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Delivering CBD with MCT oil



Medium chain triglyceride oil (MCT) is a tasteless ingredient that acts as a carrier oil while providing a neutral odor and long shelf life. Widely used for its therapeutic properties1 and antimicrobial2 and anti-inflammatory effects3, MCT oil can be the ideal ingredient to enhance a brand’s CBD products.

As MCTs have become essential nutritional and personal care supplements around the world, and consumers are learning of their benefits, there is an excellent opportunity for manufacturers in the CBD industry to invest in this ingredient. MCTs can be incorporated into the formulation of natural CBD cosmetics and dietary supplements as high quality carriers or plasticizers.

What are MCTs?

As health trends have increased in the US and around the world, MCTs have become increasingly popular. Composed of six to 12 carbon atoms, which are fatty acid esters of glycerin, their short length allows the body to efficiently absorb the oil. 4 MCTs passively diffuse from the gastrointestinal tract (GI) into the portal vein without the long-chain fatty acids ( LCFAs) or very LCFAs. 4

Procurement of MCTs

MCTs are made from vegetable oil fatty acids from natural sources in the United States, Malaysia, Singapore, and other parts of the world. MCT oil is most commonly extracted from palm kernel oil and coconut oil. With both sources, the extraction process is called fractionation, and it separates MCT oil into a concentrate. The four types of MCTs include the commonly used caprylic acid and capric acid.

How MCTs are used

MCTs have many uses in the personal care, aromatherapy, and cosmetics industries. MCT oil can be used as a standalone product or added to lotions, creams, foams, topical aerosols, ointments, cleansing oils, bath scrubs, makeup, and CBD oil. MCT oil is a preferred carrier oil for CBD products and CBD tinctures because MCT is absorbed into the bloodstream faster than longer chain fatty acids. 4 MCTs are also versatile enough to be incorporated into food and beverage products with the ability to offer scientifically based functionality.

The Potential Benefits of MCTs

Clinical research around MCT oil surrounds health benefits such as weight loss support, 5 energy6 and heart health7, and may have a role in reducing inflammation3 and alleviating other problems.8

Among the areas of influence of MCT oil, weight loss ranks high on the list based on extensive research. In clinical studies, MCT oil has been shown to promote satiety, reduce body weight and waist size, reduce or prevent obesity, and help the body burn extra calories

Excess weight can contribute to heart disease, so MCT oil may strengthen heart health by aiding weight loss and with the potential to reduce inflammation3.7 A clinical study of MCT oil consumption and metabolic profile suggested that MCT oil A crucial ingredient is to help reduce the risk factors for heart disease, with the potential of maintaining healthy blood pressure

Research has also shown promise for MCTs in certain problems such as epilepsy and autism. One study looked at the ability of MCTs to provide increased seizure control.8 Another study showed positive improvements for people with autism who included MCTs in their diet and tracked the results over a period of six months.9 Other studies did that Researched Ability of MCTs to Affect Memory Loss and Help Patients in an Alzheimer’s Disease Population. 10

Although more clinical research is needed to establish further links between MCT oil and the promotion of inflammation or other adverse indications, 3 it stands to reason that MCT would be a beneficial addition to the diet. According to a clinical study led by researchers Peter Schonfeld and Lech Wojtczak, it provides an instant source of energy for the human body through rapid absorption, which enables it to be converted to energy more quickly

The perfect pairing

CBD is a chemical compound extracted from the hemp plant, one of 113 cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. CBD is growing in popularity in the US and around the world. According to a CBD report Research and Markets predicts the global CBD industry will reach $ 13.4 billion by 2028.

CBD has no effect unless it is accessible to the human body, which means that a carrier oil for absorption may be essential to make nanoemulsions with small droplet sizes. 12

For manufacturers in the food and beverage or personal care industries looking to incorporate CBD into their product line or add to existing products, high quality MCT can be a seamless addition to natural formulations.

To read additional articles on the CBD niche, visit the “CBD is aiming for glowing status“Digital magazine.

Mike Efting has been a senior executive in the chemical distribution industry for more than 35 years and an entrepreneur for more than a decade. He is the current president and founder of Viachem, a distributor of specialty chemicals for food additives and ingredients, and American Pure Products, a wholly owned subsidiary of Viachem, which includes premium personal care brands ranging from hand sanitizers to CBD.


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Peels™ Debuts The Purest And Safest CBD On The Planet Made From Orange Peels, Guarantees Zero THC



Peels, a data and science driven CBD company that brings better wellness products to you, was founded by 11-year-old NFL veteran and seasoned CEO Chris Hetherington, who has high expectations for his new venture.

“Since our CBD is made from orange peel, we have a tremendous opportunity to reach audiences and potentially enter channels that our competitors cannot, expanding the existing CBD market and improving the lives of more people. Our priority becomes always consist of putting our consumers first. ” through continuous innovation and development of data-driven and science-based products to meet their wellness needs. “

“We are very proud of our CBD oil and know that peels will revolutionize the way people see and use CBD,” continued Hetherington. “This amazing herbal supplement has so many benefits and we’re excited to finally offer 100% certified THC- and pesticide-free products for those who have not tried CBD in the past. With Peels, we believe that our CBD- Products deserve a place next to your vitamins as part of your daily wellness ritual. “

Peels’ molecularly identical CBD works in the body in the same way and has the same holistic benefits as cannabis and hemp-derived CBD, but without the impurities and variability associated with cannabis and hemp-derived CBD. CBD interacts with the human endocannabinoid system to produce powerful, natural results. Consistent use of Peels CBD Oil can restore balance and inner calm, cope with everyday stress, relieve pain and calm joints during exercise, and help maintain healthy sleep cycles.

The use of CBD in many stressful and physically demanding work areas such as professional sports, the military and first aiders was previously prohibited even for medical purposes. This is due to unregulated levels of THC found in many cannabis and hemp-derived CBD products that can be detected through regular drug tests. With guaranteed zero THC, Peels offers a worry-free CBD experience.

In addition to the holistic benefits of its CBD, peel also delivers unmatched taste and aroma. Peels gets its scent and taste from the addition of natural, organic citrus aroma and organic medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil (from coconut), which gives Peels CBD oil its characteristic orange cream-like taste.

How do you make CBD from oranges? Peels’ proprietary process for extracting high quality CBD from orange peel is called Cyclic Terpene Assembly, a proprietary technique for combining organic molecules without fouling them with solvents or destroying their essence. In this process, terpenes from orange peel are combined with olivetol, a naturally occurring organic compound, under heat and pressure in the presence of a catalyst. After minimal further processing, the result is crystalline CBD that is unparalleled in terms of purity and consistency. Everything that goes into the process is found in nature and everything that comes out of it is found in nature.

Each bottle of Peels is manufactured in FDA-approved facilities under the conditions of current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) and the guidelines of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). All Peels products are subjected to strict quality assurance tests in accredited third-party laboratories. In fact, Peels’ new CBD oil has won multiple awards from the prestigious Clean Label Project, an organization that tests everyday consumer goods for hundreds of harmful environmental and industrial contaminants, toxins, herbicides and pesticides. The new THC-free CBD oil from Peels has received the Clean Label Project’s Purity Award, the Certified THC-free Award and the Certified Pesticide Free Award so that consumers can be sure that they are using the highest quality, purest CBD in the world .

Peels CBD oil is available nationwide through Buy a CBD Oil Bottle (1 FL OZ, 30 Day Supply) for $ 94.95 MSRP or buy a monthly subscription for $ 71.21 per bottle. For more information, visit and follow on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


Peels offers the purest and safest CBD in the world made from orange peel and offers the highest quality, lowest risk cannabinoid product on the market. Peel’s CBD is bioidentical to its hemp-derived counterpart, but 100% THC-free and delivers unparalleled purity and taste. Headquarters in The angel, Peels is a data and science driven CBD company that brings you better CBD wellness products. Peels is committed to its innovation philosophy and passion to improve consumers’ lives. #getpeels

Contact: Alex Jessup, Jessup PR, [email protected]


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The Quickie Kit From Foria is Perfect For Adventurous Partners



While travel is slowly opening up again, a very big draw for naughty air travel with a partner is also becoming: entry to the elusive Mile High Club. The Mile High Club is still welcoming new and eager members, even after quite a long history. A sex brand took note: Foria created the perfect on-the-go kit so you can have the best possible experience while you dress it up in the sky. His quickie kit has all the bells and whistles to get you up to the ultimate cruising altitude as comfortably as possible.

What is the quickie kit?

Foria’s Quickie Kit is the next best thing that can happen to the CBD sexual wellness space. It offers travel-friendly mini versions of the brand’s bestselling and bedroom miracle workers. Every product included in the quickie set is designed to show all of the wonders of CBD-infused intimacy. Take advantage of the increased blood flow that the CBD promotes to keep muscles relaxed and comfortable where it matters.


Foria’s site offerings are obviously the big draw for intimate CBD aficionados. However, there is something else that piques my interest as well as the products themselves. Finding a brand that thinks about pricing in a sustainable way always suits me very well. There are two pricing options for the intimacy products that you can find in the quickie kit. Complete with a 15 ml pipette of the Awaken Arousal Oil, a 15 ml pipette of the Intimacy Sex Oil with CBD, and two of the Intimacy Suppository pills, the Quickie Kit comes at a well rounded $ 44. If you think half the amount of product isn’t worth it, comparing the full-size products (as well as taking into account the website’s built-in payment plans) can have a huge impact on your decisions!

What’s in the quickie kit?

Awaken Arousal Oil

The Awaken Arousal Oil comes in a 15 ml (0.5 fl oz) glass bottle with a pipette. For comparison: In the standard size, you get twice the product at 30 ml (1 fl oz). This oil was specially developed for people with vulva to support and increase arousal and pleasure. This oil is designed to be applied before sexual activity in order to experience its effects with full force. The Awaken Arousal Oil doesn’t just work with your body to increase pleasure. It also relieves discomfort and helps make great sex feel even better with a blend of broad-spectrum CBD and organic botanicals.

By adding as much as needed or desired to the clitoris, vagina and inner labia, the user can enjoy the full body experience that the CBD oil brings with it. It’s also worth noting that Awaken Arousal Oil is orally friendly and safe to take! The only things users want to avoid is latex or polyisoprene. All toys, condoms or diaphragms must be made of oil-safe materials.

Intimacy sex oil with CBD

Foria’s new and improved Sex Oil is less of an oil and more of a long-lasting lubricant with a zap. Formerly called Intimacy Natural Lubricant, Intimacy Sex Oil with CBD has returned. Get ready for an even sexier experience with the same look and double the CBD! It’s the same travel-friendly 15 ml (0.5 fl oz) glass bottle with a dropper as the Awaken Arousal Oil for maximum ease of use on the go. This all-natural moisture with 400 mg of broad-spectrum arousal-boosting CBD is designed to soothe and arouse.

Even better, this sex oil was made with safety in mind. It is truly all natural, free of added chemicals, and contains only two organically grown ingredients. Due to the organic MCT coconut oil it is formulated with, the lubricant is not suitable for use with latex or polyisoprene. All toys, condoms or diaphragms must be oil-safe materials.

Intimacy suppositories

Foria has developed Intimacy suppositories for targeted relaxation and enjoyment, which are intended for vaginal or anal insertion. We know it sounds like a big commitment right? Well, to be honest, it really isn’t! Even if the suppositories require a little patience and preparation, they go very far. These pills are for those who love penetration but want it to be a little smoother around the edges. With 50 mg organic broad-spectrum CBD you increase your arousal, relieve discomfort through increased vaginal lubrication and relieve tension.

In addition to all of these positive effects, these Intimacy suppositories are filled to the brim with natural ingredients. Organic certified fair trade cocoa butter and USDA organic certified regeneratively grown USA hemp (CBD) are the only two ingredients you’ll find here. The product is also vegan and gluten-free, has never been tested on animals and contains no alcohol, no petroleum-based ingredients, phthalates, glycerine, parabens or dyes.

The suppositories are definitely more complicated to use than the other two companions in The Quickie Kit. Users are instructed to insert them vaginally or anally 30-60 minutes before sexual activity. Let the CBD suppositories melt and absorb for 15 minutes for the best result. This provides pinpoint pleasure and is really recommended for those who are used to experiencing high levels of discomfort or low levels of lubrication and arousal.

Is it worth it?

Ultimately, the products included in the Quickie Kit are no joke. The Awaken Arousal Oil causes an overwhelming tingling sensation in the vagina and slowly brings it to life. The ingredients cinnamon and ginger help to shape and build up the initial feeling of enjoyment. The essential oils of vanilla, cardamom and peppermint give a bright scent and bring another level of enjoyment for the senses. The Intimacy Sex Oil with CBD offers a long-lasting lubricant that has a punch the size of 400 mg in the right places. And finally, the intimate suppositories deliver precise lightness and excitement with little waiting time. For a quick trip to heaven or a test run on the ground, both the Quickie Kit and its big siblings are excellent products to keep in your travel bag or bedside table!

* First released: August 4, 2021 at 10:08 a.m. CDT

Beck Diaz

Beck Diaz is a freelance writer based in Brooklyn New York. With previous experience at COOLS Magazine and Paper, she specializes in lifestyle and NSFW content.

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What Are CBD Capsules



(Cannabidiol) CBD comes from the hemp species of the cannabis plant. CBD capsules or soft gels are just one form of the cannabinoid that is filled with the oil and has properties that are said to support wellbeing.

Along with the oil in the capsule, other ingredients amplify the benefits, such as coconut oil. Not only does this offer its own benefits, but it also promotes faster results from the cannabinoid.

If you choose Where can you buy CBD capsules?, some products also contain amino acids, terpenes, vitamins and other cannabinoids. The ideal capsules have the least amount of ingredients to confirm the quality and purity of the product.

Cannabidiol capsules or softgels offer ingredients that work together to support general wellbeing. The shape is not necessarily bearable for everyone. Still, it is one that many people choose as the preferred choice because of its ease of administration and ease of dosing.

Before choosing any form of CBD, it is important to educate yourself about how it is to be administered in order to understand how it is supposed to be ingested and responded within the system. For capsules, because they are an oral method, the reaction time can be up to two hours, which means they have to pass through the digestive system before they are actually absorbed into the bloodstream.

While these take longer to respond, they offer a prolonged release, so you can expect a longer period of relief compared to fast-acting methods. For instructions on capsules and pills, see Some other factors to consider with this delivery are:

  • Taste: CBD oil is known for its taste. It is reminiscent of the cannabis plant, which is a bit bitter and earthy. There are additives in many forms to help with this, including mint, which in itself has an overwhelming taste.

Fortunately, there is no taste or odor whatsoever with cannabidiol capsules. Plus, these will only be in your mouth for seconds since you immediately rinse them off with water.

  • Discretion: Hemp-based CBD oil products are legal in every state. Even so, people prefer to keep their wellness decisions private. If you choose to dose in a public setting, no one will have any reason to question or even notice the apparent supplement if you take a pill at any point during the day.

Other methods are less discreet, including vapes, tinctures or oils, which attract attention and raise many questions from those around you who you may not want to disclose personal information to.

  • Simply comfortable: Administration and delivery are simple once you have determined an appropriate dose. The capsules are measured on delivery and only include swallowing with water. Other forms, such as tinctures, require a measurement that does not allow consistency at every dosage.

In addition to being convenient, the pills are a quick, portable method, which makes them ideal if you are an active person who is on the go a lot.

The importance of a consistent dose with each administration determines the effectiveness of that particular dose. If every delivery is accurate, you can determine if the product is bringing you the benefits you were hoping for. If you don’t see adequate results, the dosage can be increased to the next level.

This call can be tricky when you’re trying to measure an accurate dose each time you eat it. If the measurement is switched off, you may get a positive reaction once, but not the same reaction the next time. Seek Here is a guide to CBD.

Last thought

Cannabidiol capsules offer a pre-measured dose in each piece, which allows for consistency and efficiency, so that effectiveness can be achieved sooner instead of embarking on a longer measurement period.

Delivery is convenient and easy as all you have to do is swallow the capsule with water. The added bonus is that there is no taste or smell like other forms that come with a slightly tart bitterness or an earthy taste that many find unpleasant.

There is also a level of discretion that cannot be found with options like tinctures, vaping, or oils when opting for a public setting. This prevents the need to provide personal data that would otherwise be requested by curious people when they observe consumption with certain techniques.

While capsules are not for everyone, the products are becoming a popular choice for many people and are in greater demand every day.

Annoyingly humble organizer. Entrepreneur. Zombie guru. Professional creator. Future teen idol.

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