quote or product, set goals, and adopt an entrepreneurial mindset. By the end of the interaction, you’ve also learned how to find your dream clients and the best practices for your online fitness business.

Sean’s influence on the fitness community has changed lives for many. If you are a gym owner or personal trainer who has been in the industry for two or more years and want to run your business online, Sean Garner is the online fitness business coach you need to contact.

This content is provided to you by Lewis Schenk.

Photo provided by the author.

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