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Courier Labs, manufacturer of hemp products, is growing in Houma



The former home of The Houma Courier has new life in an entirely different business.

The building at 3030 Barrow St. in Houma is now home to Courier Labs, the leading high-volume manufacturer of hemp products. Courier Labs has locations in California and Colorado, in addition to one here in Houma.

Courier Labs President Joshua Camp said construction on the laboratory portion of the building will be completed by the end of the month and full production in the building will begin soon after. The site currently has 10 employees, but they plan to add 26 more for research and development, Camp said.

TTMK Holdings of Houma bought the property at 3030 Barrow Street in 2019 for $ 3.6 million, according to the parish registers. TTMK is a holding company for several companies, whose directors include Timmy Thompson and his children Todd, Tyler, Mike and Kate

“I’ve always been a fan of this building,” said Todd Thompson shortly after it was sold in 2019. “My Uncle Troy Thompson of Thompson Construction actually built the building in 1983 and 1984. My grandfather provided the steel for the buildings that Dale Thompson did made the entire mechanical engineering. I just got a wild hair one day and decided to see if they were interested in selling. “

Medical marijuana manufacturers:La. Medical marijuana manufacturer sells first products

Hemp in Houma:Hemp delights farmers and companies in La., Including one in Houma

Camp said it was important for the Thompsons to set up a subsidiary for the company in Houma as their hometown.

“The Courier building has a legacy that our local partners wanted to capitalize on,” said Camp.

While Houma was heavily reliant on the oil and gas industry, Camp said this was an opportunity for the company to bring a new industry to the region.

“We are able to apply many of the oil and gas abundant skills in the region to this incredible, sustainable industry that is still in its infancy,” he said.

During a tour of the building, Camp pointed out that the infrastructure is installed from airlock doors, walls that are frequently scrubbed and washed, and from manufacture integrated room to room with custom equipment. Windows are also installed in the facility so viewers can watch raw hemp product transform into cannabidiol (CBD) isolate, broad spectrum and full spectrum CBD, water soluble CBD, and other blends that can be used for various purposes.

“The hardest part was the weather. Taking into account the necessary redundancies in infrastructure and COVID resulted in a significant delay in the supply chain for everything from our custom equipment to some of the specialty materials needed for a facility of this quality, “said Camp. “But it is always satisfying to face unforeseen challenges and then overcome them.”

As the company expands, they look forward to working with the Louisiana hemp farmers. Hemp is cannabis that is grown specifically for industrial use. Over 25,000 products can be derived from it, from cosmetics to gums to tinctures.

Laboratory Director Christopher Olson said he loves working in a startup environment and working on end product development rather than just wholesale.

“It’s pretty great, there is great leadership, and I enjoy learning and growing with the company,” said Olson.

Courier Labs currently serves over a dozen national brands with their oils and isolate-based products.

“We don’t make standard products for a dozen. Our formulations are all tailor-made and specifically developed for the end user to provide the highest quality and the most effective on the market. “Camp said:” We want to make products that change the world. “

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Green Light Solutions Announces Ontario Product Availability



LoFi CBD Oil 1500 now available through the OCS

LoFi CBD oil

LoFi CBD Oil 1500 is a full spectrum CBD extract in premium quality. Available from licensed dealers in BC and Ontario.

LoFi CBD Oil 1500 is a full spectrum CBD extract in premium quality. Available from licensed dealers in BC and Ontario.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, November 26, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Green Light Solutions (“GLS” or “the Company”), an innovation company dedicated to promoting excellence in the cannabis industry, is pleased to announce the launch of its The CBD-dominant LoFi brand in the Ontario market. The signature product, LoFi CBD Oil 1500, is now available through the Ontario Cannabis Store (“OCS”),, and licensed retailers.

LoFi CBD Oil 1500 is a potent full-spectrum formula with CBD extract from hemp and MCT oil from sustainable sources. LoFi CBD Oil 1500 was among the top CBD oils sold in BC when it was launched in August this year.

“We are happy that our friends from Ontario can experience our outstanding CBD. Since its launch this summer, LoFi CBD Oil 1500 has quickly become one of BC’s best-selling CBD oils and a customer favorite, ”said Walker Patton, Corporate Development at GLS. “Expanding into Ontario, Canada’s largest retail market, is key to our product roadmap. We look forward to bringing Ontario a new way to deliver CBD with our full-spectrum, savory and affordable products available through the OCS and licensed retailers enjoy.”

LoFi strives to help users make informed decisions through product transparency and evidence-based CBD education. All LoFi products feature inLite traceability technology, which provides customers with enhanced product data, including the ingredient source and lot-specific laboratory results.

LoFi offers potent CBD-Forward formulations with highly concentrated full-spectrum CBD and high-quality ingredients. An expanded suite of products, including one-gram vape cartridges, will be available in the BC market in December as LoFi continues to sign supply contracts for additional product SKUs with provincial wholesalers.

The story goes on

About LoFi
LoFi is a BC-based independent cannabis brand passionate about three simple things: quality, innovation, and value. We are committed to maintaining the highest quality standards through our inclusive CBD products that are competitive in strength and price in the market.

About Green Light Solutions
Green Light Solutions (GLS) is an innovation company dedicated to promoting excellence in the cannabis industry. GLS offers added value in several cannabis verticals through an agile, technology-oriented business model that pursues specific strategies for cannabis and hemp. The company’s executive team combines extensive experience in the cannabis industry with strong manufacturing and technology development expertise and a robust IP portfolio.

A photo accompanying this announcement is available at

CONTACT: For further information please contact: GLS Media Relations –

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Best CBD Oils to Buy for Pain Right Now



CBD oil is a reliable pain reliever. It works in two separate ways to dampen the source of pain and reduce the pain signal before it reaches the brain.

This combination of pain relieving effects makes it much stronger than most natural pain relievers. It is useful in assisting with arthritis pain, delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), inflammatory pain, digestive pain, sickle cell anemia pain, multiple sclerosis pain, and much more.

Learn how CBD oils work for pain, what their limits are, and check out three of the best CBD oils for pain currently available.

Best CBD Oils For Pain: Summary 2020

1. Royal CBD Oil – Editor’s Choice

Royal CBD makes several popular CBD products for the American market. By far their most popular product is this full-spectrum CBD oil.

These oils were featured by several high-profile media outlets in 2020 alone. Just a few examples are VentureBeat, Observer, SF Examiner, and Metro Times. They have also been listed as the best CBD oil for pain this year on some CBD expert review websites – for example, CFAH and We Be High.

What Makes This Oil So Effective in Treating Pain?

Aside from CBD, these oils are rich in various pain relieving terpenes, cannabinoids, and other phytochemicals. Recent third-party laboratory reports show that these oils are particularly high in a terpene called myrcene, which has shown powerful pain relieving benefits in various clinical studies. This terpene is also abundant in other pain relieving herbs such as hops and bay leaves.

These oils are available in four different potencies, covering the entire range from low potency to ultra-high potency:

  • 250 mg of CBD oil
  • 500 mg of CBD oil
  • 1000 mg of CBD oil
  • 2500 mg of CBD oil

All four potencies are optionally available with mint, vanilla, berry or tasteless CBD oil.


  • Available in four different potencies and four flavors
  • Made from organic hemp plants
  • High concentrations of myrcene make this oil effective for pain relief


  • Available in the US only (this brand does not ship internationally)

2. Gold Bee CBD Oil – Best value for money

Gold Bee - Second place

Gold Bee is a small, family-run CBD brand based in California. Before making CBD products, this company made various superfoods such as MCT oil, wildflower honey, and bee pollen.

It wasn’t long after Gold Bee started hitting local pharmacies in California that it was noticed. These oils are unique for their innovative honey taste (0 calories) – something we haven’t seen from any other CBD oil manufacturer.

These oils are also characterized by their terpene content. Publicly listed independent laboratory tests show that these oils contain high concentrations of the pain relieving terpenes pinene and borneol.

Borneol in particular has long been used as a natural pain reliever. It has been used in the form of traditional Chinese medicine to treat pain called moxa for thousands of years.

Gold Bee CBD oils come in three potency options:

  • 300 mg of CBD oil
  • 600 mg of CBD oil
  • 1200 mg of CBD oil

All three potencies are available either in a raw, unflavored version or in a unique honey taste.

For the best value for money, we recommend going for the 1200 mg CBD oil. It costs a little more upfront but gives you the best deal overall.


  • Formulated with high quality full spectrum hemp extract
  • Rich in the pain relieving terpenes borneol and pinene
  • Optionally with a delicious honey taste


  • Due to the high demand, these oils may be temporarily out of stock

3. CBD Pure – runner-up

CBD Pure is based in the UK and only ships to customers living within UK borders.

We have added this brand to the list for our international readers as neither Gold Bee nor Royal CBD ship their products internationally.

In the UK, the CBD industry is a bit of a mess. There are many suppliers of really poor quality who sell CBD oils at great prices.

CBD Pure is a refreshing find for customers as they follow all of the steps set by industry leaders operating outside of the states.

For example, every batch of hemp extract made by CBD Pure comes with a third-party laboratory seal of approval. You can even publish the results of these tests in full on the company’s website.

CBD Pure Oils are available in three different potencies:

  • 300 mg of CBD oil
  • 600 mg of CBD oil
  • 1000 mg of CBD oil

One thing that makes these oils a little different is the bottle size you choose. Unlike other CBD brands, CBD Pure uses small 10ml dropper bottles. This is roughly a third of what most CBD oils contain, which makes them roughly 60% stronger per drop than oils with the same total CBD content.

The smaller bottle size makes it easier to carry these oils in your pocket and allows you to get the same dose with just a few drops of oil.

These oils are all made from high quality organic full spectrum hemp extract and are tasteless.


  • Small bottle size makes these oils stronger than comparable CBD products
  • One of the few brands to offer independent testing in the UK
  • Made from high quality full spectrum CBD


How does CBD oil work for pain?

Cannabidiol (CBD) works at several points in the process to block pain. It relieves symptoms of inflammation, activates opioid receptors, which dampen pain signals as they travel through the nerves, and much more.

Clinical studies have confirmed that CBD oils are effective in treating many different types of pain, including pain from cancer, inflammatory diseases, autoimmune diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, and arthritis.

CBD is the main active ingredient in hemp oils, but not the only ingredient that can relieve pain.

Other compounds like CBN, CBC, and various terpenes also work to activate opioid pain receptors, regulate inflammation, and promote faster cell regeneration after injury.

What dose of CBD oil should I use for pain?

The dose of CBD can vary widely from person to person. The average dose people use to manage pain is around 20 to 30 mg, but some people need a lot more or a lot less.

Variables like your height and weight, age, and the severity of your symptoms can all affect the ideal dose of CBD oil for you.

Most experts recommend starting with a low dose of CBD (around 5 mg) and increasing it by around 5 mg each day until you find the one that works best for you.

How to Enhance the Pain Relieving Benefits of CBD Oil

CBD on its own is a great pain reliever, but works even better when combined with other natural pain relievers and diet and lifestyle changes.

Here are some ways to harness the effects of CBD on pain:

A) Combine CBD oil with other dietary supplements

There are many other products that you can use for pain relief besides CBD oil. It helps to use supplements that are specific to the type of pain you are suffering from:

  • For inflammatory pain – turmeric or ginger
  • For muscle pain and tension – coffee coffee
  • For autoimmune pain – Cat’s Claw or Reishi
  • For arthritis pain – Boswellia or glucosamine
  • For cancer pain – Reishi or ginseng

B) Use cannabis terpenes

You can also combine various cannabis-derived terpenes along with your CBD oil supplement. This is especially useful when using a CBD oil that is either a broad spectrum extract or a CBD isolate. This is because these extracts usually contain little or no terpenes.

Here are some terpenes that you can consider adding to your CBD oil for additional pain relieving benefits:

  • Myrcene
  • Bisabolol
  • Humulene
  • Lavandin
  • Borneo

The top rated source of cannabis terpene concentrates in the United States are companies like Finest Labs, True Terpenes, Mass Terpenes, ..

C) Practice other diet and lifestyle changes to relieve pain

Diet and lifestyle habits play a central role in the symptoms of pain and inflammation. Improper diet can lead to inflammation, which is the main cause of chronic pain.

Finally, sedentary lifestyle or insufficient sleep can also lead to underlying problems with pain.

Here are some important changes you can make now to reduce the severity or frequency of pain:

  • If you sit for long periods of time, maintain good posture
  • Get up and stretch or move every 1 to 2 hours
  • Exercise regularly (5 days a week for at least 20 minutes a day)
  • Eat a balanced diet rich in vegetables (avoid high-sugar or processed foods)

Final Thoughts: Best CBD Oils For Pain

Chronic pain is one of the most common causes of impaired quality of life worldwide. There are many different causes of pain, but the end result is the same for all types. It can affect our mood, our stress level, our ability to concentrate, our sleep quality and much more.

While there are many prescription pain relievers available, most are either addicting, have toxic side effects, or both.

This is why so many people these days are reaching for a bottle of CBD oil instead.

This all-natural dietary supplement has been shown to provide immediate pain relieving benefits on a long list of different types of pain. The pain relieving benefits of CBD oil only get stronger over time.

The best currently available CBD oils for pain management come from Royal CBD (1000 or 2500 mg CBD oils recommended) and Gold Bee (1200 mg CBD oil recommended).

Both brands offer an exceptionally high quality CBD oil at below average prices.

To see the lowest prices, click here.

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To express your opinion on the publication, send a letter via our website Include your name, address and phone number during the day. (We only post your name and hometown.) We reserve the right to edit letters, but if you limit yours to 300 words or less, we will not ask you to shorten it.

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Claudia Winkleman on sleep deprivation and poor eyesight – symptoms



The bubbly and sarcastic host joined the BBC One dance show back in 2004, but even after 17 years the star says the nerves overwhelm her. It doesn’t help that the star can barely read an Autocue. In a previous interview, Claudia revealed that thanks to the daily use of CBD oil, she is able to conquer her nerves and sleep peacefully.

Addressing her sleep issues to The Sun, Claudia said, “If you ever see Tess on the show wearing something with a big sleeve, it is because I injured her arm where I was squeezing it because I was so nervous am.

“I can’t do this right now, but I’m really scared.

“Not because I think I’m doing something important – I don’t have a scalpel in my hand – but just because I don’t want to abandon this magical team that they are.

“We’re tiny cogs on live TV and if you go off the slopes and talk too long, you screw everyone up.”

READ MORE: Alzheimer’s Disease: The Vitamin Deficiency Found in 70% of Patients

In addition to her nerves, Claudia has to struggle with her deteriorating eyesight, which, as she says, is completely “embarrassing”.

Addressing her poor eyesight, she said, “I can’t tell you how blind I am. It’s embarrassing. I cannot read the autocue.

“My eyes have deteriorated so much that I was not meant to drive a car. I’m doing the wrong job. “

To save her eyesight, Claudia booked an appointment at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London, which turned out to be one of the best decisions as she needed to quickly undergo laser eye surgery.


Claudia stayed in shape and became extremely nervous about the surgery and asked doctors about all possible side effects.

Claudia said: “I booked the doctor and he explained to me how you will do it. I had to ask him a few questions like, ‘Am I going to die?’ – at which he laughed at me – and, ‘Could my eye pop out and roll?’ He replied, ‘You’re pretty excited and yet hilarious.’

“I handed in my credit card. He gave me a huge thing and said you have to read this. I said I can’t.

“It was a scary time, but the operation changed life.

“I am so grateful to the fantastic staff at Moorfields [Hospital], “She added.

After her eyesight was fine, Claudia set out to combat her lack of sleep. Speaking to The Mirror, Claudia explained that it was the coronavirus lockdown that wasn’t helping her sleep schedule.

“Suddenly everyone was at home in lockdown. I didn’t take a nap, I was clinking and not my usual self, ”she explains.

After months of suffering, Claudia suddenly found solace in a shocking product – cannabis.

In fact, the star loved the products so much that she became an ambassador. It is important to note that the Star is ingesting a non-intoxicating compound of cannabis in capsule form known as CBD.

“I hadn’t even really heard of CBD until the lockdown,” she says. “Don’t ask me anything scientific [sic] because I have no idea, but it works for me.

“My clever, brilliant cousin Sara sent me these Cannaray CBD capsules to test. I took two every night and within a week I felt a lot more balanced. I’ve never slept like this before. It’s not just one nap a day now, it’s a super nap. CBD has become part of my regime, just like I brush my teeth. “

According to Healthline, CBD has several health benefits, including relieving pain and reducing anxiety and depression.

Studies have shown that CBD reduces chronic pain by affecting what are known as endocannabinoid receptors. In addition, CBD is reported to reduce inflammation and interact with neurotransmitters to relieve conditions like multiple sclerosis and arthritis.

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