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6 Ways to Take Advantage of Nature’s Healing Powers | Info4u



You will notice a change in your mental, physical, and spiritual energy as you add stimulating, nature-inspired activities to your health program. Incorporating nature into your weekly routine, along with the use of CBD and kratom, can provide health benefits that feel almost miraculous. You feel an undeniable healing power flowing over you, washing away your worries almost instantly.

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Let’s delve a little further into this topic to learn more about nature’s healing abilities.

1. Use natural herbs like kratom

Kratom is also known as Mitragynia speciosa, an herb found native to Southeast Asia. It has been used since the nineteenth century. The magic plant is used for pain, diarrhea, cough, diabetes and other chronic pain. In addition, it can act as a mood enhancer and is known to help with depression and anxiety.

However, it is less well known that this plant can be used for workouts and bodybuilding. Studies have shown that kratom tea has produced many positive results for fitness.

If you ask people why it is good to drink kratom tea for fitness, most will tell you that the plant is a great energy booster. Kratom tea is made from kratom powder. You can buy super green Malaysian kratom powder from a reputable online store. Taking this plant 30-40 minutes before your workout will give your body a tremendous boost of energy and the feeling of lethargic will go away. So you can train even more and achieve your dream goal. This is very popular with fitness enthusiasts who struggle to keep a strict routine because of laziness overtaking them. With kratom tea, you can exercise for as long as you want without feeling exhausted.

It’s also a muscle relaxer that allows you to numb your muscles for a while so you can exercise for as long as you want. People who are into running and aerobics or Zumba with the tea get angry because the plant acts as a stimulant and makes your body speed up and burn fat quickly. Even yoga practitioners prefer it because it relaxes the joints and muscles and makes stretching easier, which is more relaxing.

2. Use the sunshine to your advantage


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You’ve probably seen how moody everyone is on a dreary, rainy day. Since serotonin synthesis is triggered by the sun, this has a lot to do with your serotonin levels. Our body produces serotonin, a neurotransmitter that influences and stabilizes our mood, especially our happiness. This also helps you sleep better at night by securing your melatonin synthesis.

Sun rays not only give you pep and a grin on your face, but also provide the vital vitamin D. Since they were trapped indoors for a long time during the epidemic, some people developed a vitamin D deficiency.

Letting the sun’s rays shine on you offers a variety of benefits, but it’s especially good for mental health.

3. Have a solo wellness experience


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There are several benefits to spending time alone, but what about a lonely health trip? Sometimes you just need some alone time to think about what you want and need to be happy.

Planning a secluded spa vacation increases the benefits of your reflection time, especially if you spend a few days in a retreat or spa-like setting to rest, relax, and unwind. It is believed that loneliness increases creativity, focus, and empathy, and gives you time to think about certain paths you would like to pursue in life.


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Some people struggle with mental health problems such as anxiety and depression, so they are afraid to travel alone. Many studies and research have shown that the natural herb like CBD tincture oil for pain can help you relieve pain, anxiety, and promote mental health.

4. Bare feet against crisp blades of grass


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When was the last time you walked barefoot in a meadow, on the beach, in a stream or something similar?

You may not have noticed, but you used a technique known as grounding. Grounding occurs when you immediately put your bare feet on the floor to allow the earth to transfer electrical charges on and around your body.

Aside from taking CBD products, opting for the option of grounding will reduce free radicals in the body, which will reduce tension and anxiety and help you sleep better at night. It also helps treat a wide variety of ailments and chronic diseases.

5. Nature walks with a mindful attitude


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Integrating mindfulness into your daily life has more benefits than you can imagine. Just being outside, being aware of yourself, your surroundings and all the nuances of nature can do wonders for your health.

You should pay attention to how you feel and what you hear, see, and do. Mindful walking helps relieve stress and tension in many parts of the body.

These walks have been shown to lower blood pressure, heart rate, improve mood, and improve the quality of sleep. Take the time to tune in to your sensations and your surroundings, whether you’re going on a mountain hike or strolling around the block.

6. Enter the plant education profession


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During the pandemic, some of us became plant parents, and for a good cause! Surrounding yourself with plants offers a number of health benefits, including increased oxygen levels, fewer pollutants in the air, and a sense of purpose, especially when producing food.

Adding some CBD plants to your grow room or garden can help you in a number of ways. It can help relax muscles, relieve mental tension, and perhaps mitigate some of the psychoactive side effects of THC.


Nature has always provided you with everything you need, and has done so since the beginning of time. Additionally, in terms of health and wellbeing, going the natural route is always the best option by incorporating CBD into your daily routine. It’s so easy to go outside and leave the rest to nature.

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Access to medicinal cannabis an issue for both patients and suppliers



OPINION: I was lucky enough to spend a few days in the South Island last week, translating an old car from Timaru to Wellington.

Not only did I get to enjoy some of the South Island’s god-given macadams in a 40-year-old GT car, but I also gave myself the chance to stop by some old friends. One of them was Dion, an old family friend who lives in a senior village outside Christchurch.

Dion led an active life and spent 50 years farming in Canterbury and the highlands. He’s a good rider and an even better fisherman, which he did for the next 20 years.

From the rakaia salmon to the monster trout at Benmore and Whitebait Runs in Haast, he survived two wives and had to move to a senior citizen village a few years ago at the age of 88 and suffered from back pain and arthritis physical life as a result of his life.


With the help of donations, Karen and Adam Jeffries buy medicinal cannabis products to help their daughter Zoe control her seizures. They were shocked by some of the prices charged. (Video first released on December 4, 2020)

* Cannabis use without a prescription is still a crime despite an extenuating stance, experts warn
* Medical cannabis company Taranaki debuts on NZX
* AUT announces research into next generation medical cannabis
* Department reviews regulations as companies fear bankruptcy amid slow-moving medical cannabis program

But what was really difficult for him was the loss of his independence. He made a poor invalid. This resulted in him suffering from panic attacks and high blood pressure. With the help of a few professionals, he tried a variety of antipsychotics to catch up with him. But the side effects were harsh and they didn’t seem to work.

He suffered a panic attack earlier this year when a couple of younger friends visited him. One of them took cannabidoil (CBD) to help her sleep and offered Dion a dropper of the olive oil-like compound.

Doctors are still very careful about prescribing CBD oil.


Doctors are still very careful about prescribing CBD oil.

Although Dion had always enjoyed Speights and a bottle or two of Highland Park, he had never tried cannabis (in any form) in his life. But he thought “what the hell” and stuck the pipette full under his tongue.

Within minutes he began to calm down and control his breathing. He guesses that it was like the scary fog cleared and the sunlight came through.

Dion then went to get some CBD oil. The nursing home was prudent and uniformed. So he went to his doctor. She was also careful as she had never prescribed anything before.

She was in good company. According to the New Zealand Medical Journal, 79 percent of New Zealand family doctors have concerns about prescribing medical cannabis. And it’s not surprising.

Medicinal cannabis plants grown in a high security facility.


Medicinal cannabis plants grown in a high security facility.

Doctors have little solid research on the benefits of CBD oil (or tinctures or creams) and have a legal and ethical obligation not to cause harm.

Dion then spoke to the local chemist. He was surprised to find the chemist was happy to supply it after finding an approved supplier shortly after the medical cannabis program went into effect last April.

An old hippie neighbor at the nursing home told Dion she could pair him up with the local “green fairy”, but that sounded questionable. And Dion is not a seedy man.

In the end, he found a doctor in Wellington who was among the 21 percent of doctors who were happy to provide medicinal cannabis to patients, and he specifically thought that CBD oil could help Dion and not negatively affect the other drugs that he took, would react.

Mike O'Donnell:

Kevin stent / stuff

Mike O’Donnell: “According to the New Zealand Medical Journal, 79 percent of New Zealand general practitioners have concerns about prescribing medical cannabis.”

A Zoom consultation then resulted in the CBD doctor writing to Dion’s doctor and the nursing home endorsing an initial 25 milliliter bottle. And finally Dion got his dope bottle.

The good news is that it assumes it will work and with no side effects. The bad news is that this process took most of three months to complete.

This is bad for the patients and bad for a young local industry in which around 40 companies are trying to gain a foothold.

If you or someone you know thinks that CBD oil could help with pain management, mental health, or insomnia, what’s the best approach? From what I’ve been able to find out, there are four basic steps.

Do your research first. Find solid evidence that CBD (in a specific format) combats the symptoms or the cause of the disease. Also speak to local pharmacies to confirm they have access to the products.

Local medical cannabis company Ora Pharm offers an online portal that is helpful for making evidence-based decisions about the use of medical cannabis. There’s also a pretty handy app out there for incorporating CBD oil into your overall health care routine.

Second, email your GP with the results of your research and your desire to test the drug. Note that for a year now, medical cannabis in the form of CBD has been able to be prescribed for medical conditions. Make it clear that you are not looking for products that contain THC.


The cultivation of dope follows New Zealand-based medical cannabis company Rua Bioscience.

Third, make an appointment with this family doctor to clarify your case. Probably a double appointment so that the discussion is not rushed. Everything is going well, they will agree to a little test so see how it goes.

If your general practitioner is not convinced that it is in your best interests, find another general practitioner. Right now I can’t find a website that will do this for you. So you have to do a little research online or chat with the Medical Cannabis Council.

He’s no fool, but dear old Dion thinks this stuff works. And he’s not the only one.

Now the only thing left is for the system to normalize to ensure that patients receive the benefits and that the young local industry can go on and thrive.

– Mike “MOD” O’Donnell is a professional director, writer, and host. His twitter handle is @modsta and he prefers Highland Park Hooter.

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Wayne County hemp growers hope to expand Ohio cannabis operation



WEST SALEM – When brothers Shawn and Josh Cutter suggested growing hemp on their traditional family farm in 2019, their sister and mother weren’t convinced it was the right move.

Their 500 acre farm produced crops such as alfalfa, corn, and soybeans for decades, so adding a new plant with little knowledge of it was a gamble, but the family was quickly influenced.

At the time, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine had just passed legislation legalizing low-THC (less than 0.3%) hemp – the main psychoactive compound in cannabis – and opening a new market in Ohio.

A look back:Ohio Governor Mike DeWine signs law to legalize CBD and hemp. What happens next?

Once legalized, the brothers and their sister built the necessary greenhouse and facilities to grow, dry, and grind hemp flowers, making Cedar Valley Growers the first hemp farm in Wayne County.

“We were concerned about the perception of growing cannabis, but the more we learned about it, the more we knew about its benefits and differences,” said Shawn Cutter, chairman of Cedar Valley Growers. “Now we want to educate the people in our community about hemp and help to destigmatize hemp.”

Two years later, the family succeeded in making this move and recently became a member of the Wooster Chamber of Commerce. They also have plans to expand operations to Back Orrville Road, Cutter said.

This expansion would help the farm produce more cannabidiol, or CBD, products such as gums, lotions, and electronic cigarette cartridges that can be purchased from the Cedar Valley Growers website or from small businesses in Wooster.

What is the difference between marijuana and hemp?

While marijuana is illegal in Ohio, its medicinal strains and hemp are not.

The main difference between medical marijuana and hemp is the content of the psychoactive compound THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, according to the US Department of Health. This compound is highly regulated in terms of the “high” it can produce.

In Ohio, hemp products are limited to 0.3% THC concentration, while medical marijuana can contain 35% THC, according to the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program.

Medical marijuana:Buckeye Relief is searching Wooster for its newest medical marijuana dispensary

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a second major ingredient in hemp and medical marijuana. Unlike THC, CBD itself does not cause a “high,” according to a Harvard Health article published in September.

“In humans, CBD shows no effects that indicate potential for abuse or dependence,” said a 2017 report by the World Health Organization. “To date, there has been no evidence of public health problems associated with use of pure CBD. “

Hemp products, such as those sold by Cedar Valley Growers, contain low levels of THC, while Ohio has no ownership restrictions on CBD.

Oil is extracted from the hemp flowers to make products.

2020 was a year of hurdles for Cedar Valley Growers

Despite their early entry, Cedar Valley Growers’ first year of hemp production on a largely outdoor operation was fraught with hurdles. In a country flooded with agricultural expertise, there was an information drought on cannabis cultivation.

Through Josh Cutter’s research, the family gained much of their knowledge from Oregon and Colorado, where hemp has been legal since 2010 and 2014, respectively.

“It took a lot of trial and error and educated guessing the first year,” said Cutter.

Labor shortage:Substitute Teachers Wanted: How New Law Will Help Ohio Schools Address Labor Shortages

One of the first challenges was building a facility that could dry nearly 10 acres of hemp plants without collapsing.

“We hired a man to design a drying line, but it turned out he didn’t know what he was doing,” said Cutter.

Left with a 13,000-square-foot warehouse full of heaters, Cutter had to redesign the drying method. He made rows of poles that were attached to the ceiling from a leftover oil pipe, from which the plants were hung to dry.

“We weren’t sure the structure would hold because so many plants are heavy, but the plants lose a lot of moisture on that first day,” he said.

“This stigma can be broken”:Ohio Veteran Promotes Medical Marijuana as Bill Aims to Expand the Program

While this structure held up, the machine he bought to pluck flowers from the plant was too small, so he improvised.

Now they are using a mechanism with street cleaner brushes to pull the flowers off, he said. Then the product is ground through a dairy feed mill before being packaged.

Once in a container, they ship it out of state to extract the CBD in a white powder form called isolate.

Kristin Anthony, Shawn Cutter and Josh Cutter are standing in their greenhouse with 30-day-old hemp plants.  Soon these plants will bloom.  After three months in the greenhouse, they are harvested, dried and ground.

An unexpected first harvest

That first 2020 harvest was messy, recalls Kristin Anthony, Cedar Valley Growers’ chief executive officer.

They had planted 10 acres for three months of summer, and when it was time to harvest the farm-quality harvester was pulling too many weeds.

“We didn’t take proper precautions with the weeds,” said Anthony, Shawn and Josh Cutter’s sister. “So we had to do everything by hand.”

For the harvest, she has expanded her eight- to nine-person team by 20 to 30 temporary workers. People from all over the county, including family and friends, offered to help out as seasonal workers, Anthony said.

For subscribers:Medical marijuana users say prices are too high in Ohio

“The tide of support for this harvest has been incredible,” she said.

To harvest the nearly 10 acres of hemp, each worker chopped and slashed the plants with machetes and even a samurai sword or two, according to Shawn Cutter.

It was backbreaking work, Cutter recalled.

“I hope we don’t have to do this again, but we are taking the right precautions now,” he said.

“We want to help people understand that these products are safe and very useful”

Despite a difficult first year, the family managed to find a rhythm.

Hemp is produced outdoors seasonally and indoors all year round.

While their first greenhouse crop produced eight pounds of usable hemp, they’ve since had five crops that are over 70 pounds each, Josh Cutter said.

To make sure they comply with Ohio’s THC regulations, test their crops regularly. If you’re “too hot” or have too much THC, they have to burn it, Cutter said.

A look back:Ohio’s marijuana legalization move gains a boost as the attorney general approves the language for the law

“Now we understand what causes THC fluctuations,” he said. “We believe it has to do with the amount of fertilizer, the type of fertilizer and the amount we pour.”

Too much or too little water can stress the plant, forcing it to produce more THC, said Shawn Cutter.

Hemp plants are also more sensitive to soil nutrition, Cutter said, so they monitor the soil used for growing hemp more than they do for their traditional crops.

To ensure maximum efficiency, they grow hemp from seeds in a warehouse to a height of about a foot before placing the plants in the greenhouse to complete ripening.

Medical marijuana from Ohio:When licenses change hands, large companies get bigger

“We set the time so that after one crop is harvested, we can put the next crop in the greenhouse for three months before it is harvested,” said Josh Cutter.

With their cultivation methods largely decoupled, Anthony’s biggest goal is to expand their West Salem operations with a CBD extraction facility and a packaging and delivery warehouse.

But in the meantime, she hopes to expand her product line and have a greater presence in the community.

“We want to help people understand that these products are safe and very useful,” said Anthony.

Contact Bryce at

On twitter: @Bryce_Buyakie

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This is How Gift Certificates, Specials & Retail Increase Income



This is a good time to start thinking about how you can get your year-end business going. Offering gift certificates and Christmas gift items can significantly increase your sales.

Here are some top tips used in spas and wellness centers to get extra cash flow without having to work twice as hard in the treatment room.

Offer gift cards and loyalty discounts to increase sales

We can learn from health resorts. Angela Cortright, owner of Spa Gregories Day Spas in Orange County, California, says, “Holiday gift cards really are big business.” She encourages massage therapists to create their own gift cards and offer them for sale to their customers and share them with their networks.

For every customer, you have the potential to sell at least one certificate with an average massage of 100, which could mean 4,000 in a month if you see 10 customers a week.

Cortright says gift cards account for 20% of their spa’s total sales and 50% of gift card sales occur between October and December, with most of them purchased 11 days before Christmas. Some of the most successful promotions were:

Book a 90-minute massage and receive a 30% discount

Free treatment upgrade when purchasing a gift voucher. Another promotion that will be well received is when you offer a free upgrade when purchasing a gift card. The massage can be supplemented, for example, with hot stones, foot scrubs or aromatherapy.

The mistletoe massage at the Gregories Spa is a 90-minute massage at a 30% discount. She says this “blows the doors every year!” This cannot be combined with other promotions.

Give your customers a loyalty discount 15-20% on three booked massages. This is the season of giving. A thoughtful way to give back to your clients is to offer a special discount on a New Year’s treatment. This will show gratitude for your patronage, but it will also increase your bookings. Regular customers are sure to book more than one treatment with you, so give them an incentive to book three consecutive treatments with a loyalty discount for the new year.

Book a friend and get a 20% discount. Sharing the love with friends and family by giving wellness away is a great message to underscore the importance of massage not as a luxury but as a necessity for maintaining balance and optimal wellbeing. With this offer, you have booked two massages instead of just one.

What if the gift card is not used? Cortright says, “As much as we would like every gift card recipient to come in and have a fabulous experience, many are never redeemed. “Depending on the state you operate in, you may be able to keep the unused gift card revenue (but keep it as a liability on your books) even though you still pay tax on the revenue. The non-use can be between 15 and 20%.

Sell ​​gifts that support Wellbeing

Offering self-care products for home use is beneficial for expanding treatment benefits – and they make great vacation wellness gifts and add some extra income for you.

Your income improves by doing good; Selling retail products that promote a healthy lifestyle supports the well-being of your customers, which in turn can be shared with friends and family by giving away wellness.

As a professional masseur, you can get professional discounts or buy products at wholesale prices that you have in your clinic and recommend to your customers. Depending on the price of the items you are viewing and recommending to your customers, you can expect to make $ 600 to $ 800 more per month.

Here are some of the items for sale that will aid your massage therapy and encourage the daily practice of self-care at home.

CBD oils and liniments. CBD massage is the top selling massage in spas today. Some of your customers may be curious about CBD, or others may be very familiar with its therapeutic benefits. Hence, this is a great gift idea to put on your shelf as it will help relieve stress and tension and promote restful sleep. Look for organic CBD products with less than 0.03 THC so they are non-psychoactive and provide benefits to the mind and body without getting high.

Aromatherapy shower mist. a simple yet effective way to reap the benefits of essential oils for the respiratory system and refresh your body and mind. Be sure to wear pure, organic formulas. Eucalyptus is a classic steam shower that has been used for centuries to cleanse the nasal passages and clogged lungs, especially during the cold season.

Essential oils. Essential oils are very popular for anyone interested in health and wellness. Pure, organic essential oils are concentrated and come in tiny 10-15 ml (one-third to one-half ounce) bottles, making them great stocking fillers and easy to transport too. They can be used in a diffuser to create a relaxing atmosphere, or used in a bath (10-20 drops on drawn bath water) or as a natural perfume at the pulse points.

Even a few drops on a handkerchief to inhale are either uplifting or calming, depending on the oil. Essential oils can also be mixed with unscented body massage oil or lotion to massage yourself and create your own personalized aromatherapy experience at home.

Be careful to avoid synthetic fragrances or fragrances as they have no therapeutic use.

Bath salts. Epsom salts are popular with massage therapists and athletes, but explore formulas that combine different minerals for different therapeutic benefits. Be sure to choose bath salts that do not contain synthetic fragrances or artificial colors.

A bath before or after a massage is a great addition to any treatment and encourages your clients, their friends and family to take time to relax, calm the mind, and relax the muscles.

During the holidays and in winter, a bath that warms the bones, stimulates the circulation and relieves tension is the best gift of all.

Herbal teas. Changing your caffeine habits is a great wellness message to start the new year. Offer a selection of organic specialty teas to naturally lift the mood. Special teas are a nice house gift when attending or attending Christmas parties.

Comfort packages. Herbal packs with moist heat therapy provide aromatic warmth and comfort for tense muscles during the often stressful vacation. Warming the bones and relaxing the body is a great gift for young and old.

Inspirational books. Even if many read from their cell phones or Kindle, giving away an inspiring book is something special. It supports positive life plans, touches the heart and shows that you care.

get started now

Start by letting your customers know that you have a gift program in November when people make their Christmas gift lists. Other holidays that work well with gift vouchers and wellness gifts are Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day – and always offer GC for birthday gifts, anniversary gifts or thank you gifts.

Gift programs are a wonderful way to share the healing experience with others and get the message across that the benefits don’t stop in the treatment room, but can be practiced at home every day in a form that supports our mind-body wellbeing. It is a gift to offer our customers these products and services and to improve their quality of life.

About the author:

Tara Donna Grodjesk, VP Earthlite Spa and Wellness Products, Founder of Tara Spa Therapy and Winner of Visionary of the Year for Women in Wellness, has dedicated her years of wellness experience to refining bodywork techniques, developing innovative body treatments and offering careful choices holistic therapeutic products for the wellness market today. Grodjesk has trained massage therapists around the world and developed treatment programs for world-class hotel resorts, destinations and day spas. Her articles for MASSAGE Magazine include “How CBD Products Can Help You and Your Customers” and “Use Essential Oils for Your Own Balance, Resilience and Wellbeing”.

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