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North Hills real estate transactions for the week of May 30, 2021




SIH Projects LLC sold properties at an unknown address to Ciccarelli & Sons LLC for $ 175,000.

TKJ Properties LLC sold properties at 115 Cedar Ave. to Grand Old Properties LLC for $ 50,000.

Garin Linell Lee sold property at 149 N Sprague Ave. to Kenneth and Sara Draim for $ 289,900.

WJK Real Estate Holdings LLC sold properties at 60 N Sprague Ave. to Triple T Res LLC for $ 211,000.

Franklin Park

Brian Boehler sold properties on King Charles Drive to Liam McNamara and Sydney Rapp for $ 369,000 in 1538.

Keri Malarky sold Pioneer Drive in 1808 to Yubo Feng and Linxi Liu for $ 505,000.


DeCarlo Development LLC sold properties at 4125 Lee Manor Drive to Tyler Fannie and Makbule Hazal Erkale for $ 399,900.

James Blakley sold property at 4640 Route 8 to PA 15 RE Investments LLC for $ 12,000.

Montgomery & Rust Inc. sold 2951 Woodland Ct property to Foxlane Homes, Hampton Woodlands LLC for $ 200,000.


Thomas Merriman sold properties at 821 Arbordale Ln to Jeffrey and Nancy Rixe for $ 670,000.

Autumn View Investments LLC sold properties in 3016 Mahican Cir to Tobenna and Chukwuemeka Emecheta for $ 425,000.

NVR Inc. sold properties at 3043 Mahican Cir to Santosh Ananthraman and Prapti Kanani for $ 366,865.

Becky Mansfield sold property on 125 Maple Drive for $ 175,100 to Adam and Sara Sporrer.

NVR Inc. sold properties at 1010 Mohawk Lm to Sivagnesh Paramasivam and Shathyadheebha Sankararaj for $ 341,005.

NVR Inc. sold properties in 1008 Mohawk Ln to Subha Chandrasekaran and Ramakrishnan Balakrishnan for $ 373,325.

Andrew Burnette sold a property on Warrendale Bayne Road to Jeromy and Mary Dinsmore for $ 202,000 in 1610.


Donald Stoecklein sold properties at 10550 Cherry Grove Ct to Abhishek and Jyotsna Thakur for $ 265,000.

Theodore Passineau sold property at 10214 Country Manor Lane for $ 360,000 to Brett and Wendy Muller.

Douglas Foster sold Forest Edge Court to Katherine Reed for $ 230,000 in 1502.

Walnut Court LLC sold properties at 406 Walnut Ct to Oren and Elana Bracha Leston for $ 385,900.


TRI COG Land Bank sold properties at 1121 North Ave. for USD 15,000 to Carl Hoffield.

Jane Ann Kaufman sold properties at 710 Stanton Ave. to Norman and Cecelia Tonti for USD 61,200.


Sewickley Crossings LP sold property at 138 Melinda Ct to NVR Inc. for $ 350,000.

Michael Rossman sold properties at 115 Victory Ln to Kent and Deborah Redding for $ 430,000.


Harry Rattay sold properties on 130 Brookfield Estates Drive for $ 540,000 to Joseph English III and Michelle English.

NVR Inc. sold properties at 525 Cambridge Ct to Benjamin and Monica Matta for $ 820,175.

Cavalier Land Partn. LP sold a property on Cherry Road to Robert and Gaillard Long in 2010 for $ 150,000.

NVR Inc. sold properties at 3009 Spruce Road to Ashok and Khushboo Movva for $ 482,990.

Daniel Adam Flood sold property at 225 Tamarack Drive for $ 676,500 to Alexander and Rachele Massey.

Robert Vislosky sold properties at 721 Willowcrest Drive for $ 490,000 to James and Mara Frank.


American Real Estate Options LLC sold properties at 4208 E Ewalt Road to Miguel Brito and Sobeida Martinez for $ 245,000.


Susan Kelley sold properties at 311 Elm Court for $ 205,000 to Shaoping and Susan Quizhen Wang.

Estate of Virginia Webb sold property at 108 Hetherton Drive to Darwin Webb for $ 225,000.

David Kuczynski sold property at 551 Lee Ave. at Keyway Homes North LLC for $ 135,500.

Usha Sethi sold property at 7795 Mcknight Road to TAJ Properties Enterprise LLC for $ 800,000.

92418171514 LLC sold property at 414 Thompson Run Road to R & M Homes LLC for $ 135,000.


Brain Szelc sold property at 406 Aleta Street to David and Kathryn Stadler for $ 119,000.

Troy Geisler sold properties on Argonne Ave. for $ 165,000 to Daniel Maser.

The George Klauss Estate sold properties at 3820 Belladonna Drive for $ 199,900 to Alex Baker and Alyssa Daddezio.

Dolores Yon’s trustee sold property at 702 Burchfield Road for $ 130,000 to ERP Custom Builders Inc.

Cynthia Grabisa sold property at 58 Elizabeth Street for $ 225,000 to Jesse Jerome Cawley and Miranda Walters.

Gerald Barnhart sold properties on 4 Gien Drive for $ 270,000 to Lara Antonucci and Wuinn Riordan.

Gregorio Pietropaolo’s estate sold properties at 98 West Genessee St. to Vincenzo and Concetta Pietropaolo for $ 55,000.

West view

Haven Home Builders LLC sold properties at 216 Oakwood Ave. to Ryan Trump and Marissa Anne Williams for $ 240,000.

Kellie Hedberg sold property at 250 Princeton Ave. for $ 280,000 to Bruce Cridlebaugh and Paula Tuttle.

Terrence Cavanaugh sold property at 138 Westfield Ave. to Brandon Kennedy and Courtney Rickard for $ 112,000.

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Real Estate News

Forget about asking price for CNY real estate. Plus, National Guard deployed to help nursing homes (Good Morning CNY for Dec. 3)



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High: 36; Low: 28. Partly sunny, cool. Check out the 5 day forecast.

picture of the Day

“We had a thousand balls here,” says Mark Koester of the past 14 years at his home at 2119 Conley Road near Chittenango. Climb down the steps, jump off the diving board, or slide down the slide into the heated swimming pool.Courtesy of Simply Heidi Photography

HOUSE OF THE WEEK: This Chittenango house, built in 2003, was designed for families. It sits on 6.45 acres and checks in on 6,406 square feet and has plenty of room to play. And if you think the pool is beautiful, just take a look inside.

What’s hot

Are you looking for a house in CNY? Forget the asking price: the real estate market in central New York has been on fire for much of the year, and a great indicator of the heat is how close sellers are getting to their asking prices. For months they have not only grown closer. You got more.

New York State is using the National Guard to support low-staffed nursing homes: Nursing homes, such as hospitals and other health facilities, are grappling with a severe shortage of nurses and other health workers. To cope with this, the New York National Guard is sending 120 of its medical staff to low-demand nursing homes across the state, including Loretto in Syracuse.

  • The nursing home in Syracuse will reopen the Covid unit to ease the hospital shutdown

While New York licensing lags, Indian nations are increasing marijuana sales: It’s been eight months since New York state legalized the possession and use of adult marijuana. Yet the state has still not enacted regulations or issued licenses to sell, which is delaying the opening of retail stores. Several Native American nations in New York have filled the void, citing sovereign nation status.

Future uncertain for planned Microsoft tech hub in Syracuse: In 2019, the software giant Microsoft announced plans to build a “Smart Cities technology hub” in Syracuse and signed a three-year agreement with the city, Onondaga County and Syracuse University . Two years after signing the contract, City Councilor Michael Greene says that Microsoft “did not have the decency to give us a clear answer where they stand” with the project.

looking ahead

Are you ready for a challenge? Don’t you go after waterfalls? We say chase away in upstate New York with a new challenge that brings people to some of the 150 breathtaking cascades that Ithaca has to offer. The Waterfalls Challenge, launched by Visit Ithaca, lists 22 known and hidden gems in the area.


Runners run on a track during a meeting

The Jack Morse Kickoff Meet will take place on Thursday in the SRC Arena of the Onondaga Community College.Marilu Lopez-Fretts | Contributing photographer

WESTHILL, BALDWINSVILLE TEAMS WIN AT JACK MORSE RELAYS: Athletes from Section III schools participated in the second day of the Jack Morse Relays at the SRC Arena on the Onondaga Community College Campus on Thursday. The Westhill girls ‘and Baldwinsville boys’ teams were victorious. See the results and more than 70 photos from the event. (See results and photos from Wednesday here) (Marilu Lopez-Frett’s photo)

Old Rival Back on the Syracuse Lacrosse Scheme: One of Syracuse men’s lacrosse’s fiercest rivals is back on its way, and a new Orange coach is set to make some serious flashbacks.

How did the SU women beat a top 20 team after 3 losses in the Bahamas? The Syracuse women’s basketball team had a rough time in the Bahamas last week, trailing in all three games in Battle 4 Atlantis. The team took some of their frustration with a win over Colgate on Sunday, but the Orange needed more. The opportunity came with Ohio State No. 18 in town for the Big Ten / ACC Challenge, and SU took the opportunity.


In the letter

A Syracuse man requests a plea for the murder of a 15-year-old boy in Creekwalk. DA drops large numbers

Byrne Dairy & Deli are closing down a shop that has been in operation for nearly 50 years

Watch an exclusive courtroom video in which Anthony Broadwater was acquitted of Alice Sebold’s rape 40 years later

CNY Wishlist: Would you like to help? Here’s a wishlist from local nonprofits

Rome woman killed in head-on collision, 2 more hospitalized, soldiers say

A rainy summer in Syracuse revealed a growing problem: black mold

Man dies after striking a power pole during a medical emergency in Syracuse, police say

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Real Estate News

My holiday wish list for commercial real estate – Daily News



With Thanksgiving lately, Hanukkah in full swing, and Christmas in less than 30 days … it’s time for some Christmas cheer!

Countless children around the world – including our five grandchildren – are putting together their lists. So I thought it would be fun to draw my five hopes for the 2022 commercial real estate market – aka my gift list for the coming year.

So without further ado, here it goes.

A more balanced market. Industrial real estate – buildings where people make, store, and ship things – have fallen by the wayside for the past six years. Currently, fewer than 1 in 100 buildings have no residents!

We find an acute imbalance when there is a demand that exceeds supply, the lack of new buildings, changes in consumer shopping habits and an excessive appetite for things. As a result, the prices of listings have skyrocketed and many people are wondering if rents are sustainable.

So I would like a little more common sense.

Vanishing office insecurity. II have said many times that transactions take place when activity increases or decreases. But uncertainty is a killer for a company that relies on movement.

There have been some big Amazon office deals in the market – like the purchase of the former Orange County Register Printing Office in Santa Ana and the Bank of America campus in Brea. For both, however, a change of use is pending. The former suites of executives, middle management and office workers will be eliminated and replaced by countless blue delivery vans.

The pandemic changed the office paradigm. Companies countered with “hybrid” approaches that required smaller floor space, virtual workstations and less collaborative layouts.

I would like some long-term leases for large office buildings here.

Solution to the port problem. Talk about a perfect storm that’s like an anaconda eating a Thanksgiving meal or six: the accumulation of ecommerce containers slowly moving through the supply chain.

Many people are much better informed than me about the causes. All points in the supply chain are simply squashed – which leads to massive delays, bottlenecks and escalating price tags. Certainly some reduction in regulation would help. A little more storage space could help too. Are you asking America to stop shopping for a while?

I would like a stable flow of goods until July 4th.

Interest rates still low. Rising interest rates could be the best thing for us – like tearing off a bandage. But wow! How incredibly painful for an economy that depends on cheap money.

Our 10-year Treasuries rate – the benchmark for commercial real estate lending – has been hovering in the low 1% range for a number of years. Great for borrowers but terrible for savers. As our population ages and more of us have steady incomes, an increase in returns would be welcome. Don’t forget, however, that $ 1.2 trillion in stimulus goodies is to be paid back. Rising interest rates would make amortization more expensive.

All in all, I would like more of it.

A more diverse industry. Commercial real estate brokerage has been dominated by men in the past. However, two fall conferences that we attended showed a change.

I was thrilled to see over 40% women and minorities at the Commercial Real Estate Influencers Summit and the Society of Industrial and Office Realtors Global Event.

It is my wish that the face of commercial real estate reflects our world.

Allen C. Buchanan, SIOR, is a Principal at Lee & Associates Commercial Real Estate Services, Orange. He can be reached at or 714.564.7104.

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Real Estate News

Dec 2 Financial News: Cathie Wood, San Francisco In Trouble, Real Estate Market, Gov Shutdown, | SF News – Oakland News Now



Oakland news now –

December 2 Financial News: Cathie Wood, San Francisco in Trouble, Real Estate Market, Government Shutdown,

– YouTube channel video with the logo in the top left corner of the video. is the original blog post for this type of video blog content.

BUY NEW BOOK HERE FREE 10-page PDF: I wrote this paper as a guide to help you get your next rental …

about IFTTT

Note from Zennie62Media and This video blog post demonstrates the full and live operation of the latest updated version of an experimental Zennie62Media, Inc. network for video blogging systems for mobile media that launched in June 2018, The new and Zennie62Media, Inc.’s innovative approach to news media production. What we call “The Third Wave of Media”. The uploaded video is from a YouTube channel. When YouTube Video Search uploads a video from a search for San Francisco News Today News Today Vlogs, it is automatically uploaded and formatted to the Oakland News Now site and Zennie62-created and custom social media pages. The overall goal here is, in addition to our smartphone-enabled, real-time reporting of news, interviews, observations and events anywhere in the world and within seconds rather than hours – is the use of the existing YouTube social graphic on any topic in the world. News is now reported with the smartphone and also by promoting the latest content on YouTube: There is no need for heavy and expensive cameras or even a laptop, or to have a camera team to film what is already on YouTube. The secondary goal is faster and very inexpensive production and distribution of media content. We have found that there is a discrepancy between post length and time to product and revenue generated. This means that the problem is much smaller, but by no means solved. Zennie62Media is constantly working to improve the system’s network encoding and is looking for interested content and media technology partners.

Oakland News Now Latest Posts

  • France honors the black artist Josephine Baker; Right-wing extremist expert Éric Zemmour starts running for president
  • Planned Parenthood CEO: When SCOTUS restricts access to abortion, marginalized people get hurt the most
  • Abortion Under Fire: Supreme Court Hints Mississippi Ban Maintained, Threat Roe v. calf
  • Legal expert defends the arguments before the Supreme Court on the Mississippi Abortion Act
  • BREAKING: Boris Johnson receives booster vaccination | Sky news
  • White House Announces New COVID-19 Measures After First Reported US Omicron Case
  • Digital software is booming in a pandemic | Sky news
  • Exercise Later in Life Could Extend Life Expectancy and Fight Chronic Disease, Says Study | GMA-ABC
  • Empire carpet man interview found after 30 years | Chicago News
  • Brothers and Wives: In the Personal Lives of William, Kate, Harry and Meghan | Chicago News
  • Ghislaine Maxwell prosecutor says Epstein introduced her to Trump at the age of 14
  • Supreme Court judges against abortion do not convince with “neutrality”
  • House Deal on Government Funding Bill Could Be Appealed in Senate | MSNBC
  • NBA Tips and Predictions | Daily NBA Bet Preview | Tip-off show for December 2nd
  • CDC confirms first case of Omicron COVID-19 variant in the US
  • First US case of a new variant of COVID-19 Omicron found in San Francisco | SF news
  • Bakersfield Homeless Center Receives $ 50,000 Grant From Bank of America | Bakersfield News
  • MLB lock! Jeff Passan breaks the league’s first suspension since 1990 | SC with SVP
  • Trump held several events after testing positive for Covid
  • 9 @ 9: Sloths don’t let gas through? | Chicago News
  • The Supreme Court faces a credibility crisis as anti-abortion judges want to serve their purpose
  • 6 @ 6: PB parking tickets, tennis balls for mice and the mu-mu | Chicago News
  • Total packer with Matt LaFleur: Rasul Douglas
  • IMA President and OMAG Secretary General speak to Republic TV as India discovers Omicron cases | Asia news
  • First US case of COVID-Omicron variant confirmed in San Francisco | SF news
  • Madden 22 Next Gen San Francisco 49ers Subteam MONSTARS | EP.2 Can we win in Philadelphia? | 49ers news
  • KERO 23 ABC News Bakersfield Breaking News Headlines | December 2, 7 a.m. | Bakersfield News
  • Cardi B SURPRISES grocery workers with HUGE cash bonus
  • AMLO thanks “wholeheartedly” those who contributed to his report in the Zócalo. have participated
  • December 2nd Financial News: Cathie Wood, San Francisco in Trouble, Real Estate, Government Shutdown, | SF news
  • Live video: Police mourn their lives in frontal crash | St. Louis News
  • Thursday Free Betting Tips & NFL Predictions – 12/02/21 l Tips & Parlays
  • California water districts are receiving 0% of requested supplies
  • Governor Steve Sisolak’s Healthcare Week Helps Address Health Inequalities | LV news
  • Top Stories from San Diego | Thursday, December 2, 2021 (morning) – San Diego News
  • Top headlines from the US and the world – December 2, 2021
  • Total Packers: 1-on-1 with Rasul Douglas
  • WEB EXTRA: Police press conference in Palm Beach Gardens on the arrest in the murder of a teenager | Miami news
  • White House on Covid Response: President will pull out all the stops for winter | MSNBC

Oakland News Links online from Oakland’s only news aggregator blog

Oakland News Now Archive

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