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Rae Expands Its Pure And Powerful Universe Alongside The Introduction Of Groundbreaking CBD Research Results In Support Of Women’s Wellness



MINNEAPOLIS, June 8, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Rae, the socially conscious, women-run wellness brand dedicated to holistic nutrition of the body and mind, today released the results of a groundbreaking new study that has the potential to set future research and industry standards for CBD products to inform. The study on CBD and women’s health is one of the first and largest controlled longitudinal studies specifically on the effects of commercially available CBD products and is also the first study to focus exclusively on the potential of cannabidiol to support the well-being of women, an often under-represented population in scientific research. The release of the first phase of analysis by Radicle Science, a transformative Healthtech B-Corp, coincides with Rae’s launch of hemp-derived nutritional supplements to support holistic wellbeing. The final analysis phase will be published in a comprehensive white paper in autumn 2021.

“At Rae, we are fundamentally committed to helping all consumers – especially underrepresented individuals – feel the best they can from the inside out through a holistic universe of nutritional supplements that are effective, evidence-based, and affordable, and the philosophy behind them. Launching our hemp-derived dietary supplements is no different, “said Angie Tebbe, Raes co-founder and CEO. “Our entire universe supports the mind and body through well-researched nutrients and herbs that have been used for centuries, and while existing studies suggest cannabidiol has significant wellness support potential, there has been a glaring gap in research that has emerged Dedicated to effective product development. We worked with the renowned medical experts and data scientists at Radicle Science to better understand the potential of CBD as an ingredient and, in particular, its effects on women, a population that is often underrepresented in health research studies. “

The results have the potential to inform future medical research and industry standards for the use of CBD. Animal studies have shown the considerable potential of CBD to support wellbeing, as the compound has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, and immunomodulatory properties, among others, and thus could be an effective treatment for a variety of health problems. However, there has been a lack of human studies, particularly on commercially available non-prescription CBD products. The Phase I results underscore the anxiety-relieving potential of CBD, noting that consuming at least 15 mg of CBD product per day resulted in a significant reduction in anxiety within 30 days of starting daily use and that these reductions lasted for at least 60 . persisted days after starting and continuing daily use. This data is significant because many new CBD users are women seeking relief from anxiety and the prevalence of anxiety disorders in women is almost twice that of men in the United States. Although there have been widespread anecdotal reports that certain over-the-counter CBD products can relieve symptoms of anxiety, no controlled human studies have investigated such effects of these products.

“Most of the research into the neurological effects of CBD has been done in men. Indeed, historically women have been and are underrepresented in medical research. Therefore, it is unclear how various supplements, including CBD, can affect women’s health, “and whether gender-specific factors can affect their effects,” said I play Thorogood, Wholistic Research & Education Foundation Co-Founder / President and Radicle Science Co-Founder / Chair. “This large-scale, groundbreaking study of CBD and women’s health, conducted in partnership with Rae Wellness, is an important step in closing this evidence gap. We are deeply grateful to Rae for Rae’s support of research, particularly regarding health care diversity and inclusion issues. “Outcome data.”

The whitepaper also provides some of the very first insights into the effects of various CBD product attributes – dosage, method of administration, and THC concentration. Similar reductions in anxiety were observed for all product groups regardless of dosage (15-30 mg daily), THC concentration (0% or up to 0.3%) and administration method (oil or capsule).

“Although there are thousands of brands of CBD used by tens of millions of Americans, there is virtually no data on which formulations, in what ways, and for what types of people, offer the greatest benefit,” said Dr. Jeff Chen MD / MBA, Founder / Former Director of the UCLA Cannabis Research Initiative and Radicle Science Co-Founder / CEO. “We are grateful to Rae Wellness for analyzing their data and publishing findings, which, to our knowledge, is the largest controlled study of over-the-counter CBD formulations to date. We hope these results can help consumers better understand which products and usage patterns might work best for their individual needs. And we see this study as a promising starting point for the entire industry to generate solid scientific data on over-the-counter CBD products. “

“In developing all of our dietary supplements, our goal is simple: to create effective, consistent, high-quality, yet affordable formulations that benefit consumers and shine in a category full of overpriced alternatives,” said Tebbe. “As we added hemp supplements to our pure and powerful universe, we used our research to develop single-strain formulas that contain certified organic ingredients and are surrounded by robust testing. Our goal is to set the industry standard for CBD products to bring high quality, evidence-based formulations to the market alongside affordable prices. “

The final phase of analysis, which will be published in the expanded white paper in autumn 2021, will assess the effects of CBD products on physical health, digestive health, sleep and sexual satisfaction in women. Specific factors that may influence or predict this impact are also assessed, including demographic variations such as ethnicity, as well as behavioral variations such as the time of day the products were consumed. Further information can be found at:

Rae’s increased commitment to nourishing the mind and body
Today, the brand has also launched new and reformulated liquid nutritional supplements to further nourish the mind and body. The liquid nutritional supplements, which include five effect blends (Focus, Energy, Immunity, Skin Renew and Skin Hydration), were developed based on insights from customer feedback and thousands of customer reviews. In addition to the nutritional supplements, the brand has launched a new DTC experience with a guided search that helps customers discover nutritional supplements that can uniquely help them feel good. Rae has also expanded access to its nutritional supplements with new retail partners such as Amazon, Thrive Market and Standard Dose.

“We are constantly leveraging both customer feedback and the latest consumer insights to inform and expand our holistic universe, uniquely meet consumers where they are, and help them feel the best from within,” said Tebbe. “We’re here to help all consumers shine from the inside out, and we’re just getting started.”

Via Radicle Science
Radicle Science is a transformative Healthtech B company offering the first avenue to large-scale validation of natural products. Radicle Science works at the intersection of big data, digital health and natural products and uses a proprietary data analysis platform and a virtual direct-to-consumer (D2C) model to provide objective health data for different population groups and diseases. Our Radicle vision is a future where affordable, accessible, natural health products are trusted by patients, recommended by doctors, reimbursed by insurance, and used as widely as pharmaceutical drugs. Our founding partners in the community include the Wholistic Research and Education Foundation, the Clean Label Project, Opennest Labs, and Trailblazers UCLA, UC Irvine, Scripps Research, Scripps Health, University of Washington and Johns Hopkins University. To learn more about Radicle Science, visit and follow our LinkedIn page.

About the Foundation for Holistic Research and Education
The Wholistic Research and Education Foundation is a public not-for-profit organization (501c3) devoted to cannabis and CBD research, education, and advocacy. Wholistic research initiatives promote a multidisciplinary approach and explore the underlying mechanisms of action that can explain how different cannabinoids produce their diverse health benefits and personalized effects. We are involved in numerous groundbreaking human clinical cannabinoid studies, real world evidence (RWE) studies, and educational programs in collaboration with several well-known institutions, including UC San Diego, University of Utah, UC Irvine and the Autism Society of America. Our joint efforts aim not only to fill the gaps in current research, but also to help educate healthcare professionals and the general public with relevant scientific knowledge about the safety and effectiveness of cannabis. To learn more, visit

About Rae Wellness
Founded in 2019, Rae Wellness quickly became known as an industry disruptor and cult favorite with consumers for its commitment to supporting the wellbeing of all and nourishing the body and mind from within. The holistic universe of Rae stands for innovation in the wellness area in addition to new wellness categories such as sexual, hormonal and mental health. The pure and powerful nutritional supplements from Rae lead with affordable prices and evidence-based formulas that are always vegan, GMO-free, and free of gluten, artificial preservatives, harmful fillers and colors. The women-run company recently closed and increased its Serie A $ 9.5 million Managed by Powerplant Partners with the participation of the existing investors M13 and Able Partners. To feed the next generation, the socially conscious brand provides 5% of all revenue to Girls Inc., the nonprofit that inspires all girls to be strong, smart, and brave through direct service and advocacy. In addition to his rapidly growing DTC experience, Rae can be found at Target, Amazon, Thrive Market, Anthropologie, Standard Dose, and other fine retailers. To learn more about Rae, visit


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Alpha Extracts Pure Hemp oil Canada Reviews [REAL Or HOAX CBD]



Alpha Extracts Pure Hemp Oil Canada Reviews: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Official website👉👉

Review of Alpha Extracts Pure Hemp Oil Canada: Health is a big topic around the globe. People talk about their health at least twice a day. There are more health problems than ever. Everyone wants to live healthier lives and be free from health problems that could lead to weakness. Bad lifestyle is the number one cause of health problems.

It is difficult for people to take the time to take care of their bodies during the day. Modern meals do not provide enough nutrients. You cannot improve your fitness level simply by changing your diet. Poor diet and bad work habits can cause serious health problems. A person in their thirties can also have heart problems. Anxiety and stress can cause cognitive problems and slow brain function. To maintain good health, it is important that people find a way to deal with stress and anxiety.

Alpha Extracts Hemp Oil Canada can help you get rid of your hectic lifestyle. It’s a CBD-based product that supports overall health and calms your mind. It has been shown to improve heart function and the quality of sleep. It can improve cognitive health, brain function, and overall cognitive health. It is effective in relieving insomnia and making people feel more awake. Since it only uses natural ingredients, it is safe for your health. It has been shown to be safe for your body and has beneficial effects on your health.

Order it from the official website available here👉👉

✍️ Alpha Extracts Hemp Oil is superior to other products.

This product should be able to compete with other nutritional supplements. Many products claim to improve and restore your body’s health. The best products are the most expensive and exotic. The products that are cheap and affordable are less effective. Cheap CBD-rich products often contain an artificial component. Although it can mimic the effects of CBD but can cause many side effects, this man-made component can be harmful. Preservatives can be added to these products, which can lead to health problems. You need to be aware of the ingredients in these products to ensure that you are choosing the right product for you.

Alpha Extracts CBD Oil is one of the few products that puts more emphasis on customer satisfaction and less profit. This supplement is made with CBD, which is extracted from hemp plants in the USA. CBD oil has not been tested by federal agencies or medical laboratories. It’s safe and free from side effects. It is known for its ability to improve overall health. Many people have used this oil and you can see the results in customer reviews. This product is safe to use and has a long shelf life. Anyone looking for better mental and physical health should consider this oil.

Product name ➼ Alpha Extracts Pure Hemp Oil

It has the main benefits of improving appetite, relieving pain, and reducing anxiety

Ingredients ➼ Pure hemp canna bidiol (CBD)

Bottles for Sale ➼ US $ 4.99 30ml

Official website

Stock ➼ available

* Warning: keep children away

✍️ What are the uses for Alpha Extracts hemp oils

Alpha Extracts CBD Oil Canada can be used to treat a wide variety of health problems. This product supports overall health using completely natural methods. People in their 40s or 50s can use this product to get healthier and fitter. The dietary supplement is designed to ensure that your body is getting all the nutrients it needs to stay healthy.

CBD can help improve the body’s receptor network. Your body needs the right amount of nutrients to function properly. It helps reduce fatigue, aches and pains, and chronic pain. Combining CBD with Cann-Abis extracts can help support brain tissue, which in turn improves cognitive abilities.

Alpha Extracts Pure Hemp Oil Canada can support brain function, which can improve memory and the ability to concentrate. It can improve brain health and the quality of sleep. This supplement contains nutrients that are beneficial for overall health. The oil improves blood circulation and cardiac output. This oil can help users improve their overall fitness. It’s versatile and can be used for many purposes. It can also increase the strength of the body. Alpha Extracts Hemp Oil can also be used to improve overall health.

Buy Alpha Extracts Hemp Oil Online at the Lowest Prices👉👉

✍️ What Are The Benefits Of Using Alpha Extracts Pure Hemp Oils?

• Can improve the quality of your sleep and calm your mind.

This oil can be used for anxiety reduction and relaxation. It can help you fall asleep faster and improve the quality of your sleep. It can help you feel more relaxed.

• May increase blood flow

Oil could be used to lower blood sugar levels and improve blood circulation. This could improve your health and increase your body’s ability to absorb oil.

• Can improve your physical health

It may be able to relieve the aches and pains that many people experience. It can promote healthy bones, joints, and muscles.

• Can improve brain function

It can lead to improvements in memory and cognitive health. It can also improve the brain’s ability to concentrate, which can lead to improved reflexes.

✍️ Canada: where to buy Alpha Extracts hemp oil

Alpha Extracts Pure Hemp Oil can be purchased through the official website. This supplement can be ordered on their own website. On the website, users can fill out a form and then make the payment. You need your credit card to pay. It is currently only available in Canada. It will take approximately 4 to 5 working days for delivery. The cost of a single bottle is $ 4.99. The supplement also includes a free magazine with more information about CBD and the supplement.

Official website [Order With 50% OFF]👉👉

✍️ Conclusion

Alpha Extracts Pure Hemp Oil Canada is an essential product for maintaining your body and health. CBD oil can have positive effects on every aspect of your life, including sleep, appetite, pain, cognition, moods, mobility, and even sleep. With a product with so many benefits, there are virtually no side effects. It’s completely legal, safe, and natural. You don’t need a prescription from your doctor to place an order. Canadian Extracts Hemp Oil should be tried by anyone who is concerned about their health. Try Canadian Extracts Hemp Oil Today!

also read [Alpha thunder Testo Canada Male Enhancement]:

● Company name: Alpha extracts
● Address: Alpha Extracts, 1001 Grand Avenue, Covington, KY 41011
● Call us at: 855-821-6610
● Email us:
● Returns: A1 Keto, PO Box 228690, Doral, FL 33222
● Official website:

Alpha Extracts Pure Hemp Oil Canada could be a product that helps the body maintain mental and physical fitness. It is a CBD-based dietary supplement that supports your body’s overall fitness and promotes nutrition.

This press release was published on openPR.

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Texans Enjoy The High From Delta-8 As Legislators Debate Its Legality And Health Experts Debate Its Safety



Delta-8 products can be found almost everywhere in Texas – from vape shops to flea markets to convenience stores. Texas lawmakers and federal agencies are looking closely.

On a Wednesday afternoon, Joseph Jordan walked into Sean’s Essentials, a small vape shop in San Antonio. He was looking for something that could relieve his pain.

“I have lower back pain from the work I’ve been doing for the past 15 years, lifting boxes, unloading trucks, and doing it for a long time,” he said.

The store stocks a range of edibles, oils, ointments, joints, and buds, all of which contain Delta-8 THC.

Employee Marnie Janotta held up a small glass for Jordan. “This is Delta 8 lotion and it’s like freezing heat,” she said. Jordan was intrigued, but eventually left the store without buying anything.

Jerry Clayton

Various products with Delta-8 THC

Sara Schmidt, a freelance writer based in San Antonio, is a Delta-8 fan. She came across a sublingual form of it – the kind that goes under the tongue – while looking for something to help her feel calm at night.

“It just made my shoulders more relaxed and I slept really well,” she said. Schmidt orders her Delta-8 over the Internet from a company in Colorado.

In Texas, marijuana and products containing THC are illegal, with the exception of very limited medicinal uses.

Delta-8 is made from the hemp plant, which is legal across the U.S. and Texas … or not thanks to the Farm Bill of 2018. Whether it is legal or not is controversial.

“The fact that they are not being prosecuted should not be construed as legality,” said Daniel Mehler, a Texas attorney specializing in cannabis law. “The legality of these products is much more complex than just being legal. That’s just not true across the board, ”he added.

Mehler said the process of using CBD oil to make Delta-8 products makes it questionably legal as it can be made from hemp or marijuana. And while the two derivatives are identical, the one made from marijuana would be illegal. But as long as the hemp plant – from which Delta-8 is extracted – contains less than 0.3 percent THC, it is considered legal.

Heather Fazio, director of Texans for Responsible Marijuana Policy, said a state agency had cast some shadow over Delta-8.

“The Department of State Health Services testified during the legislature that they consider this an illegal substance,” said Fazio. “The question is, ‘Will it be enforced since they are not an enforcement arm?’ ”

Texas lawmakers attempted to completely ban Delta-8 in the state, but that measure was not passed. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has signaled that it could potentially consider Delta-8 a synthetic drug, which would definitely make it illegal. As of August 2021, 18 states have either banned or restricted the sale of Delta-8.

Michael Weaver, professor of psychiatry and medical director of the Center for Neurobehavioral Research on Adddicts at UT Health Houston, said there are many unknowns when it comes to Delta-8.

“We know a lot about what Delta-9 THC-tetrahydrocannabinol (found in marijuana) does to people’s brains,” he said. “Delta-8 is very similar to this, as the name suggests, but it’s a different cannabinoid, and these are just two of over 100 cannabinoids that occur naturally in the hemp plant.”

There have been some studies that have shown promise for the medical application of Delta-8. One such study showed that the drug reduced vomiting in pediatric patients undergoing chemotherapy.

However, these products aren’t regulated, and Fazio said buyers should be careful.

“Either way, make sure you know where to get it, that it has been tested, is free of contamination, and that you are getting what you expect,” she warned.

Fazio’s organization advocates regulating the sale of Delta-8 and decriminalizing and legalizing marijuana.

Many Delta-8 users claim that it gives them a “clearer high” than regular marijuana, and most experts say it is a much milder drug than its cousin Delta-9, one of the active cannabinoids in marijuana. It’s also important to note that anyone who uses Delta-8 products will generally test positive for drug tests for marijuana.

For now, at least, the loophole in the law allows consumers to buy some form of marijuana in Texas, despite legislature efforts to ban it.

TPR was founded by and is supported by our community. If you value and are able to appreciate our commitment to the highest standards of responsible journalism, please consider supporting your donation today.

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CBD Life Sciences, Inc. (CBDL) Set to Launch Products on Alibaba Platform



SCOTTSDALE, AZ / ACCESSWIRE / September 22, 2021 / Today, CBD Life Sciences (OTC PINK: CBDL), through its wholly-owned subsidiary LBC Bioscience Inc., announced that the company is ready to launch over 40 products on the Alibaba platform, with one product already available through this link .

CBD Life Sciences Inc. is proud to bring products to the platform with over 40 different options! The products the company is working with to upload are tinctures, edibles, skin care, pet products, CBD cartridges, etc. President & CEO Lisa Nelson says, “This is big news for us and we’re going to start with 41 products for now we’re growing fast and this is just the beginning. ‘ Lisa Nelson also says, “Multiple sources of income are the goal here and we already have a phenomenal start with Amazon & now Alibaba!” CBD Life Sciences Inc. is currently planning to add more products to Amazon and use as many platforms as possible to display the products off the market and get in touch with multiple companies around the world.

Alibaba is arguably one of the most popular websites among the largest internet market in the world. In the second quarter of 2014, the site had around 279 million active buyers per year, and it was estimated that by 2017 it could make more than $ 700 billion in combined sales through the various websites and marketplaces such as Taobao, Tmall and Alipay . Alibaba also has great global appeal. You can find, buy, and sell to businesses and users in over 240 countries around the world. This gives you unparalleled opportunities to enter global markets, no matter how small your company is. Can you imagine how much time and money you have to invest in foreign travel, advertising and trade shows in order to develop these markets yourself? Overall, B2B e-commerce is the way to go in 2021 and CBD Life Sciences Inc. is by far ahead.

B2B e-commerce refers to the exchange of goods and services between companies via online platforms. While the use of digital channels has traditionally been limited to B2C companies, consumer brands, and retail transactions, there have also been great digital advances and unprecedented adoption of e-commerce solutions in the B2B landscape in recent years. In 2019, the global gross goods volume (GMV) in B2B e-commerce was $ 12.2 trillion, up from around $ 5.83 trillion in 2013. This rapid growth in global B2B e-commerce Area not only reflects the advancing digitization of the world commerce, but also signals the consistent digital restructuring of the B2B market worldwide. Ultimately, according to Forrester, US business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce transactions are expected to reach $ 1.8 trillion by 2023. That would represent 17% of all B2B sales in the country.

CBD Life Sciences Inc. is approaching its third retail location along with a marijuana recreational facility. This will matter in terms of expansion and sales, and CBD Life Sciences Inc. will keep the public informed about the future.

The number of benefits of CBD is enormous! These benefits include help with behavioral / neurological complications such as ADD / ADHD, anxiety, autism, bipolar, obsessive-compulsive disorder, PTSD, epilepsy, Parkinson’s, osteoporosis, and ALS. CBD can also help treat pain that can result from headaches / migraines, arthritis, cramps, spinal injuries, and fibromyalgia. CBD also has gastrointestinal benefits for gastrointestinal disorders and complications such as anorexia, cachexia, Crohn’s disease, diabetes, and nausea. Physical complications / disorders like muscular dystrophy and even immune system-based deficiencies and other complications like cancer and high blood pressure, even our bodies’ way and ability to maintain homeostasis, are all supposed to benefit from CBD.


The online emporium of LBC BIOSCIENCE

LBC Bioscience Inc. is already well stocked with some very high quality CBD offerings – all at very affordable prices. Check out the latest product offerings from LBC Bioscience Inc including: 100 MG CBD Bath Bombs in Various Fragrances, Delta 8 Gummies, 1500 MG Premium Berry Drops and a variety of brand new skin care products. Or, buy our best-selling products (based on order frequency) including our CBD Pain Cream, CBD Oils, and CBD Pet Treats.

Become a sales partner

  • Large product selection (over 50 items and growing)
  • 100% organic & kosher made in the USA.
  • All products are THC-FREE (they contain 0.00% THC)
  • Weekly offers (new offers every week)
  • 25% discount on all products with code “LBC25”.

LBC Bioscience Inc. accepts: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, etc.

Shareholders and shareholders can also keep up to date with updates from LBC Bioscience Inc:

Main LBC Bioscience Inc website at


About LBC Bioscience Inc.
LBC Bioscience Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of CBD Life Sciences Inc. LBC has developed and retailed a full line of cannabidiol-based organic products, including CBD drops, chewing gum, honey sticks, pain relief creams, anxiety and sleep supplements, edibles , Coffee, skin care line, pet line, tablets and more. LBC’s products can be viewed and purchased on the company’s website at

Ten Associates LLC
Contact: Thomas E. Nelson
Phone: (480) 326-8577

Forward-Looking Statements
Other than the historical information contained herein, the topics discussed in this press release are forward-looking statements. Actual results could differ materially from those described in the forward-looking statements and are subject to risks and uncertainties. Refer to the filings of CBD Life Sciences, Inc., Inc. with OTC Markets for information about specific factors that could cause actual results or events to differ materially from those described in the forward-looking statements.

Safe Harbor Statement
This press release contains forward-looking statements that are based on certain assumptions and reflect management’s current expectations. These forward-looking statements are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results or events to differ materially from current expectations. Some of these factors include: general global economic conditions; general industry and market conditions, industry changes and growth rates; Uncertainty as to whether our strategies and business plans will bring the expected benefits; increasing competition; Availability and cost of capital; the ability to identify and develop and achieve commercial success; the amount of expenditure required to maintain and improve the quality of services; Changes in the economy; Changes in laws and regulations, including codes and standards, intellectual property rights, and tax matters; or other unexpected matters; our ability to secure and maintain strategic relationships and distribution agreements. The company disclaims any intention or obligation to update or revise any forward-looking capabilities to secure and maintain strategic relationships and distribution agreements. The company disclaims any intention or obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements.

SOURCE: CBD Life Sciences Inc.

View source version on

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