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Sisters Health Foundation awards grants | News, Sports, Jobs



PARKERSBURG – The Sisters Health Foundation has granted grants to 38 nonprofits in the Mid-Ohio Valley to advance their vision of. to support “Healthy People in Healthy Communities”.

At its most recent meeting, the SHF Board of Directors approved a total of $ 432,155 in funding.

The organizations received grants under the Foundation’s Mental Health and Addiction Priority Areas; Thriving neighborhoods; and healthy eating, active life.

“We know that COVID-19 has exacerbated mental health and addiction-related issues, so we continue to welcome requests for prevention, early intervention, and recovery assistance to address community needs.” said SHF managing director Renee Steffen.

“As part of our thriving neighborhoods focus area, we particularly welcome requests to improve access to reliable transportation, stable and safe housing, and to increase the affordability, accessibility and quality of health care and healthcare. Our focus area “healthy eating, active living” focuses on the prevention and management of chronic diseases. Improving the access and diffusion of healthy food is one of many strategies that we are interested in in this priority area. “ She said.

“We are currently accepting grant applications, so I encourage community organizations to visit our website at and our Facebook page ( to learn more about these priority areas and eligibility.” said Steffen.

Twelve organizations that provide direct services such as grocery and emergency assistance received a total of $ 42,000 from the Basic Needs / Direct Service Grants program.

* Adams House Ministries; Middlebourne, $ 5,000 for fresh produce vouchers for Tyler County residents.

* Camden Clark Medical Foundation; Parkersburg, $ 1,400 for diabetic blood glucose meters without insurance.

* Hunger Alliance for Children; Columbus, $ 4,000 for summer meals for children in Meigs County.

* Colonial house; Parkersburg, $ 750 for fresh produce purchase.

* Central Ohio Lutheran Social Services; Worthington, Ohio, US $ 4,000 for long-life and fresh produce to support their mobile pantries in the Athens and Meigs counties.

* Meigs County Farmers Market; Pomeroy, US $ 4,500 to provide market supplies to farmers to promote healthy eating.

* Parents and Friends of the Hearing Impaired Inc .; Marietta, US $ 3,500 to purchase or repair hearing aids for the low-income deaf and hard of hearing who live in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

* Ripley Nazarene Mission Baby Pantry; Ripley, $ 2,350 for the purchase of diapers and wet wipes.

* Savannah’s closet; Ravenswood, $ 4,500 for clothing, shoes, and toiletries for children in the care system and those in need.

* The Betsey Mills Corporation; Marietta, $ 2,500 to buy healthy snacks for children.

* The Hope Store; Elizabeth, $ 5,000 to purchase fresh groceries, cleaning and personal care products, and multivitamins for her customers.

* Washington County Harvest of Hope; Marietta, US $ 4,500 for healthy lean protein for distribution to pantries and meals in Washington County.

A total of US $ 390,155 was granted to 26 organizations in efforts to meet the health needs of their communities in the priority areas of healthy eating, active living; Thriving neighborhoods; and mental health and addiction.

Focus on healthy eating, active living

* Appalachian Conservation Corps; Beckley, US $ 15,000 to connect local youth and community members to the Bailey’s Trail system in the Athens district. Young adults will also be on hand to help build more hiking trails while building leadership skills and promoting healthy outdoor recreation.

* Community food initiatives; Athens, Ohio, US $ 22,600 in support of community access to food efforts in Amesville and Trimble in the Athens borough and Nourishing Networks’ train-the-trainer program development.

* Foundation for the Ohio / Meigs County Community Fund of the Appalachians; Nelsonville, US $ 5,000 to purchase materials for a school-based pantry for students at Meigs County Schools.

* Golden Girls Group House; Ceredo, W.Va., $ 3,800 for purchase of fitness equipment for a teenage girl dorm in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

* GoPacks; Marietta, US $ 7,900 in support of AmeriCorps VISTA serving Marietta.

* O’Neill Senior Center; Marietta, $ 3,600 to purchase interactive equipment for educational programs for seniors.

* Pleasant County Parks and Recreation; St. Marys, $ 17,000 to purchase equipment and supplies for recreational programs.

* Rural Action; The Plains, Ohio, US $ 25,000 in support of the Health Care Prescription Distribution Program in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

* Village productions; Amesville, US $ 3,100 to help upgrade the kitchen to meet local health regulations.

* Washington-Morgan Community Action; Marietta, US $ 5,000 in support of the summer program providing hot, nutritious lunches to children in New Matamoras, Beverly, Lower Salem, and Lowell.

* Wood County Seniors Association; Parkersburg, US $ 12,500 for capacity building assistance.

* WV Oral Health Coalition; Charleston, $ 51,130 to purchase water bottle refill stations for all 63 schools in Counties of Calhoun, Jackson, Pleasants, Ritchie, Roane, Tyler, Wirt, and Wood.

Priority area for thriving neighborhoods

* American Friends Service Committee; Milton, W.Va., US $ 15,000 in support of political lobbying at the legislative and administrative levels, including COVID relief efforts, expanding child nutrition programs, and ending restrictions on SNAP eligibility.

* Community Resources Inc .; Parkersburg, US $ 32,225 to help hiring a full-time driver to haul seniors and convalescents to appointments.

* Jackson County Pilot Club; Ripley, US $ 20,000 for multi-year assistance to assist those in Jackson County with dental expenses that meet financial and dental guidelines.

* Pleasant county neighbor network; St. Marys, $ 10,000 operational support.

* Rising Suns non-profit pharmacy; Athens, Ohio, gave $ 60,000 in multi-year operational support for their new nonprofit pharmacy to help people source essential medicines while lowering cost barriers.

* Voices for Children Foundation-CASA program; Parkersburg, US $ 5,000 to support direct services to abused and neglected children in the Mid-Ohio Valley and to continue community volunteer recruitment and training.

* Washington County Homeless Project; Marietta, US $ 5,000 to compensate an off duty law enforcement officer during opening hours of the one-stop shop providing assistance to the homeless.

* Welcome home SIS; Byesville, Ohio, US $ 1,000 to assist women in transition housing and improve their chances of successfully returning to their communities and reuniting with loved ones.

* West Virginians for affordable health care; Charleston, US $ 15,000 in support of a pilot project involving Wood County communities of color to investigate racial inequalities in health care and access to health care.

Focus on mental health and addiction

* Step 1; Parkersburg, US $ 25,000 for general operational support to establish the program, which provides temporary housing and assistance to those with drug problems.

* We have your six; Parkersburg, US $ 5,000 operational support to help the mission assist homeless veterans.

* Westbrook Health Services; Parkersburg, US $ 5,000 to purchase equipment for a multimedia studio that produces episodes educating the community about mental health issues.

* Women for recreation; Athens, Ohio, US $ 4,000 to support female residents in a sober living environment with healthy eating habits and a sense of community.

* WV children count; Charleston, US $ 14,800 to support partnerships with child-centric organizations in the Mid-Ohio Valley with data and advocacy tools to positively impact mental health and addiction in the lives of families and children.

Due date for applications in the priority areas of mental health and addiction; thriving neighborhoods; and healthy eating, active life is July 14th. Submit a completed Basic Needs / Direct Service Grants Program or Responsive Grants Inquiry Letter by midnight on that date.

Nonprofits are encouraged to contact Sister Molly Bauer, Senior Program Officer, at 304-424-6080 or with questions about whether their application for funding is eligible for the Basic Needs / Direct Service Funding Program. Inquiries for the Responsive Grants program can be submitted online at without prior telephone agreement.

The foundation serves 11 counties in the Mid-Ohio Valley, West Virginia and southeast Ohio: Calhoun, Jackson, Pleasants, Ritchie, Roane, Tyler, Wirt, and Wood in West Virginia; Athens, Meigs, and Washington Counties in Ohio. Please visit for more information on grant awards and eligibility requirements.

The Sisters Health Foundation promotes healthy and sustainable communities by providing resources, building collaborative relationships, and supporting initiatives that affect the people of the Mid-Ohio Valley. Since 1996, the Sisters Health Foundation has made over $ 20 million in grants.

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Healthy Eating

The #1 Worst Breakfast to Order at McDonald’s



Breakfast is always a treat, and a drive through the drive through can be a fun way to get up and shine. Unless you’ve made menu choices that are too decadent, which can make you feel heavier for the rest of the day. No fun!

The good news is that, with a little wisdom, choosing a fast food breakfast that won’t ruin your day can be easy. If you’re heading out for a McDonald’s breakfast, we’ve researched the menu. Read on to learn about the worst breakfast you can order at McDonald’s, as well as some options that will fill you up without feeling like you have let yourself down.

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And if you’re curious about the nutritional values ​​of your favorite food, find out what the worst ranch dressing is on grocery store shelves.


Yes, we kept it simple and based our worst breakfast order choice at McDonald’s based on calorie count. Calories aren’t the only way to gauge how good or bad a particular food is for you – but especially for fast food items that are naturally high in fat, sodium, and other nutritional information, a calorie check can be one be an easy way to narrow down which items to choose and which to avoid.

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McDonalds drive-thruShutterstock

Let’s start by pointing out that the fast food giant has some decent products that, if you grab them occasionally, are unlikely to ruin your nutritional and wellness goals.

mcdonalds egg mcmuffin and hash brown on trayMoab Republic / Shutterstock

Even most of McDonald’s breakfast combo dishes are workable if you’re not in transit per se. A choice like the McGriddle bacon, egg and cheese combo weighs 570 calories, which is almost a third of the calories in the standard 2,000-calorie diet. While it doesn’t really fit most definitions of “healthy”, most people are probably okay with enjoying it every now and then.

Jamba Juice Purely OrangeCourtesy of Jamba Juice

The right fruit juice can offer great health benefits, so we’re not against juice overall. But ordering McDonald’s orange juice with a combo meal – or regular lemonade – consumes more calories and more sugar than a coffee.

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McDonalds Egg McMuffin and Breakfast Burrito in wrappersShutterstock

It might seem like a given, but by choosing not to include meat in your McDonald’s breakfast, you can keep the calories (plus fat, sodium, and others) low.

Bacon slices close-upShutterstock

Consider requesting bacon. That’s because a single McDonald’s sausage patty drives the calorie count of a breakfast item about 120 calories higher than bacon. (That’s not to say we strongly recommend bacon – read that eating bacon could cause this type of liver disease, new studies reveal.)

At 450 calories, the sausage burrito meal has the fewest calories of any McDonald’s breakfast combination. (The Egg McMuffin Meal has the same thing.)

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McDonalds big breakfastCourtesy McDonald’s

It may not be shocking that number 1 on the McDonald’s breakfast menu is the Big Breakfast of Hotcakes. This is a belly breaker – McDonald’s describes the Big Breakfast with Hotcakes as “a warm biscuit, hearty hot sausage, fluffy scrambled eggs, crispy hash browns, and golden brown hotcakes with a side of real butter and the sweet taste of maple”. (Note that they don’t say “real maple syrup,” which may tell you you don’t even have to read the syrup packet to know there’s a lot of fructose in it.)

At 1,340 calories, this is one of the highest calorie items on the entire McDonald’s menu. It even beats the 1,270 calories of the Double Quarter Pounder Combo Meal.

Those heavy carbohydrates, the saturated fat, the fried foods: this isn’t a recipe for feeling energized for the day. Unless you share this with a few other people, stay away from McDonald’s Big Breakfast with Hotcakes.

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McDonald’s says the Sausage Burrito, Fruit & Maple Oatmeal, and an Egg McMuffin all have 310 to 320 calories. As an alternative, a single order of hash browns is only 140 calories.

All of this shows that knowing what to ask for can also be better for your health when it comes to fast food breakfast!

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Healthy Eating

The 5 Reasons and 6 Tips to Make It Happen



There is no better gift than good health. On this Father’s Day, help your father or someone important in your life say goodbye to flesh – forever. Although he loves the barbecue season, there are so many important reasons for him to avoid meat, be it for his health, the environment or the animals. Below is an overview of why pop should part with the (traditional) burger and simple tips to ease the transition to a meatless life.

Why should men give up meat?

1. Eliminating meat is good for your heart health.

“As men get older, their bodies naturally begin to store fat in the middle of their abdomen,” says Trista K. Best, MPH, RD, LDN, at Balance One, referring to this study. “This accumulation of fat can lead to a higher risk of heart disease and stroke. The fat in meat, saturated fats, along with physical inactivity and other lifestyle choices increase fat storage in this area. “

Michelle Routhenstein, MS, RD, CDE, CDN, Cardiology Dietitian, author of the cookbook The Truly Easy Heart Healthy, added, “A recent study showed that taller red meat with smaller ventricles, poorer heart function, and stiffer arteries, all of them Are signs of poor heart health. This may be because red meat contains high levels of saturated fat and TMAO production that stiffen the arteries and promote dangerous plaque build-up, leading to narrowing of the arteries and future cardiac events. ”Yikes, we’re passing that on.

2. Meat can increase your risk of cancer.

Another compelling reason for men to reduce or eliminate meat? No other organization than the World Health Organization has classified red meat as a Class 1 carcinogen, which is equivalent to smoking cigarettes. Read this to Dad: WHO says, “Eating processed meat is” carcinogenic to humans “and consuming red meat is” likely to be carcinogenic to humans. ” Skip the dogs and opt for meatless choices on this Father’s Day.

“According to a study published in Nutrients, eating red and processed meat was associated with a higher risk of stomach cancer, which men are more prone to than women,” said Brittany Lubeck, MS, RD and advisor to Oh So Spotless. If you need more evidence that a plant-based diet is the way to go, check out this article on how a Harvard study found you can lower your risk of cancer (spoiler: it’s a healthy plant-based diet).

3. You don’t have to worry about breaking up meat and affecting your testosterone levels.

If dad heard that vegan food can affect his testosterone levels, think again. “Men no longer have to worry that a plant-based diet will lower their testosterone levels because this theory has proven to be untrue,” says Lübeck, citing this study on the relationship between plant-based diets and testosterone levels in US adults .

4. Avoiding meat generally reduces the risk of a long list of health conditions.

It is not only the risk of heart disease and cancer that affects meat consumption, but diabetes and obesity as well. “Contrary to popular belief, men need to watch their meat consumption to avoid excessive consumption of saturated fatty acids, which put them at higher risk of heart disease, diabetes and certain types of cancer,” says Lübeck. “A plant-based diet was also found to reduce cases of metabolic syndrome, obesity and coronary artery disease.”

Best adds, “A vegan diet reduces the risk of metabolic syndrome in both men and women. One study shows that the stroke death rate in men following a plant-based vegan diet was 22 percent lower. “

Research has also shown that a predominantly plant-based diet can also reduce the risk of dementia. Some doctors are even telling their clients to go plant-based to reduce their risk of contracting coronavirus.

5. It’s just not that cool.

For your health. For the animals. For the planet. Eating all that meat is, unfortunately, partly a social matter. “Meat and men seem to go hand in hand. A study by the University of Hawaii at Manoa found that men who were worried about the status of their manhood decided to eat more meat to restore their manhood, ”explains Lübeck. Just as smoking was once “hip”, the meat and grill culture also has a certain association with masculinity, although there is no shortage of incredible vegan bodybuilders and athletes who live on a plant-based diet.

Also, instead of complaining about the meat = masculinity factor, how about a sobering statistic with this meat platter: “Men would benefit greatly from limiting their meat consumption, as research-based science shows that high consumption of red meat is associated with it is at increased risk for heart disease. “[In a study published last year by Al-Shaar et al.] for every additional serving of red meat per day, it increased coronary artery disease by 12 percent! ”That heaped rib platter doesn’t look so good anymore, does it?

bonus: If your dad goes against the grain and adopts a plant-based or predominantly plant-based lifestyle, he can inspire those around him to do the same. (Read: Uncle John.)

Tips to help dad stop eating meat

1. Start slowly.

“Going plant-based doesn’t have to be made cold. This is a change that will only be sustainable if the individual is fully on board and convinced of the benefits, ”shares Best, highlighting research showing that eating a healthy plant-based diet in adults in the US can help lower risk for all causes of death.

“That’s why I recommend weaning yourself off the meat slowly,” she continues. It is best to eat plant-based foods one day a week for a full week, followed by two days the next week. “He can do this until he’s got a full week, or if he feels it’s getting easier, he can drive for several days at a time until he gets to his destination,” says Best.

2. Customize the way you look at the plate.

A little creativity in eating goes a long way. “Instead of the meat being the center of the meal, think of it as a side dish. Then [tell your dad to] are you considering taking a survey on how much red meat? [he is] eat in an average week and have a realistic expectation to slowly titrate back, ”suggests Routhenstein. “It can be easier to initially swap out red meat for grilled chicken or even dark chicken breasts. Focus on the plants first by filling your plate with veggies in a playful way – grill the veggies, use a spice mix you would use for the veggies’ red meat instead, or try different plant favorites from different cuisines. “

3. Try the “cut it in half” tip.

Routhenstein says if dad is used to eating two red meat burgers while grilling, it may help to have one red meat burger and then a grilled burger with black beans or vegetables. Following this rule of thumb can make it easier for your favorite person to switch to a more plant-based diet. “Or when [he is] Make a homemade burger, fill it up with cauliflower rice, frozen spinach, spices and mushrooms, which adds more plants but also reduces the actual consumption of red meat. “

4. Make friends with vegetable sources of protein.

“Some options for men who want to replace meat with vegetable protein are tofu or other soy products, beans, lentils, quinoa and nuts,” says Lübeck, adding that a vegetarian burger or an impossible burger are other options (like the Beyond .). Burgers and other similar products), but she cautions people to watch out for the saturated fat in some of them. “Adding a delicious fruit and vegetable smoothie with a serving of protein powder to your day is a great way to meet your daily protein goals when you’re eating less meat,” she adds.

5. Eat more vegetables.

But let them taste amazing. “Eating more vegetables is easier than it sounds. If you are already a grill master, you can cook your vegetables on the grill, ”says Lübeck. “Vegetables can be placed on skewers or directly on the grill. Some vegetables that are particularly well cooked on the grill are zucchini and other pumpkins, onions, peppers and mushrooms. “

6. Get dad to try new recipes.

Whether you buy him a herbal cookbook, or better yet, cook with him in person, this is a great way to ease the transition to a meatless life. “If he tries a new herbal recipe every week, he can discover new foods he didn’t know he liked and shut others out,” shares Best, adding that he will have to do so after a month or two quite a few herbal recipes that he likes. “I recommend using one of these recipes as a meat alternative for the grill, like mushroom caps.” (Fellas just love to grill.)

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Healthy Eating

Ways Eating Fruit Can Help You Lose Weight, Say Dietitians



Cherries, grapes, white peaches. Bananas, apricots, melon. Watermelon, apples, pears. We could go on like this, but let’s get to the heart of the matter: fruit is refreshing, tasty and affordable. It’s really pretty darn good for you too, and can help you step up your weight loss efforts – a big time. To that end, we tapped nutritionists to share all of the amazing ways fruit can keep you full and slim. Read on, and for more on how to eat healthily, don’t miss out on 15 Underrated Weight Loss Tips That Actually Work.


“Fruits are low in calories but high in nutrients, including fiber, which helps you feel full not just for a short time but for hours between meals. This often results in lower caloric intake, so it can help manage your weight, “comments Joanna Foley, RD, CLT.

Speaking of topping up, not all fruits are created equal. What’s one of your best ways to refuel between or during meals to curb overeating? The darling of all millennials: avocados. “Avocados are one of the most fiber dense fruits and they also have the benefit of providing healthy fats that will also help keep you full,” she says, noting that there are many ways to charge avocados, from soaking them in smoothies to add sandwiches to them as healthy, filling toppings.

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mixed berriesShutterstock

“Eating fruits that are high in flavonoid content can help control weight and limit weight gain. Several classes of flavonoids have been shown to decrease energy intake, which can help with weight loss, ”says Tara Tomaino, RD, Registered Nutritionist with The Park, a New Jersey-based work-life campus providing wellness and concierge services from The Connell Company. Just check out this research. “Strawberries and blueberries are two high-flavonoid fruits that should be included in a healthy diet. Add these brightly colored berries to your day by topping oatmeal, granola, or yogurt with sliced ​​strawberries. Frozen berries are great for one.” Bowl of Greek yogurtyo or a whole grain muffin mix, “she adds.

mixed berriesShutterstock

“The fiber in fruit ensures that your blood sugar doesn’t rise too much [compared to meals that don’t contain fiber after eating] and makes your body more responsive to insulin. Improved insulin sensitivity helps manage your weight, ”says Foley. “Berries are particularly good at balancing blood sugar levels and fat burning, and can be easily added to smoothies, oatmeal, yogurt, or eaten alone for a delicious and nutritious treat.” A berry lover? These are the best states for berry picking.

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Fruit saladShutterstock

Begin a cycle of habits that are beneficial to you by making an effort to eat fruit every day. “Making healthy choices (like eating fruit) can often increase the motivation to make other healthy lifestyle changes that can add up and promote weight loss over time,” commented Diana Gariglio-Clelland, RD, Nutritionist for Next Luxury. For some of the best fruits useful for weight loss, check out the nine best fruits for weight loss approved by a nutritionist.

Frozen grapesShutterstock

Instead of reaching for that pint of sorbet after dinner, a handful of frozen grapes may do very well – with no added sugar and high in antioxidants and other polyphenols, says Toby Amidor, MS, RD, CDN, FAND award-winning nutritionist and partner of Grapes from California. “Instead of lemonade, which is the number one addition to sugar in the US, replace it with a fruit smoothie,” she also suggests.

Following Amidor, Gariglio-Clelland shares: “Fruit is naturally rich in sugar, which makes it a sweet alternative to added sugar in traditional desserts. Replacing ice cream for berries with a dash of cream is a decadent but healthier treat, as is fresh fruit smoothie with no added sugar. ” Berries and cream are coming soon, you don’t have to tell us twice.

Bowl of applesShutterstock

Mmmh, bring along the gut bacteria that are good for you. “Eating fruit can improve the diversity of your gut bacteria, which research has shown plays an important role in weight management,” comments Foley. “Apples contain a type of prebiotic fiber that helps feed the healthy bacteria in your gut,” she adds, noting that some excellent ways to enjoy apples, if you’re not just eating a whole fruit, are through them cut into salads or oatmeal.

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Lots of fruits are good for your waistline, but let’s hear it for these summer favorites. “Watermelon, when consumed as part of an overall anti-inflammatory diet, can aid weight loss. Participants in one study who consumed a more anti-inflammatory diet including watermelon experienced a reduction in body fat,” says Tomaino, referring to the study. “The high water content of watermelons promotes a feeling of satiety, which can prevent overeating. Whip up a salad with watermelon, feta cheese and mint leaves or mix watermelon with ice cream and lime juice for a refreshing slushie, ”she suggests.

For more information, see The # 1 Best Fruits To Eat, According to a Nutritionist.

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