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ESSA marks Men’s Health Week with launch of free eBook



As this week is Men’s Health Week – which runs until June 20, 2021 – Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA) has released its sixth free e-book, Sports & Men’s Health, to encourage more men to take care of their physical and mental health To take care of.

ESSA’s e-book on exercise and men’s health covers conditions such as mental health, heart disease, diabetes, substance use disorder, and sexual dysfunction, as well as other important topics for men like exercising properly as a new father, for work, playing sports, getting older, and checking in to yours Family doctor.

Anita Hobson-Powell, Managing Director of the ESSA, explains: “Only 17% of men are sufficiently active and meet the guidelines for muscle strengthening. However, exercise plays a crucial role in keeping Australian boys healthier, happier and alive longer. “

We know that men experience a number of health conditions and symptoms differently from women, be it severe depression and anxiety, prostate and testicular cancer, or an increased risk of a heart attack or diabetes. The other side of the coin is that we know men can have difficulty asking for help, especially when it comes to their health.

This e-book is designed to remind men that you don’t have to be a fitness junkie to get access to the benefits of exercise and physical activity. While a gym workout may be suitable for some people, it is not necessarily for everyone and there are a variety of ways to meet physical activity guidelines.

Hobson-Powell adds, “With 46% of Australian men also having one or more chronic conditions, the most common of which are mental and behavioral problems, the eBook explains exactly how exercise, when expertly prescribed, can be a useful tool The treatment and prevention of chronic illnesses is particularly useful for relieving symptoms of depression and anxiety in men. “

Parallel to the publication of this new eBook, the campaign “Exercise Rights Men’s Health Week” is running, which shows interview videos with four inspiring Australian men who, with the help of an accredited exercise physiologist, have improved their lives, especially their mental health, through exercise.

Brett is a 42-year-old above knee amputee who began his training journey to improve his golf strength and skills, and to take care of his mental health, as he struggled to cope with it after his amputation.

“Sport has definitely changed my life for the better,” he shares.

Brett’s stories, like those of Adam, David, and Perry, are all moving memories of the real impact exercise can have on a man’s health – doing much more for his health than just losing weight and building muscle. Check out these stories on Exercise Right’s website and learn how to win a Garmin vivoactive 4 Sport Smart Watch.

The eBook, which contains these and other testimonials, is aimed at Australian men and their families, partners, children, loved ones and anyone who knows a man who lives with a state of health that could simply be improved by being more active.

This free downloadable resource has been put together with the help of ESSA accredited training experts who work with male clients on a daily basis to provide not only exercise advice, but also support and resources to improve their health and wellbeing.

Hobson-Powell concludes, “Whether you are aging gracefully, haven’t played weekend football since your new father was born, or struggling with poor mental health, exercise is for you. Although knowing how to start can be confusing Which exercises are best, or whether it is safe, this eBook is designed to answer some of these questions. “

Click here to download the Exercise and Men’s Health eBook or visit for more information on the Men’s Health Week campaign.

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Men’s Health

I’m a doctor and these are the 4 symptoms men should never ignore



MANY guys struggle to open up about their health, especially when it comes to sensitive areas.

But a doctor has uncovered the four symptoms men should never ignore and when to see their GP.


Many men may feel uncomfortable talking to their family doctor, but it is imperative that you see a doctor if you notice anything unusualPhoto credit: Getty

Petr Holy, a consulting urologist at Men’s Health Clinic in Kingston upon Thames, southwest London, has encouraged men to open up to their GPs about anything that might be unusual.

It comes after former TOWIE star Mark Wright revealed that he had a tumor removed amid fear of cancer.

He stated that he found the lump in his “chest / armpit” area and was told not to worry – but returned to the doctors when it began to grow.

Dr. Holy said, “It is still difficult for a lot of men to talk about personal health issues, but we really need to get better at it. Keep track of changes in toilet habits, reproductive system function, and bumps and bumps below.

“Most of the time it won’t indicate anything serious, but it’s always better to look at it.”

Here are the four symptoms men should never ignore.

Most Read in Men’s Health

1. Lumps and bumps

Unusual growths or lumps in the lower regions can be a sign of genital warts, so it is important to visit a sexual health clinic for a exam.

Lumps and swelling on the testicles should also be checked out by a family doctor, said Dr. Holy.

Dr. Holy said, “If the shape or size of your testicles changes, or you notice lumps or swelling, always talk to a doctor.

“The cause is usually nothing serious, but it should always be clarified.”

Breast cancer doesn’t just affect women, so it’s important to get checked out if you see a lump in your breast or armpit.

2. Change of toilet habits

If you’ve noticed a change in your toilet habits it could be linked to cancer, said Dr. Holy.

As men get older, the number of times they have to use the toilet may change for many.

Dr. Holy said, “Poor blood flow and frequent stopping and starting to use the toilet can be signs of changes in the prostate.

“If when you go to the toilet you have the feeling that your bladder has not been completely emptied, this should also be clarified.”

Dr. Holy explained that early detection of prostate cancer is critical and that you shouldn’t wait for symptoms to develop and worsen before seeing someone.

A change in toilet habits is also a sign of colon cancer – but not only for men.

3. Blood in the urine or semen

Dr. Holy explained that urological problems and disorders can take many different signs.

In addition, many diseases and disorders related to urology can have similar symptoms.

“Blood in urine or semen can be an indicator of a number of things but should never be ignored,” he added.

This could be an enlarged prostate, kidney stones, or a urinary tract infection.

4. Pain

If you experience pain in your groin or testicles, Dr. Holy, it’s worth getting checked out.

He added, “Sometimes pain in the testicles can be a sign of inflammation and enlargement of the prostate.

“It’s also important to note that many men with prostate cancer will have no symptoms at all. If you have a family history for the disease or are deemed to be at risk, discuss your options with your doctor.

“A PSA test can monitor the level of prostate-specific antigen in your blood, but the test is not perfect, so it should be used with other diagnostic tools.”

Worried wife sends husband to doctor after drawing circles over birthmarks

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Men’s Health

Study Finds Night Owls Are Unhappier Than Early Risers



A new study suggests that night owls’ routines make it difficult to immerse themselves in the work and school schedule, which means they feel less social support as a result.

A sentence that fitness enthusiasts like to wear as a badge of honor: “Early bird gets the worm”. For those who hit the sidewalk or hit the gym in running clothes while the rest of the world appears to be soundly asleep, the sense of achievement is hard to shake. Getting through a workout before the work day even starts means strolling into the office with a protein shaker in hand and rattling it with enthusiasm to make sure everyone is out, with the smug expression on the face of someone committed to their fitness goals know we did it.

Of course, not everyone is a morning person. For many, simply getting up in the morning requires copious amounts of caffeine, and even then it takes an hour or three to function as a normal person. However, if you’ve never put too much thought into your morning or night routine, it may be time to get started. Early risers are happier than night owls, according to a new study, as research shows that, in addition to being more daylight and sleeping better, they derive a large part of their happy mood from having more support from friends and family.

The study, carried out by scientists from the University of Warsaw, analyzed 1,067 adults aged 18 to 55 years. The participants first received a questionnaire to determine their preferred time of day. Other questionnaires measured their satisfaction, recent emotions, and well-being. The final test looked at perceived social support with questions such as “I can talk to my friends about my problems” and “My family is really trying to help me”. Aside from the fact that less natural light and more artificial light can affect mood, it has been found that inadequate sleep can also affect well-being.

As the study found, it is easy for night owls to feel less social support because of routines that are often inconsistent with work and school schedules. When your sleep pattern doesn’t exactly match with friends and family, organizing social activities around them becomes problematic and can be difficult to overcome. The study also suggests that such routines can also be perceived as lazy or rude, resulting in night owls receiving less support from others.

As the study’s authors explained, there is a strong correlation between morning and wellbeing. “Social support is a strong predictor of health and wellbeing, and the latter was confirmed in our present study.”

They added, “Also, people who receive more support are more satisfied with their social relationships and consequently have better wellbeing.” It was also found that “a higher level of perceived social support means better quality sleep and a lower risk of sleep discomfort can predict “.

Ultimately, the study’s authors suggest that the important thing for those who have a night owl in their life is not to judge too harshly. As lead author Joanna Gorgol wrote in the Journal of Sleep Research, “Neither chronotype is worse or better, it’s just that some people have a natural predilection for going to bed and waking up early while others prefer a late daily routine. “

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Men’s Health

The Triple-Dropset Triceps Finisher Dumbbell Workout for Arm Day



If you’re looking for bigger, stronger arms, you now know that you shouldn’t be neglecting your triceps. But that doesn’t always mean you have time to do a variety of triceps-focused exercises in your workout plan. As much as you wish for those triceps to get bigger and stronger, there is too much other terrain to cover (think: abs, leg workouts, explosive movements, back workouts).

But if you can do an exercise on push days, you can still get some serious pumps (and mind-muscle connection) for your triceps. And all you need is a set of dumbbells, thanks to this triceps finisher from Ebenezer Samuel, CSCS, Men’s Health Director of Fitness.

“It’s a three-step drop set,” says Samuel, “and the first two steps are supposed to destroy you. Then it’s about mental strength.”

The best thing about it: It’s versatile. The finisher relies on the triceps skull crusher, an easy move that requires a minimum of equipment. All you need is a pair of dumbbells and you don’t even need a bench. “We’ll use the ground to help ourselves,” says Samuel, “especially when we’re almost out of energy.”

  • Lie on your back with your feet near your buttocks, core pulled tight, dumbbells held just above your shoulders. Hit your shoulder blades in the ground and don’t let your elbows pop up.
  • Move your elbows back slightly. This is the beginning.
  • Just bend at the elbow and lower the dumbbells until they almost touch your shoulders. push up again. This is 1 rep. Do as many repetitions as you can.
  • When you are unable to perform good skull breaker repetitions, bend your elbows and let the dumbbells touch the floor. Let them rest there for a second or two. Then push back up by straightening your elbows. Do as many repetitions as you can.
  • When you can’t do any of these dead stop skull breakers, do tight-grip presses until you can’t do any more reps. That is 1 sentence. Do 3 sets.

    The Triple-Dropset Triceps Finisher can be incorporated into your workout in a number of ways – as long as you always do it as one of your last exercises. Use it as the final exercise on a push, torso, or full body day. You can also use it as a lead exercise in a high-rep arm workout to anchor your routine and get an instant return.

    In any case, try to work with a lighter weight; This is not a finisher that you load up and have a hard time dealing with. However, your triceps will thank you.

    For more tips and routines from Samuel, check out our full list of Eb and Swole workouts. If you’re looking to try an even more engaging routine, consider Eb’s All Out Arms program.

    Ebenzer Samuel, CSCS, is the Fitness Director of Men’s Health and a certified trainer with more than 10 years of training experience.

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