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Cannabis can mean death in Malaysia. For one dad, it also meant life for his daughter.



One. Two. Three. Four. Five.

Drops of cannabis oil fell on Ira’s tiny tongue as she lay motionless on a mattress, her heart beating more slowly than normal.

The earthy scent of the medicinal oil filled her home in rural Janda Baik, Pahang as her father Pokleh, 36, carefully fed the one-year-old the illegal substance secretly bought from a supplier in Thailand – a risky move he could see detained in Malaysia.

But his love for his child, who was fighting for her life after a brain tumor paralysis, was greater than his fear of government punishment. Pokleh and his wife asked not to use their real name for fear of prosecution. But he wanted to share his story because he believes cannabis has enabled his daughter to make dramatic recovery – and could feed other children.

Two November ago, Ira developed a high fever that lasted about a week and passed out. Fearfully, Pokleh and his wife Anna, 34, took their daughter to the hospital, where doctors found lesions in the girl’s brain known as cavernomas – a rare condition in which blood vessels form abnormally. There were no answers as to the cause. Ira has no history of seizures or family members with brain-related diseases.

Pokleh visits Ira in the hospital. Photo: Pokleh

“I thought it was just a normal fever,” Pokleh said. “I thought she would be fine after a while. It’s my fault that I didn’t get medical help sooner. “

Ira spent three weeks in the intensive care unit of a city government hospital while doctors treated her symptoms – seizures and muscle spasms – with generic drugs used to treat neurological conditions. Pokleh refused an operation because Ira’s chances of survival were slim, medical documents showed. For almost a month Pokleh watched his daughter lay paralyzed on the hospital bed. His wife has already admitted that her daughter may never be able to walk or speak again.

“Why we?” Pokleh, an IT consultant, said when his voice broke in a recent interview. “Only God knows how we managed to stay strong when the doctor diagnosed Ira with a brain tumor. My wife was five months pregnant at the time, so I had to be strong for her too. “

Tears rolled down Ira’s cheeks as she looked from her mother to her father and the cartoon on the hospital TV screen, he said.

“I couldn’t accept my daughter’s condition,” said Pokleh. “Before she could run, she could do anything. I felt so helpless. I had to do something about it. I just had to. There has to be another way. “

I spoke to Pokleh for the first time in March. By this point, Ira’s condition was in remission and she had regained full use of her body, an improvement Pokleh attributes to one thing – cannabis. He agreed to discuss his experience in the hopes that other parents might benefit, but asked that we not show Ira’s face.

Pokleh holds Ira's hand in her home in Janda Baik.  Photo: PoklehPokleh holds Ira’s hand in her home in Janda Baik. Photo: Pokleh

Discover cannabis oil

Shortly after Ira was hospitalized, Pokleh concluded that modern medicine could not improve his daughter’s condition. So he looked for alternatives and sifted through hundreds of books, articles, and documentaries before discovering it Weed the people on Netflix.

The show followed several parents in the United States in search of cannabis treatment for their children with cancer. The show was intended to be “entertaining and informing” and not as medical advice. But Pokleh decided to take it up – although it remained illegal in Malaysia despite calls for reform.

Tania Scivetti, a member of the Malaysian Bar Association who has defended people charged with drug offenses, said the government’s view of cannabis as a “hard drug” may be why it is reluctant to decriminalize it, adding added that Malaysia “should take over the keyword from other countries”. with a successful cannabis policy. “

Getting cannabis oil was easier than Pokleh expected. It was enough to order it from a Thai supplier on Facebook and it arrived within three days, just in time for Ira’s return from three weeks bedridden in the hospital. A palm-sized bottle was enough for 50 servings, it said on the label.

Little research has been done on cannabis oil in Malaysia, while research in other parts of the world has been inconclusive. That’s what Cancer Research UK says Cannabis oil comes from the flowers, leaves and stems of the cannabis plant. Unlike CBD or cannabidiol oil, it also contains the psychoactive compound that gives people a high called tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC.

A paralyzed Ira is lying in bed.  Photo: PoklehA paralyzed Ira is lying in bed. Photo: Pokleh

“Cannabis is a safe drug for people with seizures,” said Sathivel Ras Thaman, 38, a medical marijuana attorney who has practiced medicine for 12 years and who heads the Medira clinic group here.

“Cannabis oil would be obtained from the cannabis plant, while CBD oil alone is obtained with no other properties like THC,” he said in an interview in May. “Most of the CBD oils on the market are made from industrial hemp, which is naturally low in THC (less than 3%). If the cannabis oil contains THC, it comes with a precaution that it will take [the user] high.”

Pokleh stopped the medication the doctor had prescribed to avoid mixing it with the cannabis oil. After taking her home from the hospital a month later, he fed Ira five drops of the oil a day and opened his daughter’s mouth to give her the daily dose.

As days turned into weeks, Ira made subtle movements. She clenched her fists, lifted her legs, and slowly turned her little body as she lay on the mattress. Eventually the toddler was able to crawl again.

“Before we started with cannabis oil, she just lay down motionless. No reflexes. It felt slow, but she was getting better every day, ”Pokleh said. “After everything I’ve read and looked at online, one big side effect would be sleepiness … But nothing harmful.”

Proud of his daughter’s fighting spirit and determination to “continue to try patiently every day,” Pokleh’s eyes sparkled with joy as he said, “Our little Ira is back.”

“If one day she couldn’t lift her legs, she would keep trying until she succeeded,” he said. “Soon she could walk, run and play with our house cat. She could also eat normally, although a tube was attached to her nose. “

Ira plays with toys at a follow-up appointment, about three weeks after the cannabis oil treatment.  Photo: PoklehIra plays with toys at a follow-up appointment, about three weeks after the cannabis oil treatment. Photo: Pokleh

Goodbye to the doctor

It was three weeks after Ira started taking cannabis oil, just before the first COVID-19 cases hit the country, when it was time for her to see the doctor again. But how would Pokleh explain her recovery? Mentioning cannabis oil was out of the question. On the other side of the country, a military retiree was caught in the gallows for growing cannabis to sell to terminally ill patients. The risk of the death penalty is real in Malaysia, where the substance is classified as an illegal drug under the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952. Depending on the weight of the drug, punishments range from a fine to imprisonment, caning and even death.

At the hospital, the family arrived in a good mood while Ira wandered around on his feet and chatted happily with strangers – a very different patient from the discharged woman. When they met the doctor, Ira was playing with a calculator and stethoscope while the doctor checked her reflexes and later took her for an MRI scan.

Pictures from the scan showed an impressive improvement in Ira’s condition, according to Pokleh. The lesion in Ira’s brain had shrunk considerably. When asked about Ira’s recovery, Pokleh praised the doctors and other health care workers who helped. The doctor listened in disbelief but never pushed any further.

“It’s almost as if the doctor didn’t believe it. We just said it was thanks to the hospital, doctors, and nurses who worked so hard to help Ira heal, ”he said.

“I didn’t feel comfortable revealing anything because I could be charged with a crime, but as a father I had no choice. I wanted Ira to get well and be healthy, just like other children, ”he added and was grateful that he had got a“ second chance ”to be with his daughter.

Today, a year later, Ira is 3 years old and doesn’t seem to remember what she went through. Even so, she takes at least one drop of cannabis oil every day and will continue to do so as long as the tumor remains in her brain.

“I’ve asked her before and showed her photos from the hospital: ‘Do you remember that? Your ummi (Mother) was so heartbroken that she was waiting for you to wake up, ‘”he said.

Hardly a day goes by when Pokleh isn’t worried about Ira relapsing, especially now that she’s starting kindergarten.

“I’m just scared if she jumps around – she might hit her head, which could possibly reactivate the tumor … I know that I can’t always be there to watch her, so I hope the teacher can, when she goes to kindergarten. “Keep an eye on her while she plays with her new friends.”

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Facebook must weed out these bogus CBD cannabis extract miracle cures



The Penman Law of Health Scams states that the more ailments a cure claims to be able to cure, the less likely it is to cure any of them.

So I have no doubt that Facebook plugs for a “miracle” cannabis extract are 100% scams.

These start with the names of celebrities being used without their consent – the last time I saw posts with pictures by Esther Rantzen.

Clicking on her picture leads to an alleged article in the American magazine People promoting cannabidiol, or CBD, which is sold in sweet form as Kara’s Orchards CBD Gummies.

The article claims that Esther started a company to sell the stuff and says, “It can help thousands of people live pain-free lives and much happier lives.”

It goes on to say that big drug companies are threatening to sue them because their gums are 90% cheaper.

And it quotes a number of their supposed celebrity customers, including Hugh Laurie gushing: “Esther Rantzen gave me a sample of Kara’s Orchards CBD gummies and the product is a miracle worker.”

Fake: Hugh Laurie in a fabricated article

Fake: Judi Dench quote is made up

Judi Dench raves: “The progress that Esther Rantzen has made in the CBD industry is remarkable. I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t had the chance to try it out for myself. “

All of this is pure fiction.

This fake People magazine article is as fictional as similar Facebook posts that use David Attenborough’s name and refer to an alleged Time magazine article about his CBD rubber line claiming his lucky customers are Holly Willoughby and Jeremy Clarkson.

JK Rowling’s name has also been taken advantage of by CBD charlatans on Facebook.

Clicking the link in Esther Rantzen’s article leads to a website that makes amazing claims about CBD, saying that it can reverse diseases like cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, strokes, diabetes, schizophrenia “and much more”.

Kara’s Orchards CBD gummies

Online review sites are inundated with complaints from people saying they have been overcharged and are struggling to get a refund.

“My husband has arthritis in one shoulder. I thought I would get a bottle as they were on sale at £ 39.60 a bottle and one for free, ”75-year-old Heather Nunn told me.

“The offer was limited in time, it was 3 hours away so I didn’t waste time placing my order.

“Imagine my horror when they took £ 198 off my account for five bottles.”

Heather complained but was told it was too late to cancel the order, she would have to wait for it to arrive and then return the extra bottles.

“I’m so mad that I fell for this terrible marketing ploy,” she said.

“I know a lot of fellow victims, many in my age group, who were betrayed by it. Facebook has been made aware of this but will not do anything because the company does not appear to have violated ‘community standards’.”

The Kara’s Orchards website does not contain any contact information. Order fulfillment is through a company called Prime Health Zone who provide a return address in Basildon, Essex and have not answered my questions.

Esther Rantzen told me she was “absolutely shocked” by the fraud.

She said, “This is really gross because God knows we all fear an outbreak of chronic disease and using this stuff to give people hope is disgusting. I’m not into Facebook, gummy bears, cannabis, or ripping off vulnerable people with chronic pain. May the deceivers cook in their own oil. “

Esther isn’t the only one angry. Family Doctor John Cormack was disgusted when he saw the medical claims for CBD gums and described them as “99.99% marketing and 0.01% fact”.

Dr. John Cormack of Greenwood Surgery near Chelmsford, Essex. Image by John Ferguson.

“If these products really do what they say they should, shouldn’t the medical professionals have gotten it?” Said the doctor from Chelmsford, Essex.

“Wouldn’t overworked NHS Docs struggling to fit a quart in a pint pot say to their patients,” You don’t have to tell me what’s wrong with you or have me examine you. We have finally found a panacea, backed by scientific data. Just take these pills and you will miraculously recover. “

He cited research showing that wherever the effects of CBD on certain diseases were examined, only “weak or very weak” evidence of benefit was found.

The exceptions were for some types of seizures and potentially anxiety-related and substance-dependent disorders.

“To get any benefit, you need to know the recommended dose in these specific cases and find a product that meets your dosage needs – not easy when you are in the area of ​​poorly regulated or unregulated products,” he said.

“Another concern is that patients may be so convinced of the benefits of CBD and the content of these advertisements will undermine their confidence in their prescribed medication to such an extent that they could replace the quack drug with the real thing – with very serious consequences.”

And I would add this, if CBD really does a fraction of the things it claims to do, then why do Shysters have to create fictional posts that use fake celebrity endorsements to sell it?

When I first made Facebook aware of the fraudulent post via its automatic reporting system, I received a message that it would not be removed.

“The contribution you reported has been checked and does not violate our community standards,” is the shocking verdict of the platform.

It wasn’t removed until I went to the Facebook press office and explained what was going on.

“We are devoting significant resources to addressing these types of activities,” said a spokesman.

“It is important to us that content on Facebook is not used to encourage fraudulent behavior, such as using images of public figures to mislead people. Our systems get better when people report such behavior. “

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Revealing Covid-19 impact on CBD Isolate market growth over 2021-2026



Uncovering the Impact of Covid-19 on CBD Isolate Market Growth in 2021-2026

Category: #business |
From administrator |
Published: 23 minutes ago

| Product ID: 3878547 |

The main objective of the latest research report on the CBD Isolate Market Size is to predict the performance of the industry for years to come, taking into account competitive dynamics and the regional landscape. In addition, the study highlights key growth drivers and profitable prospects that will increase the compensation latitude of the market in the forecast period 2020-2025. It also identifies barriers to industry growth as well as strategies to mitigate their impact.

Additionally, the Business Intelligence report provides an in-depth assessment of the market segmentation to help investors discover the main areas with high sales potential. It also provides up-to-date information on the Covid-19 pandemic to help stakeholders make effective decision-making for the future.

Main highlights from the COVID-19 impact analysis:

  • Effects of Covid-19 on society and the economy
  • Effects of the pandemic on market development
  • Interventions in the supply and demand chain

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Overview of the regional landscape:

  • The major regional contributions to the CBD Isolates market are North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa and South America.
  • The contribution of each region to the growth of the overall market is thoroughly analyzed in the report.
  • Key features such as pricing patterns, returns, total sales, and growth rate forecasts for each region are included in the report.

More Highlights from the CBD Isolate Market Report:

  • The product range of the CBD Isolate market is in marijuana-derived and hemp-derived.
  • Sales and growth rate estimates are provided for each product type.
  • Details of the market share, growth rate, and production patterns of each product type are described in the report.
  • The scope of the CBD Isolates market is categorized into Cosmetics Industry, Food Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Other, Geographic, the detailed analysis of the production and trade of the following countries is covered in Chapter 4.2, 5:, USA, Europe, China, Japan and India.
  • The report provides details of each application’s market share along with its growth rate over the forecast period.
  • Major players in the CBD isolate market are Emblem Cannabis Oils, Cannavest, PharmaHemp, Aphria, Select, CBD American Shaman, Endoca, NuLeaf Naturals, Kazmira, The Lab, Whistler, Absolute Terps, Green Road, HempLife Today, Medical Marihuana, Folium Biosciences , Freedom Leaf, CW Hemp / CW Botanicals, and Canopy Growth Corporation
  • The report cites key information about the products and services produced, as well as the market valuation and production framework of the main players.
  • A thorough analysis of the supply chain, from dealers, distributors, to customers, is provided in an easy-to-understand manner.
  • A comprehensive study of the profitability of a new project is conducted using Porter’s Five Forces Analysis and SWOT assessment tools.

Key questions answered in the report:

What will be the growth rate of the CBD Isolate market?

What are the key factors driving the global CBD isolate market?

Who are the major manufacturers in the CBD isolate market?

What are the Market Opportunities, Market Risk, and Market Overview of the CBD Isolate Market?

What is Sales, Revenue, and Price Analysis from Top Manufacturers in the CBD Isolate Market?

What CBD Isolate Market Opportunities and Threats Are Vendors Facing in the Global CBD Isolate Industry?

What is Sales, Revenue, and Price Analysis by Types and Uses of the CBD Isolate Market?

Request customization for this report @

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What is the strongest CBD oil I can get?



We include products that we believe will be useful to our readers. If you buy from links on this page, we may earn a small commission. Here is our process.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a chemical compound and one of several cannabinoids found in the cannabis sativa plant. There are many forms of CBD, including oils. Some of the strongest products can contain up to 7,500 mg of CBD per 30 ml.

CBD has become a popular ingredient in oils, edibles, topicals, and even cosmetics. CBD does not cause the “high” typically associated with cannabis use. The cause of the “high” is another cannabinoid called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

People interested in CBD products and regular consumers alike may marvel at the strongest CBD oil on the market.

In this article, we provide a list of highly potent CBD oils and other CBD products. We also discuss the potential benefits and risks of using strong CBD.

Confused About CBD? Read our complete buying guide here.

Is CBD Legal?? Hemp-derived CBD products with less than 0.3% THC are legal at the federal level, but are still illegal under some state laws. On the other hand, cannabis-derived CBD products are illegal nationwide, but legal under some state laws. Check local laws, especially when traveling. Also, keep in mind that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved any over-the-counter CBD products that may be inaccurately labeled.

Below are some examples of high potency CBD oils and tinctures. Oils and tinctures go through slightly different extraction processes. Manufacturers produce CBD oils using carbon dioxide to extract the CBD, while tinctures undergo a process using alcohol.

Learn more about CBD tinctures here.

Please note that the author of this article has not tried these products and all information presented is research-based. All of the CBD products featured in this article have passed our rigorous review process.

Zaural full spectrum CBD oil drops

Zatural Full Spectrum CBD Oil Drops contain hemp seed oil and essential oils from peppermint, spearmint, coffee, cinnamon and lemon-lime.

The company states that the product is THC-free.

This product is available in 1, 2, and 4 fluid ounces (fl oz) bottles that contain 300–6,000 milligrams (mg) of CBD.

Zaural Full Spectrum CBD Oil Drops can be bought online.

Spruce 2,400 mg laboratory-grade CBD oil

Spruce’s 2,400 mg full-spectrum CBD oil provides 80 mg of full-spectrum CBD per 1 milliliter (ml) dose, which is equivalent to a full pipette.

The oil is organic and does not contain any additional flavors. The carrier oil is hemp seed oil, and the product is vegan and gluten-free.

This product contains 0.3% THC and the company states that a person ingesting it could test positive for cannabis.

Use the code “MNT” for 15% discount and free shipping.

Spruce 2,400 mg laboratory-grade CBD oil is available for purchase online.

NuLeaf Naturals full spectrum hemp CBD oil

NuLeaf Naturals offers a 6,000 mg full spectrum CBD oil. The company extracts the CBD from organic hemp grown in Colorado.

NuLeaf Naturals uses full spectrum CBD and organic hemp seed oil to make their CBD oil products. The product is organic and tasteless.

People can also choose to buy a single bottle or buy packs of 3 or 6 bottles.

NuLeaf Naturals full spectrum hemp CBD oil can be purchased online.

MyNaturalCBD full spectrum CBD oil tincture

This full spectrum CBD oil from MyNatural CBD contains around 167 mg of CBD per ml and around 8.2 mg of CBD per drop.

MyNatural CBD offers CBD oils in strengths of 300, 1,000 and 2,500 mg.

The company states that the product has less than 0.3% THC. contains

MyNaturalCBD full spectrum CBD oil tincture can be bought online.

CBDMD CBD Oil Tincture Drops

CBDMD’s Premium CBD Oil contains 7,500 mg of broad spectrum CBD per 1 fl oz bottle.

It also contains additional cannabinoids, including cannabinol (CBN) and cannabigerol (CBG). This tincture is available in natural, mint, orange or berry flavors.

It’s vegan and gluten free.

The company guarantees this product contains undetectable levels of THC.

Use the code HEALTHLINE for a 20% discount on all orders.

CBDMD CBD tincture drops can be bought online.

Veritas Farms full spectrum CBD tincture

Veritas Farms produces a full spectrum CBD tincture with up to 2,000 mg of CBD per bottle. Like many others, this product is also available in lower strengths.

Veritas Farms also offers its product in five different flavors, including watermelon and strawberry. The flavored versions contain organic stevia and other natural oils. The tasteless version is free from these ingredients.

The company uses organic coconut oil in its products.

Veritas Farms states that the product contains 0.3% THC or less.

Veritas Farms’ full spectrum CBD tincture can be purchased online.

While there is an abundance of research into the effects of cannabis and THC, there are very few high quality human studies examining CBD on its own.

However, new research comes out every day, which means that our knowledge of CBD and its effects is likely to increase significantly in the decades to come.

It is difficult for experts to predict exactly how differences in strength will affect the effectiveness of CBD.

Based on the results of a 2020 review, CBD appears to be relatively safe at various dosages. However, the authors did not set a specific dose or range of doses that they believed would benefit everyone.

Most of the studies included in this review rated daily doses of 300–600 mg of CBD, but some studies reported doses up to 2,000 mg per day.

Everyone reacts differently to CBD, so it’s best for people who are first time using CBD to start on a lower dose.

Buying a product that has a higher concentration of CBD in it can be more cost effective for some people.

Someone using 300 mg of CBD for chronic pain or anxiety would use 12 full droppers of a 25 mg of CBD oil. However, you could get a similar dose of 300 mg using just a drop and a half of a 2,000 mg CBD oil.

While stronger products may deliver more CBD per unit, they can result in inaccurate dosing.

Learn more about CBD dosage here.

According to a 2018 report by the World Health Organization (WHO), even at doses above 150 mg per kilogram (kg) of body weight, CBD does not appear to cause significant side effects.

The Food and Drug Administration FDA warns that using CBD products can cause the following side effects:

  • feeling sleepy
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • diarrhea
  • decreased appetite
  • Mood changes such as irritability
  • Liver damage (certain drug interactions)
  • Interactions with alcohol and other drugs

The FDA has only approved one CBD product called Epidiolex for severe forms of epilepsy in children. The FDA doesn’t regulate other CBD products.

Learn more about the side effects of CBD here.

In a 2017 study, researchers rated the label accuracy of 54 CBD products from 31 companies. They tested a range of products, including oils, tinctures, and steam formulas. Their third-party laboratory analysis showed that only 30.95% of the products had specified concentrations of CBD.

According to the authors, CBD oils had more accurate labeling than tinctures and steam formulas.

Most reputable CBD manufacturers, however, will provide third-party laboratory results to their customers.

Consumers should always be careful when buying CBD, especially high potency products. Highly effective CBD products can be inaccurately labeled. Some products may not even contain CBD.

Some CBD products can contain enough THC to give a positive result on a drug test.

Learn more about THC and drug testing here.

CBD is a popular ingredient in consumer products. Current preliminary research suggests that CBD may prove beneficial in treating a number of conditions, including epilepsy, anxiety, and other mood disorders, as well as some forms of chronic pain.

Learn more about the potential benefits of CBD oil here.

However, higher quality, controlled studies are needed to validate the medical uses of CBD.

People who currently use CBD products but think they could benefit from more powerful alternatives can use this article for guidance. People who have never used CBD but are interested in giving it a try should start with a lower dose and gradually work their way up to stronger products.

People should also discuss CBD with a doctor or health care provider before taking it, as it can interact with other medications a person is taking.

Learn more about cannabinoids and possible drug interactions here.

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