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55 Resistance Band Exercises and Workouts You Can Do at Home



Resistance bands have gone from being overlooked in the gym to becoming one of the most widely used devices in home and outdoor workouts that dominated fitness trends during the Covid-19 pandemic. Eventually, over the past year and a half, bands got by and became valuable for both their utility and wide availability as supply chains made it harder to find weights. Now is the time to consider how to keep them permanently in your routines while you go back to more typical training protocols.

a woman smiling at the camera: Can't find any dumbbells or kettlebells?  Build muscle, size, strength, and athleticism (and increase flexibility as well) with these resistance band exercises.

© Nicola Katie – Getty Images
Can’t find dumbbells or kettlebells? Build muscle, size, strength, and athleticism (and increase flexibility as well) with these resistance band exercises.

The stretchy, rubberized tools are ultimately more useful than just replacing other, heavier equipment like dumbbells, barbells, and kettlebells. Sure, bands take up less space in your home and are not a problem for training on the go, and even the toughest band is much cheaper than the cheapest set of adjustable weights. But the benefits of a resistance band go beyond mere convenience and cost effectiveness.

For one thing, bands are incredibly versatile. With just your body weight and a band, you can train important movements like pushups and squats. Do you need resistance? Stand on your band to curl, squeeze, or row it, or attach it to an anchor point (just make sure it’s secure and stable to avoid mishaps) and you can do all kinds of pulls Doing stretches, and more. Resistance bands give you the opportunity to hit almost every muscle group in your body – if you’re willing to work hard and be a little creative with your surroundings.

The possibilities are endless. Here is your resistance band primer.

Why resistance bands work

a man who holds up his hands: macho man who trains with resistance bands against corrugated iron

© J. Ivan Rodrguez Pacheco / EyeEm – Getty Images
Macho man training with resistance bands against corrugated iron

Even if you have dumbbells and kettlebells at home or can do simple body weight movements, having a resistance band close to your workout can have significant value.

Why? Two words: adaptation to resistance. The further you pull a resistance band, the more it “resists” you in the truest sense of the word. This is a different type of resistance than a dumbbell, for example.

Do a bicep curl. Curl the bar up and there comes a point where the curl actually becomes “easy” for your biceps, near the top of the motion. The length of the lever that challenges your biceps decreases as you finish the exercise, which means that gravity can no longer be a challenge with the dumbbell (and your muscle no longer needs to exert as much force to do that challenge to manage something).

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Do the same curl with a resistance band and as you get closer to the top it doesn’t get any easier; Instead, you have to work to earn the pressure at the top of the curl. The stretched ligament will fight you more, forcing you to accelerate through the entire range of motion, and challenging your muscle fibers in a different way. You need to tense your muscles extra hard to combat banded resistance, a habit that will also improve your weight training.

Does that make bands better than dumbbells? No. But both tools can have a place in your workout, and both tools can complement each other in the large workout scheme. However, one tool (tip: not the dumbbell) is so small that you can easily fit it into your backpack on every road trip.

The best ways to use ribbons

All of this makes resistance bands a high quality option for any workout. But just like you might mix up barbells, dumbbells, and cables at the gym, ideally you want to mix your workout with resistance bands too. Try these approaches with bands (and know there are many more).

Full training: Yes, you can use resistance bands for a full body workout; they will challenge and push your body. Depending on the size of your resistance band, you might not be able to do some of the moves that you want more challenging, like deadlifts and squats, to be incredibly difficult. In each full-body session, aim for a pull movement (a row or a pulldown or curl), a push movement (a push-up, overhead, or triceps pressdown movement), and a leg movement (a squat, deadlift, or lunge).

Finisher: If you have access to dumbbells and barbells, or if your body weight is advanced enough to handle one-sided challenges (think of pistol squats and pushups), consider using bands towards the end of your workout. They are a great way to encourage active and aggressive chest squeezing while doing a push-up.

Drop sets: A great way to use ribbons at home is to use them in dropsets. In a dropset, you start with a heavier weight (or a more difficult version of a movement) and then “fall” into a lighter weight or an easier version of an exercise. Since you are exhausted from the initial work you put into the harder movement, the easier movement feels heavier. Try squats. Do 10 squats with resistance band, holding the band under your feet and with your hands on your shoulders. Immediately release the band and do 10 standard squats. Do 3 sets. Enjoy the burn.

The resistance band moves

Combine these movements to create resistance band workouts that you can do anytime, anywhere. And when in doubt, remember to think the whole body (a pulling movement, a pushing movement, a leg movement).

19 starter moves

Start with these 19 movements from David Jack, creator of MH’s Muscle After 40 program. They hit your whole body in all directions. The list is highlighted by a multitude of critical back movements: split stance rowing, reverse fly, single arm reverse fly, and the classic bent over.

Pallof press

You’ll rock your abs on this classic ab exercise that uses banded resistance to challenge your core against all rotations.

12 belt movements anytime, anywhere

Trainer Sean Garner, creator of the 6-week sweat-off, takes many of Jack’s ideas and adds 12 new moves for you, including a banded monster walk that lights up your glutes and a banded jump squat that becomes’ Teach you to create a lower body explosion.

Triceps Press Down Countdown Series

This step from Fitness Director Ebenezer Samuel, CSCS, is about isolating your triceps and reinforcing the idea that your triceps need to work with your arms extended too.

Video: The Benefits of Resistance Bands will make you rethink whether you need weights (shape) at all

The benefits of resistance bands will make you rethink whether you need weights at all

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Shoulder warming with a rotator cuff

Attack the small, supportive muscles in your shoulders and make your upper body equally bulletproof with this series of movements for bench press and pull-ups.

Mobility wall squat

Not every movement with ligaments is about pure muscle mass. The Mobility Wall Squat opens your hips and improves your squat shape and technique.

Banded core series with hollow support

This is all about abs fighting both rotation and stretch (can you contract your core no matter how the band pulls you?). It looks easy. However, it is not.

Triceps series with a hollow handle

Here you train your triceps and get valuable abdominal muscle work.

Half-iso knee knee with straight arm, pulldown

This one will brighten your back and there are a lot more abs challenges than you might initially expect.

Hollow Hold Fly to Banded Pushup Finisher

We refer to this as the finisher, but it can easily be a key element in any chest workout as well. You will roll around on the floor and build muscle too!

Chaos Band L-Seat Chinup

This is not for the faint of heart, and it certainly isn’t easy. Build on it. If you dare

Alternating Mass Pound Press

This will build your chest and challenge your core at the same time. And yes, it’s fun to hit the floor.

Crucifix Arm Finisher

A resistance band, a structure, lots of biceps and triceps pumping fun.

Half-kneeling row of archers

Bulletproof your shoulders and use that to build some middle back strength (and also more abdominal strength than you think).

Partner hollow body Pallof game

Grab a partner and bring some fun (and serious anti-rotation challenge too!) Into your workout with this graduation game.

Plank triceps kickback

Yes, with ribbons you can grow your arms and tone your abs at the same time! You do that here.

Breast fly finisher

Find two posts and get ready to burst your chest with this movement that involves squeezing the center of your chest.

Pull face

The face pull, if done correctly, will brighten your back and bulletproof your shoulders. Fun fact: preferably with bands.

Lateral increase in the resistance band

Add depth to your shoulders with this simple resistance band movement.

Resistance band athletic moves

Build speed and athleticism with these moves from trainer Gerren Lilles.

Triceps Pressdown Series with Ribbons

Another movement that will push your triceps to the limit, forcing you to take the position with your arms extended.

Banded hamstrings

This movement increases the size and strength of the hamstring. And you don’t need a lot of space for it.

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Watch a US Marine Attempt the Climbing Strength Test



Michael Eckert’s upper body strength speaks for itself. The U.S. Marine and two-time American Ninja Warrior competitor previously broke the world record for the most pull-ups in a minute when he did 50 repetitions on the bar. He also regularly shares his expert tips on building stamina and improving your pull-up technique on his YouTube channel. But in a recent video Eckert proves his strength in a completely different kind of challenge and faces the climbing strength test popularized by professional climber and YouTuber Magnus Midtbø.

The test consists of four rounds: a weighted slope on a 20mm bar, a maximum weighted chin-up, a maximum front lever grip, and finally a maximum dead slope.

For the weighted hang, Eckert starts by attaching 52 pounds to his belt – about 28 percent of his total body weight of 184 pounds – and tries to hang from the edge for 5 seconds. Then he increases the weight to 106 pounds – more than half his body weight – and repeats the 5-second slope. “It hurts, but I can go further up,” he says, showing the signs of wear and tear on his hands that are already visible. He peaks at 131 pounds and earns 7 points on this round.

In the weighted pull-up, Eckert starts with one rep with 106 pounds of additional weight, then moves to 150 pounds, then 166 pounds, and scores 8 points.

The third event is the front lever, a popular calisthenics movement in which Eckert has to stay horizontal as long as possible. The moment his body begins to sink, his time is up. He manages a total of 12 seconds and collects another 8 points. “That’s not bad,” he says. “My damn head was about to burst though … It literally feels like you’re doing a self-inflicted nosebleed.”

The fourth and final test is the dead hang, in which he has to hang on the pull-up bar with both hands and arms outstretched for as long as possible. “In my opinion, this is probably the most miserable test of all,” says Eckert. “We’ll see how it goes.”

His eventual total time on Dead Hang is 2 minutes 1 second, which is only worth 4 points. “That is the worst pain,” says Eckert. “And there are a lot of people out there who can hold a dead slope for six minutes. More strength for you. I’m proud to get over 2 minutes, but it’s definitely something I have to work on, this pain tolerance , the stamina in this position … That was brutal … That was definitely my worst category.

Eckert’s total number of points for the climbing strength test is 27 out of a total of 40 possible points. This corresponds to a climbing ability of V14. “I’ve never climbed a V14, probably because my technique isn’t that great,” he says. “But that’s really cool to know.”

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Woman left with half a skull after jumping from Yorkshire bridge



A Yorkshire student brave the odds and miraculously recovered after throwing herself off a footbridge in the midst of depression.

Despite having half a skull, Kayleigh Moore managed to change her life after a difficult battle.

The 23-year-old jumped off a pedestrian bridge over an expressway near Hull on April 17 last year after several previous suicide attempts.

A passing motorist found her after initially holding her on the street for a piece of rolled up carpet, Hull Live reports.

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Kayleigh’s father was the police officer on duty that night, responding to driver’s 999 call when one of his colleagues who arrived at the scene recognized the victim as his daughter Kayleigh and asked him to inform and redirect him.

Her mother, an intensive care nurse, was also on shift that night. She was informed of the news when Kayleigh was taken to the Hull Royal Infirmary, where a trauma team in Resus was working on her.

It was easy for the next fortnight. Kayleigh suffered extensive trauma, swelling, and a cerebral haemorrhage that led to a stroke; and she broke several ribs, bones on her face, ankle, foot, and wrist.

Kayleigh had two emergency brain surgeries to relieve pressure on her brain, and the surgeons performed a cranectomy – the removal of part of her skull.

Kayleigh spent two weeks in intensive care

Her desperate parents were allowed to sit by her bed despite Covid restrictions as doctors warned them that Kayleigh might not survive.

However, after two weeks, she began to wake up. It was the beginning of a long recovery that is now drawing to a close 14 months later.

Kayleigh, who studied nursing at Hull University, said she felt “lonely” from an early age and endured difficulties in school that she attributes to the beginning of her mental health struggle.

“I was pretty bullied from a young age, I was followed home from school and beaten up, and I was introverted, so I came home from school and was always alone.

“After school I went to Bishop Burton College, where I made some friends, but they all lived far away from me. It wasn’t until I got to Hull University that I made friends and thought everything was going in the right direction. “

However, Kayleigh dropped out of college early in her third year in October 2019 because her mental health deteriorated.

She was on the university’s mental health team, which she credits for being “amazing and always there for me,” and she was also among the NHS mental health team.

Kayleigh is feeling as good now as it has been in years

For the next three months she had walked in and out of the Avondale Mental Health Clinic of her own volition fearing for her own safety, but she was always discharged after a short stay.

She was also rushed to the Hull Royal Infirmary “five or six times” by ambulance after making further attempts at suicide.

But she remembers the night she jumped off the bridge between Hedon and Paull and says: “I don’t remember most of it because of the trauma. I know that I had seen the psychiatric team the day before, and i … said i have to fight.

“I contacted two friends and they suddenly said that I just stopped replying to text messages.

“I posted the word ‘sorry’ on my social media and kept this post to remind myself how far I’ve come.

“I also recorded a video that said ‘Sorry’ and then I jumped.

“It was late at night and a member of the public found me. My father was there that night and he had a student officer with him and he replied that it would be a good experience for the officer. One of the policemen who came I knew me , and my father was told to go and go to the hospital immediately.

“My mother worked in the intensive care unit and was called to Resus, where I was intubated and sedated by the trauma team. Both my parents were allowed to be by my side because the doctors didn’t know whether I would survive. “

Kayleigh Moore suffered a cerebral haemorrhage and a number of terrible injuries

For two weeks she was in the intensive care unit on a ventilator and was looked after by her mother’s colleagues.

In incredibly open posts on her public Instagram account, _kayleighlauren Kayleigh shows how painful her recovery was after learning to walk again with the help of physiotherapy.

Last October, she had a cranioplasty, which involved making a metal plate to replace the missing part of her skull, and hugging fabulous long wigs after having her head shaved for the operation.

“Half my head is made of metal now,” said Kayleigh.

Although she suffers from headaches as a result of her brain injury, she controls it with medication.

And although she still has pain every time she walks more than two or three kilometers, she keeps walking and improving; She’s back at the gym too, running and swimming.

Her incredible resilience is evident in her Instagram posts, which she created to help others struggling with suicidal thoughts.

Samaritans: Phone 116 123, 24 hours a day, or email, in confidence

Platform 1 male community group: Support with problems such as psychological problems and addiction healing. Visit the website or call 01484 421143.

Andy’s Man Club:

PAPYRUS: A voluntary organization that supports suicidal adolescents and young adults. Telephone 0800 068 4141

Mind: A charity that provides support and advice to people with mental health problems.

Bullying UK: A website for bullying children and adults. Click here

Campaign against an Unhappy Life (CALM): For young men who feel unhappy. There is a website and a hotline: 0800 58 58 58

MindOut: Provide mental health support and advice to members of LGBTQ communities. Telephone 01273 234839

“I’m following another report from someone who’s been through the same thing, and their posts have helped so many people.

I feel like if I can post about what I’ve been through and show how I’m doing now, that I can go out and yes I can go to the gym then people could see that.

And while it may be really difficult now, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

“People used to tell me that and I didn’t believe it, but I’m actually living this now, and if they can see it on my Instagram account, they might take it more seriously and listen.”

Despite her terrible trauma, Kayleigh considers herself the best in years. She is currently applying to return to university in September to resume her third year of nursing, pending approval from occupational medicine and her surgeon that she is well enough to return.

“I am more determined than ever to become a nurse. I think what I’ve been through will make me a better nurse too.

“I wish it had never happened, of course, because it was very traumatic for me and my family. But I also think if it hadn’t happened I wouldn’t realize what a fighter I am and what I’m worth I know that now. “

Enter your zip code to see local issues near you

She would like to thank all the medical professionals who saved her life that night.

And for anyone struggling with mental health issues, she urges them to force themselves to go outside, play sports, meet a friend, and talk to people.

“I used to hide my feelings and just stay home, I didn’t want to leave the house. I now know that this makes it so much worse. I can’t believe I’m out to socialize and close going “to the gym, it feels fantastic.

“I’m in such a better place now. I haven’t seen my own strength until now. I almost died, but I feel like I have a bright future ahead of me now. “

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‘Love, Victor’ Season 3 – Release Date, Cast, Spoilers, and More



Ten episodes later, and we still want more of Hulu’s love, Victor. It certainly doesn’t help that this romantic drama leaves fans with a terrible cliffhanger: will Victor be his friend (can you even call him that when they’re not together?) Benji or his friend Rahim?

Victor’s love triangle wasn’t the only unsolved character arc: Mia is out with her boyfriend Andrew to find her mother. Victor’s sister Pilar gets dirty with Felix, her brother’s best friend. And Lake, Felix’s ex, could be bisexual … or at least the show is teasing that.

In Season 2 of Love, Victor picked up straight from the previous season and delved deep into Victor’s new relationship with Benji and his strained relationship with his Christian (and somewhat homophobic) parents. And while fans had plenty of time for the love between Victor and Benji (we’ve been waiting for those moments since the season 1 premiere), we also have an eye opener for the couple’s struggles, queer, 16 and in love with the first time. And we suspect that the problems became too big for Victor, leaving him in turmoil and had to choose between his first love or his new crush.

Who will he choose? Hopefully the answer will hopefully be revealed in Season 3.

This content is imported from YouTube. You may find the same content in a different format or more information on their website.

Will there be a third season of Love, Victor?

While there’s still no word on a season 3, we’re not worried. Season 2 was confirmed 2 months after the first season of Love, Victor debuted, so any news on a future season will likely be revealed later this summer. But the way season 2 ended, it would be a huge disappointment if the story didn’t resolve itself with at least one more season.

What is season 3 of Love, Victor about?

Given that the season two finale ended with Victor making the choice between Benji or Rahim, we assume that season 3 would focus on Victor’s new relationship with his (undisclosed) boyfriend.

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Men health

But aside from Victor, season three will also feature Mia and Andrew’s journey to find their mother, as well as Pilar and Felix’s recently developed relationship. The most exciting arc in season 3 isn’t the love triangles or the new relationships, but the development of Lake’s sexuality. Nobody could have guessed that boy-crazy Lake would be into girls … an unexpected development that fans will surely be happy to explore further.

Who’s Returning in Season 3?

Almost all of the characters should return for a third season. At the end of season two, Victor spoke to Simon – his gay mentor – and stated that while his advice was helpful, it was no longer needed. If you’re a big fan of the Simon verse like we are, remember Simon from his own movie Love, Simon, and how he too dealt with queer identity battles during his time at Creekwood High School.

The student has become a master, so we expect to see Simon less and less. However, co-showrunner Brian Tanen revealed that there are future plans to bring back original characters from the film for the show. “[The original cast is] such an incredibly talented and busy group of actors so let’s say it with a grain of salt in hopes that we can get people to get involved, ”he said. Never say Never.

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