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Hemp Feed Coalition and RE Botanicals Partner to Highlight Nutritional Benefit of ‘Hemp for Horses’



While the Hemp Mine annual Field Day usually showcases the company’s latest genetic offerings, this year’s Field Day is going to have a twist.

The Hemp Mine, a vertically integrated hemp CBD company in South Carolina, and Davis Hemp Farms, an Oregon-based seed breeding and manufacturing company, are working together to develop a pheno-hunting process during The Hemp Mine Field Day to helping growers select the best genetics based on appearance, growth structure, hardiness, terpene profile, trichomes, and top maturity, according to SiraNaturals.

“We sell genetics nationally, but only vegetative material [like clones], the opposite of Jeremy [CEO of Davis Hemp Farms] and a reason we come together, “says Allison Justice Ph.D., CEO of The Hemp Mine.

Overall, the partnership is an attempt to foster an environment of collaboration in the industry. In addition, after the pheno-hunting process, The Hemp Mine will clone the Klettke seed varieties that produce the best results and then sell the clones to breeders, says Jeremy Klettke, CEO and founder of Davis Hemp Farms.

From seeds to clones

Justice says The Hemp Mine and Davis Hemp Farms have known each other for years, but it wasn’t until recently that they decided to place a call and start working together.

“Historically, cannabis was really selected and developed by taking a bunch of seeds and then finding the plant that had the expression you wanted, and then mothering that plant, which is something Allison was very focused on,” says Klettke. “It gave her the ability to develop and offer industry-leading genetics.”

According to Klettke, his company deals with F1 seeds, the first-generation hybrid seeds that were created after crossing two genetically different plants.

“So we’re putting a seed in the field and trying to give farmers limited variability in that seed line, but what we see every now and then are unique expressions – the same type of subset of expressions that you would see if you were to buy a packet of ten Going through seeds to select clones, “he explains the traditional method many breeders use to select the” mother plant “to clone.

Klettke says one of the main reasons for using seeds is variability.

“This collaboration seeks to capitalize on this variability by finding the plants with the most desirable expressions. And we do not expect any further reduction in the variability of our F1 lines, ”says Klettke. “Once the selection has been made, we would like to make these crops available to farmers in clone form through The Hemp Mine. At the same time, we will be adding the selections back to our breeding program and working on bringing these expressions into our seed lines. “

The goal is to identify plants that have a cannabidiol (CBD) to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) ratio of 35: 1, along with water resistance and field hardness, desirable terpene or flavonoid profiles, and natural pest resistance, he says.

“When you create a seed line, there will inevitably be some variability. So if you take that and spread it over a population of thousands, you see short plants, tall plants, and plants testing one way or another. “he says.” Allison brought in The Hemp Mine and took that variability out of the game by offering clonal strains that are safe and proven in these environments, and on the seed side we’ve tried to do the same.

“I think we saw the variability and tried to narrow it down as much as possible in order to offer the farmers something that they have a uniform level or relatively type-appropriate when looking over the field [plants]“, Adds Klettke.

However, as Klettke mentioned, there is still variability in the Davis Hemp Farms seed line as is typical of seeds. But by working with Justice and The Hemp Mine, he believes they will discover suitable clone strains for farmers.

“The clones have some great advantages and the seeds have some great advantages,” he says. “And I think in an industry that is emerging like this, we really need the clones [in] the industry, otherwise the peasants would have fallen in their faces. That being said, you know that I am a seed supplier and I believe in seeds. So we tried to limit that variability, and that’s why we do it because of the variability in the seed line. “

Davis Hemp Farms usually focuses on a CBD to THC ratio of 30: 1, he says. And through recent university testing with Cornell, Purdue, Virginia Tech, and others, Davis Hemp Farms has begun returning many Certificates of Individual Plant Analysis (COA) at a ratio of 35: 1 or 37: 1, which he describes as “beautiful expressions that are anomalies in of the plant line exist. “

“In my opinion, this was a great opportunity to capitalize on an emerging industry that really wasn’t about collaboration between companies, simply because there was so much revenue potential,” he says. “And what I saw was an opportunity … It’s going to benefit Davis Hemp Farms because we’re going to find the best expressions of our crops, and it’s going to benefit farmers because it helps them get a better plant that is 36 or 38 is to 1 that can produce more CBD while remaining THC compliant. “

The field day

Justice says they will begin the pheno hunting process in the next few weeks when they start germinating the seeds in a greenhouse. About three to four weeks later, the seeds are transplanted into the field and evaluated by the harvest in September, she says.

The genetics and findings from the pheno-hunting process will be combined with the hemp mine field day, which will take place sometime in September.

Field Day is an event where farmers, vendors, and educators come together for a small fee and have the opportunity to walk through the fields, learn more about the plants, and personally smell, touch, and feel the plants before they do buy their genetics, says Justice.

According to Justice, Field Day begins with two hours of training sessions during which she briefs attendees on things the hemp mine has been working on.

“We also do contract research,” she says. “I just spoke to you on the phone [a fertilizer company], and we’ll look at how they incorporate their slow release granular fertilizer into their Boost versus liquid nutrient fertilizer. For this project we will have signs that explain the experiments and what happens. I would talk about that too. “

During the training sessions, university professors also talk about what they’ve been working on related to hemp, and salespeople give a short speech about why their products are important, how they are relevant to the hemp industry, and how they can be useful, she says.

“From there we’ll take a walk through the fields and I’ll guide him,” she says. “And so I’m going to cover some of the important aspects of new strains, why they’re important, and so on, and then I’ll walk you through the research plans to see the differences.”

Groups have ten to 15 minutes to go through each section to get a good feel for what the plants would look like rather than just seeing pictures, she says.

In essence, Field Day is an opportunity for farmers to discover genetics for sale and see what The Hemp Mine and Davis Farms have been working on.

“For genetics, we don’t necessarily have a winner that day as the selection is based on data gathered from germination to final COA,” says Justice. “So we’re not necessarily going to announce the winner at this point, but we could end up doing something cool where people who come can vote on their favorites or something.

“A ‘winner’ includes all of the metrics that are used to account for a quality hemp variety. These include potency, disease [and] Insect resistance, visual appeal (especially with smokable flowers), flowering time, terpenes, etc. Only our winning selections will be available to the public for the next growing season, “added Justice in an email.

In addition, Kaycha Labs and Result Group, a full-service cannabis and hemp testing laboratory in Colorado, will sponsor the Field Day through to the analytical test site and test the selection for both cannabinoid content and terpenes, says Klettke.

Klettke says he believes this partnership will help the industry as a whole because it is an example of two relatively prominent national and somewhat international companies coming together to say, “Look, we don’t all have to fight each other for that Industry moving “. Forward.”

After the pheno-hunt trial, both Justice and Klettke are unsure of what’s next, but they hope to keep in touch.

“We’d like to say that it would be an ongoing collaboration, whether Jeremy has new seed lines for the pheno hunt or if it’s just a business relationship from this year, I think we’d both say we’d like to continue the process,” says justice

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Live Well CBD Gummies Canada Reviews: Full Spectrum 300MG Price, Shark Tank



Live Well CBD Gummies Canada Reviews: Looking to Improve Your Body Shape, Mental Wellbeing, and Physical Health? Live Well CBD Gummies are a solution to all sorts of problems the human body can face. It is a solid resuscitation therapy that alleviates the effects of bad lifestyle and emotional trauma. Wellness therapy even healed the world in a Covid state. People who have problems can have greater impact by improving their body skills with the medicine. As a person ages, there are premature diseases caused by the body. There is a need for immediate relief to get rid of the medical problems permanently. Live Well CBD Gummies cover the entire body spectrum with its versatile useful ingredients. The chewy candies are very tasty and beneficial. They rightly help people improve their overall body shape and get rid of unwanted cholesterol levels by flushing out toxins together.

Click Here To Live Well CBD Gummies Official Website And Order Now

What are Live Well CBD gummies??

Seductive therapy keeps your body ready for anything. It removes toxicity and unwanted elements by flushing out. People facing premature ripening can also help with the same remedy. Live Well CBD Gummies Canada ensure better blood circulation with essential substances. The sustainability of the result obtained in the laudable part of the application of therapy. a person who consumes these pills will definitely have better metabolic status and better oxygen levels in the body. In addition, the present ingredients provide a higher protein content, which in turn ensures better endurance. Live Well CBD Gummies improve a person’s overall wellbeing and speaking skills for overall confidence.

Which substances are contained in Live Well CBD gummies?

The drug uses a wide variety of ingredients to get the best effect. Here are some important elements that are included in the remedy in order to achieve adequate physical effects:

CBD oil is a key ingredient in Live Well CBD gummies that guarantees wellbeing and keeps your body in good shape. Medicine frees the mind from unwanted pressures and keeps the mind free. It gives a better blood count as the cerebrum works more freely after taking the supplement.

To shape the body, the manufacturers have added Garcinia Cambogia extract to the Live Well CBD Gummies. The extract ensures a general sense of wellbeing with an improved metabolism. It burns fat and also offers better overall endurance for a higher level of confidence.

The great antioxidant properties of green tea have cancer preventive abilities. It makes the body more dynamic by naturally flushing out harmful toxins.

Ginger can help the body work better with its special composition that reduces deformation and internal swelling. The independent antioxidant substance works together to improve joint mobility and immunity.

Lavender oil has a variety of healing properties that help the bones recover better. The quintessential Live Well CBD gummies have apparently been reported to offer better bone health because of the lavender oil extract they contain.

Eucalyptus regulates blood sugar levels and combats bladder problems in order to maintain physical well-being as well as possible.

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How are Live Well CBD gummies more beneficial?

The drug helps the body get into proper shape by legitimately improving metabolic activities. It is better than any other random weight loss therapy that can expose the body to lots of chemicals and unwanted toxins. In fact, Live Well CBD Gummies works to remove many unwanted elements in order to help the inner parts of the body function at their best. It provides better mental function by reducing anxiety and stress levels many times over. The users benefit from this extraordinary means if they know how to use it correctly. It is essential to contact the specialist advisor so that the product does not harm the user under any circumstances.

Some Reasons to Choose Live Well CBD Gummies

The remedy is an invigorating therapy as it works in different parts of the body and in the brain for the best results. The chewy candies are completely harmless in nature and combat intellectual problems that arise at a young age. People poison their life by encountering a lot of stress and undesirable elements. Live Well CBD Gummies are a clean way to improve focus and remove the toxins that are present in the body.

Do These Pills Really Work?

CBD gums provide bodies with unlimited health benefits and keep mood swings a mile away. It manages negative thoughts and improves concentration so that one can work constructively.

The clinical evidence has shown that the agent actually works effectively on the human body. Eliminating toxicity and supplying the body with more nutrients isn’t the only benefit one gets. In addition, the remedy dispels stress and worries and helps people forget bad life experiences. Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease are also treated very well with these chewy candies which are said to ease life’s ailments. The surprising health benefits are literally unlimited. High blood pressure and headaches are also sorted out with chewy candies.

last words

Would you like natural fat for your bone health? Order Live Well CBD Gummies and get rid of the constant pain you face due to age issues. Even the problem of lack of sleep would no longer last if you made Live Well CBD gummies as part of your daily life. Go to the official website and place an order for the drug before the supply runs out. Generate a positive life and fix any existing problems to make things better. The useful chewing candies do not have a difficult ordering process. They have great taste and no artificial ingredients to put you at risk.

Click Here To Live Well CBD Gummies Official Website And Order Now

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Medical Innovation In Pet Healthcare Is Taking Things Up a Notch



The opinions of entrepreneurs’ contributors are their own.

You are reading Entrepreneur India, an international franchise from Entrepreneur Media.

There are currently over 10 million pets in India. Over time, pet parents have recognized the importance of medicine and innovation and the changes they can make in a pet’s life. Pet innovation is booming today in the areas of treats, food, grooming, wearables, insurance, online veterinary services, genetic testing, stem cell therapy, diagnostics, and more. According to PETEX INDIA in 2021, the pet food market alone is expected to exceed $ 310 million by FY22. The pet industry is expanding horizontally and vertically worldwide with innovative and challenging minds at work. Medical innovations have resulted in effective growth, making way for new products, services and medicines for pets. Medical procedures like lasers for joint pain and joint care have helped pet owners make their furry babies’ lives a little less painful.


Some medical innovations in India have taken the Indian pet care sector a step further in particular:

CBD & Hemp Seed Oil for Overall Health and Wellbeing

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a chemical found in the cannabis sativa plant that is known for its wonderful pain relieving properties. CBD is one of the most effective natural therapies for dogs suffering from arthritis and many other diseases. It’s safe and has no side effects. CBD oil interacts with the cells in the muscles, skin, and nerves of pets to help reduce pain. CBD and hemp seed oils are now available in the form of oils, shampoos, and treats. It also benefits pets with anxiety problems caused by loud noises, people, or travel, and keeps them calm and relaxed. CBD oil is finding innovative uses in health and wellness-based products for pets and its numerous visible benefits.
The omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in hemp seed oil help control blemishes and protect the skin.

They are responsible for building a healthy cell membrane and helping to prevent excessive loss of fur. Hemp serves as an optimal plant-based food that is easily digested and contains antioxidants that improve pet health. Hemp seed oil has recently been added to animal feed and treats, and is also used in healing balms for dry paws and skin.

Prebiotics and probiotics for gut health

Probiotics are the billions of good bacteria that live in the gastrointestinal tract of animals. Pets respond to nutritional supplements in the form of immunity boosters, and probiotic strips are easily dissolvable strips as opposed to pills, powders, or tablets, which the pet may refuse to take. Probiotics treat diarrhea, stomach problems, irritable bowel syndrome, improve digestive health, prevent anxiety, reduce stress, and improve overall health and wellbeing. Because of their health benefits, prebiotics and probiotics have found their way into pet foods as they help maintain pH balance in the gut and keep the digestive tract healthy. Probiotics have also recently been introduced in shampoos as they help support a healthy microbiome and ward off common skin problems like itchy dryness, dandruff, hot spots, excessive hair loss and yeast in pets.

Tools to support mobility

Harnesses and slings for dogs with hip dysplasia are becoming increasingly popular with veterinarians and animal parents. These act as a wheelchair and support the animal’s rear body and enable it to move around. They also help pets that have lost their back legs in accidents. Straps for blind pets are designed to create a halo around their head that warns the pet if it bumps into an object. These innovations can change the way your pet looks, but what is important is that it helps pets lead normal lives. The same goes for pets with arthritis. Elevated feeding stations and ramps to relieve the stress on the joints are also common in households with aging pets.

Veterinary diagnostics

Innovations in the use of technologies that enable veterinarians to view real-time information about internal bone and muscle structure are at stake. This will help speed up the prototype required to create an animal bone model generated using tomography scanning technology. This technology builds up steam, but it is still in its infancy. In addition to the 12 blood groups of dogs, two new blood groups, Langereis and Junior, were identified in domestic animals. New diagnostic techniques through tests that can help diagnose the possibility of disease in pets, confirm disease status in pets, or even classify them are the order of the day.

According to a veterinary medicine study by Grand View Research, the global veterinary medicine market size was estimated at $ 29.2 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.4 percent from 2021 to 2028. Continuous medical innovation solves unsolved and unsupervised problems that pets have faced for decades. While the offline gap has been filled by the online D2C revolution in pet care and wellness, advances in medical innovation remain unhindered despite the pandemic.

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Celebs & Locals Alike are Loving CBD in Their Life- Find Out Why & Where to Buy Locally



It seems like everyone is playing the CBD game these days. But what exactly is it and why should you stop by your local store to check it out? First off, CBD (which stands for cannabidiol) is widely used to treat anxiety, but it has a few other benefits as well. CBD is extracted from the cannabis sativa plant and is not tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – the active ingredient in marijuana that causes a high.

Instead, CBD has been used for centuries to treat anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and to promote better sleep. There’s even a clinical study testing CBD in children and adolescents with drug-resistant epilepsy. From athletes to school-stressed parents to animals, CBD can be a simple and effective solution for many.

“The most common uses I hear are as sleep aids, anxiety and pain and recreation,” emailed David Christian, a native of Bucks County who now has hemp farms and a CBD company called Montkush.

MontKush CBD offerings

“Sleep and fear are related. CBD balances your mood and helps people fall asleep faster and stay in a deeper sleep longer. In terms of pain and recovery, CBD has proven anti-inflammatory properties. So after training you will recover faster and with less inflammation and less pain. “

However, these aren’t the only uses for CBD. There are some pretty unique uses, according to David. “My buddy Spencer Pratt on The Hills TV show rubs it over his dog’s sore muscles three times a day. He gives his mother the same CBD for pain and pain. ”Cancer patients have also benefited from using CBD products.

“Another friend of mine, Ethan Zohn, who won Survivor Africa, uses it to reduce the fear of his cancer cure,” David tells us. “It was approved by the FDA to help reduce seizures. Another buddy uses it to reduce ticks from his tourettes. It sounds like a panacea, but it really helps so many people with so many different ailments. It all has to do with balancing your mood and reducing inflammation. “

How to buy CBD

There are a few factors to consider when buying CBD products, including:

  • The other components of the product. David says the highest quality CBD comes from chemical extraction and is solvent free.
  • The manufacturer and dealer. “Another great way to know if you’re getting a clean product is to look for the USDA certified organic symbol,” says David.
  • Recommended use. “There are so many ways to ingest or use it now,” explains David. “Sweet gums that taste like candy, gelcaps like a multivitamin, topical rubs and more. There is something for everyone and you can adjust your dosage to work for you and your body. “
  • Whether full spectrum, widescreen or isolate. David suggests trying a “full spectrum” CBD that contains all of the cannabinoids and terpenes present, as well as traces of the smaller cannabinoid, in low concentrations. The presence of all the smaller cannabinoids makes the CBD more effective.
  • A batch or date code for reference. Knowing this information can help ensure that you are purchasing a CBD product that has a naturally high concentration of CBD.

David owner of MontKush

David Christian harvesting CBD crops at Montkush Farm in Vermont.

Where to Buy CBD In and Around Bucks County

  • Montkush – You can order online from this American farm that is 116 acres to grow the purest CBD. Montkush’s offering includes topical CBD applications, CBD oils, CBD gums and CBD softgels.
  • Ethos pharmacy – Ethos is a fine supplier of CBD products in Montgomery County. At 921 Bethlehem Pike, Montgomeryville, you can find all types of CBD products, from flowers and topicals to ingestible products and more.
  • Your CBD shop – Your CBD store was founded by Rachael Quinn and offers products made with hemp grown in the USA. This phytocannabinoid-rich hemp has a naturally high cannabinoid content and an abundance of other cannabinoids (CBG, CBN, CBC) to give you a well-rounded experience. You can find her at 325 W Main St. in Lansdale, PA.
  • Deep Six CBD – Located on 160 N Gulph Road. In King of Preußen you can find some of the greatest CBD products at Deep Six. From CBD lollipops and cookies to chocolate bars, Deep Six CBD offers both ingestible products and traditional CBD products like tinctures, vapes and creams.
  • Smooth roots CBD – This store has two great locations: one at 110 S Main St, New Hope, PA and another at 120 S State St, Newtown, PA. Both locations offer the highest quality CBD brands and products.
  • Hemp-containing CBD – Located at 1443 Snyder Avenue, Philadelphia. Here you will find teas, sleep aids, bath bombs, roll-on oils, candles and more.

All of the above locations adhere to high quality standards, from hemp growth to the extraction and extraction of the CBD. With so many knowledgeable CBD experts and different CBD uses available, it’s easy to incorporate CBD into your lifestyle this fall.

“The only thing people need to know about CBD is that when your bottle is empty you will miss it!” David concludes.

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