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JJ Watt Shares Workout Video on Instagram About Fake Weights



One of the latest social media training videos from NFL star JJ Watt should get you to stop scrolling and pay attention. Instead of doing a heavyweight PR or showing off some ridiculous exercise variations, à la reigning King Derrick Henry, the new Arizona Cardinal took a moment to warn his followers of a real problem affecting fitness social media Space plagues: videos with fakes or weights.

Watt posted the video on his Instagram and Twitter accounts of a simple set of heavy squats with a barbell with five large bumpers. He works his way through the reps with ease, reaching a parallel depth, and firing up again like a warm-up set.

If all of those plates were 20 kilograms or 45 pounds, which are the heaviest plates in most gyms, he would have worked at 220 kilograms or 495 pounds, quite an impressive weight to squat effortlessly even for a tall man like Watts . But if you quickly scroll through the clip, you’ll barely notice that the red plates were actually labeled 2.5 (kilos) instead of 20 or 45. Instead of working with nearly five bills, Watt actually squatted … about 100 pounds (assuming the curved duffalo bar weighs 45 pounds).

To hammer the point home, Watt removes a plate with one hand after lifting the bar. He tosses it in the air and catches it with ease, then tosses it on the floor next to a standard 45-pound rubberized platter you’d find in any commercial gym. The bumper looks a lot bigger but weighs a fraction as much as the other plate.

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Watt simply gave the article a title: “Beware of the bullshit”. He’s not a Luddite who ignores social media; Watts are just as likely to provide behind-the-scenes glimpses of his training progress and body updates as his contemporaries like Myles Garrett.

But Watt still made a point of targeting anyone who might post misleading videos with improper weights or camera angles that obscure how difficult the seemingly stunning feats athletes share on social media actually are. Fake weights are an issue in the fitness influencer world, where clout and appearance often mean more than actual performance or exercise performance – but elite athletes have also been known from time to time to push the boundaries of reality to get on top of the world To move “grief”.

These videos – and other misleading tools, like influencers who refuse to disclose performance-enhancing substances – are spreading disinformation in the fitness world, which is detrimental to an audience that doesn’t understand that the people they follow aren’t quite up to par . This fog curtain can perpetuate problems with body image and expectations about what one could realistically achieve in the gym, among other things. To be clear, videos like this are examples of scams. Watts is right to highlight this issue with his platform, and it is a good opportunity to take a moment and think about the type of training content you are using for inspiration and motivation.

We’re not entirely sure who Watt is calling with this clip, but one thing is certain: if it were an opposing quarterback, we wouldn’t want to be him when Watt competes against him for the 2021 football season.

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Emirates News Agency – Urology Conference wraps up showcasing latest developments in modern medicine



DUBAI, 22nd May, 2022 (WAM) — The second edition of Interdisciplinary Urology Care Consortium (IUCC), under the theme ‘Transcending Therapies, Driving Technologies’, which was officially concluded in the presence of local and international experts in the field.

The annual event is organized by Arab Association of Urology (AAU), under the initiative of Arab School of Urology (ASU), and in collaboration with Dubai Health Authority (DHA), Emirates Urological Society (EUS), Middle East Society for Sexual Medicine (MESSM), Pan Arab Continence Society (PACS), Human Health Education and Research foundation, and INDEX Conferences and Exhibitions EST. – member of INDEX Holding.

This edition’s importance lies in the variety of topics it holds which confirms the UAE’s leading position in fields that cover quality of life, health services, and the employment of advanced medical technology. This further proves that the UAE strives to move on the path of development and creativity to provide the best services for individuals and quickly facilitates the recovery process for patients with various diseases and health problems by providing them with the best integrated medical care.

IUCC’s agenda included informative medical sessions with a live surgery broadcast from Sheikh Khalifa General Hospital demonstrating various topics that covered all subspecialties and specializations in the field of urology, diseases related to the urinary system, and the latest technologies in diagnostic and treatment methods with a special highlight on male reproductive medicine.

This year’s edition of the conference hosted over 450 healthcare professionals visiting from more than 20 different countries, and 85 speakers who participated in three workshops and 10 scientific sessions. IUCC also showcased 15 professional medical posters displaying breakthrough research explanations.

dr Abdulqadir Al Zarooni, President of the Emirates Urology Society, said, “Through the Interdisciplinary Urology Care Consortium (IUCC) conference, we established an environment that supports efforts to educate patients with urological diseases about the importance and benefits of their treatment journey, and to discuss the latest treatment methods that modern medicine has reached in the evolving sector.

“With the presence of more than 450 health specialists, we are showcasing the futuristic developments of the United Arab Emirates in various scientific, technological, and medical sectors, while addressing the accelerating need for healthcare in response to the country’s continuous growth and development.”

dr Yasser Farahat, Chairman of Arab School of Urology and IUCC Scientific Co-Chair, commented, “This conference gave us the opportunity to fill the gaps that come with urology awareness as we were able to explore the challenges that we must overcome to provide the best prevention, diagnosis, and treatment services. We also take the time to build partnerships and cooperation bridges between various health institutions.”

dr Ahmed Hammady, Secretary-General of the Arab School of Urology, added, “IUCC highlights the most important and latest developments, treatments, and medical research in the field of urology. This reflects the keenness of doctors to mobilize efforts and unify visions towards contemporary medical challenges and global developments related to urinary tract diseases, urinary tract infections, and all related diseases and health problems.”

The conference also hosted a surgery broadcasted live from Sheikh Khalifa General Hospital, which shed light on Uro-Andrology and men’s fertility, IUCC 2022 is proudly supported by Dubai Health Authority (DHA); Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP); Arab School of Urology; Emirates Urological Society; Emirates Oncology Society; Middle East Society for Sexual Medicine; Arab Association of Urology; Pan Arab Continence Society; Sheikh Khalifa General Hospital; and Human Health Education and Research Foundation.

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The Best Early Memorial Day Deals to Shop Now in 2022



Memorial day (May 30) means the unofficial start of summer. And to celebrate, some of our favorite brands and online retailers are slashing prices on some of their bestselling wares. That means a holiday weekend of sun, surf, and lots and lots lots of shopping.

While sales traditionally didn’t start until the the Friday of the actual holiday, today’s online stores have been dropping doorbuster deals much earlier in recent years. That’s right, there are so many Memorial day sales that have already started. For example, you can already find some insane deals on home gym equipment, workout clothes, mattresses, grills, furniture and more. In other words, if you need it for your home (especially fitness deals), it’s probably on sale this month.

Memorial day deals have gotten so massive, they rival Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday in discounts. Wayfair is taking up to half off some of their top outdoor furniture and mattresses, while Amazon is shaving prices off of treadmills, exercise bikes, and more. If you’re looking to upgrade your tech (without breaking the bank) Apple has tons of discounts on AirPods, iPads, and more.

With so many sales already available, it’s hard to find which ones are worth copping. That’s why we did the hard work for your and scoured the web for the absolute best memorial day 2022 sales to add to your cart. Watch this space, as we’ll be updating deals as they come in. Happy shopping!

The Best Early Memorial Day Deals to Shop Now

Apple AirPods Pro



$197.00 (21% off)

Primal Bells

Propane gas grill, stainless steel

Propane gas grill, stainless steel

Char Broil


$250.77 (32% off)

Puremotion Adapt Shoes

Taylor Repeat Pimaformance Polo

Taylor Repeat Pimaformance Polo



Bowflex C7 bike

Bowflex C7 bike

bow flex


Memorial Day Package

Memorial Day Package



Fast track tank

Fast track tank

Outdoor Voices


Merton Wicker Seating Set

Merton Wicker Seating Set



Fitbit Versa 2

Fitbit Versa 2



$120.19 (20% off)

OLED C1 Series 77”

Arctic Mattress

Arctic Mattress



Best Early Memorial Day Deals at Amazon

  • Save on Apple AirPods, including 37% off Apple AirPods and 30% off Apple AirPods Pro.
  • Save on Amazon devices: save $20 off the 4th Generation Echo Dot; Save $15 off the 3rd Generation Echo Dot; take up to 40% off Kindle devices; take 30% off select FireTV devices; take up to 25% off Halo wearable devices.
  • Take up to 35% off select Fitbit smartwatches and fitness trackers.
  • Take up to 20% off Philips One by Sonicare smart toothbrushes.
  • Save up to $800 off LG OLED TVs.
  • Save up to $200 off select Microsoft Surface laptops and tablets.

    Best Early Memorial Day Fitness Sales


    • Save 33% off Hydrow’s Memorial Day Package, which includes the rower, accessories, 1:1 personal coaching, and standard delivery.


      • Take up to 25% off select supplements.
      • Take up to 20% off home gym equipment.
      • Take up to 20% off workout clothes.

        Read more: Onnit Memorial Day sales


        • REI Co-op members save 20% off on one full-price item and an extra 20% on one REI Outlet item. Use coupon code “ANNIV22” at checkout.


          • Take $25 off everything site wide.
            bow flex

            • Take up to 50% off select home gym equipment.

              Best Early Memorial Day Grill Sales


              • Take up to $200 off select grills.


                • Take up to 40% off select portable grills.

                  Spark grills

                  • Take $200 off all Spark grills


                    • Take up to 40% off select flat top grills.


                      • Take up to 25% off select Kenyon portable electric grills.
                      • Take up to 20% off select Weber grills.
                      • Take up to 30% off select Coleman grills.

                        Read more: Memorial Day Grill Sales

                        Best Early Memorial Day Men’s Clothing Sales


                        • Take up to 35% off menswear staples at the Huckberry Memorial Day Sale.
                          Outdoor Voices

                          • Take up to 50% off the OV Extra sale section.


                            • Save up to 20% off workout clothes, athletic sneakers, and workout gear at the Nike 50th anniversary sale.


                              • Take up to 50% off workout shorts, slides, and more summer workout clothes.

                                Best Early Memorial Day Furniture Sales


                                • Take $100 off purchases of $1,200 or more, $250 off purchases of $2,500 or more, or $550 off purchases of $4,500 or more.


                                  • Take up to $1,000 off select outdoor sectionals, tables, and dining sets.


                                    • Take up to $1,000 off select furniture at Burrow’s Spend More, Save More Sale. use promo code”MDS22” at checkout.

                                      Best Early Memorial Day Mattress Deals


                                      • Take up to $1,000 off the Arctic mattresses and select bases (up to $400 off the mattress, up to $600 off the base).

                                        Nolah Mattresses

                                        • Take up to $700 off mattresses, $50 off mattress protectors and $40 off sheet sets.


                                          • Take up to 40% off select bedding, pillows, and blankets.

                                            Sleep Number

                                            • Take 20% off when you buy three or more bedding items, and 30% off when you buy six or more bedding items.
                                            • Buy one pillow, get one 50% off

                                              Tuft & Needle

                                                Read more: Memorial Day Mattress Sales

                                                Best Early Memorial Day Deals at Wayfair

                                                • Take up to 75% off select office furniture.
                                                • Take up to 70% off select outdoor furniture.
                                                • Take up to 60% off select coffee tables.
                                                • Take up to 40% off select living room seating including sofas and sectionals.
                                                • Take up to 40% off select bedroom furniture including beds, nightstands and dresses.

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    Men’s Health

    Men Taking Prenatal Vitamins: Effects and Advice



    Men can take prenatal vitamins – but with the potentially harmful increases in iron they provide – it’s best to instead go with vitamins that are strictly designed to support fertility.

    If you’re planning on becoming preggers or if the fertility goddess has already blessed you, your doctor will likely recommend taking prenatal vitamins.

    These dietary supplements help the person carrying the baby experience a healthy pregnancy and reduce the risk of complications like miscarriages, congenital disorders, and preterm labor.

    Prenatal vitamins are an essential part of pregnancy care. But what about peeps with sperm? Seeing as around 50 percent of infertility problems stem from both female AND male issues, one might wonder if prenatal vitamins could have a place in men’s fertility management as well.

    So, should men take prenatal vitamins, or are there better alternatives? Let’s take a look.

    The short answer is “yes”, men can take prenatal vitamins — but it’s not necessarily a great idea.

    Prenatal vitamins usually contain a mix of the following:

    • folic acid to help prevent congenital disorders
    • iron to support placental development
    • calcium for the baby’s bones, muscles, and teeth
    • Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) to protect against pregnancy-related complications
    • zinc to reduce preterm births
    • vitamin A to support eye development

    Because these vitamins are designed specifically for the pregnant person, they’re high in iron. Men need around 8 milligrams (mg) of iron a day, while pregnant folks need 27 mg. Unnecessarily doubling down on iron can lead to overdose, severe health problems, and even death. Eek!

    But isn’t good health and nutrition important to both parents? Yes, it’s essential as it affects the likelihood of conceiving, contributes to pregnancy outcomes, and maternal and child health following birth.

    It’s also essential for the long-term health of the baby. But, because of the balance of vitamins and minerals in prenatal supplements, it’s probably best that men consider a specific formulation for their needs rather than those designed for the person carrying the baby.

    Taking prenatal vitamins is a prerequisite for the pregnant person, but experts don’t specifically recommend them for men, and their role isn’t well studied. That said, some vitamins may help boost sperm count and could increase your chances of parenting a child. Especially since men are less likely to seek help for infertility.

    Remember, though, that any type of dietary supplement only makes up for nutrient shortfalls. If you’re not deficient in a specific vitamin or mineral, taking a supplement won’t confer any health benefits and could even be harmful. If in doubt, it’s best to chat with a health professional and see if they recommend prenatal vitamins.

    Traditional prenatal vitamins lean heavily on nutrients to help grow a healthy baby. In contrast, male prenatal vitamins and nutrients aim to improve fertility by boosting sperm health and motility, aka swimming strength. Although, you may well see some overlap on the ingredients lists.

    Here’s a rundown on some of the vitamins you may find in male fertility supplements.

    Folic acid

    Early research from 2008 suggested that folic acid or folate may help reduce sperm abnormalities. But these effects are debatable as a 2020 study found zero benefits for semen quality or birth rates in men taking supplementary zinc and folic acid.

    If you want to add folic acid to your routine and you’re not pregnant or lactating, limit your intake to no more than 400 micrograms (mcg) daily.


    Zinc may increase sperm count and function as it helps swimmers fuse and penetrate an egg. Additionally, it may boost testosterone production. So, it makes sense that some research associates low levels with male infertility.

    But according to the 2020 study from earlier, zinc supplementation may not prove beneficial.

    Recommendations are no more than 40 mg of zinc per day, and exceeding this can cause nasty side effects like the runs.


    Your brain, liver, and kidneys make antioxidant l-carnitine from amino acids. And most people make enough for their needs, so there are no dietary recommendations for supplementation.

    However, a 2012 review noted that l-carnitine might increase sperm quality and movement. Additionally, a recent 2020 review noted that l-carnitine boosted sperm motility and overall health but didn’t increase the chance of natural conception.

    Vitamins C and E

    Vitamin C and E are powerful antioxidants that appear in seminal fluid and protect sperm from free radical damage. Vitamins C is water-soluble, while vitamin E is fat-soluble. Men who have issues with fertility may have lower levels of these vitamins in their semen.

    A 2011 study suggested that taking vitamin E along with selenium increased sperm motility. Again though, results are mixed, as a 2016 review noted that although oxidative stress significantly affected male infertility, supplementary vitamin E and vitamin C didn’t always help.

    The authors concluded that supplementing with a blend of l-carnitine, selenium, and vitamins C and E may improve sperm concentration, motility and health but may not boost pregnancy outcomes.

    The recommended intake for vitamin E is 15 mg per day. And whatever you do, don’t exceed 180 mg, as this can increase the risk of prostate cancer. For vitamin C, aim for 90 mg a day.


    You need selenium for reproduction, DNA production, and to protect you from free radicals and infection.

    In a study of 690 infertile men, daily vitamin E and selenium supplements over 100 days improved sperm motility as well as overall sperm size, shape, and appearance in over half of the participants.

    Adults need around 55 mcg daily, pregnant peeps need 60 mcg daily, and this jumps to 70 mcg daily if you’re breastfeeding.


    CoQ10 is a coenzyme that plays a critical role in DNA replication and repair, and it acts as an antioxidant and neutralizes harmful free radicals.

    Supplementing with CoQ10 may help improve semen parameters in men with certain sperm problems. A 2019 research study showed that taking supplemental doses of CoQ10 could significantly increase sperm concentration and improve motility. The changes were greater in the individuals receiving 400 mg daily compared to 200 mg.

    Rather than taking prenatal vitamins designed for peeps carrying the baby, some people with penises may benefit from fertility-boosting supplements. But supplements only help people with abnormal semen parameters or deficiencies. If you’re healthy and have healthy sperm, supplements are unlikely to increase your chances of conception.

    If a health pro suggests taking male fertility supplements, then evidence highlights the benefits of antioxidants, including L-carnitine, CoQ10, vitamin E, and vitamin C supplementation. Aim to take the supplements for around 3 to 6 months before your planned conception time, as it takes sperm around 3 months to mature.

    Besides taking vitamins, there are some other things that male partners can do to prepare for conception:

    • screen for STDs and treat appropriately
    • stop smoking
    • reduce alcohol intake
    • maintain a moderate weight
    • learn your family medical history
    • take care with toxic substances like fertilizers, bug spray, and animal poop

    Prenatal vitamins aim to support the health of developing babies and the person carrying them. These vitamins are part of preconception care and can reduce the risk of pregnancy complications.

    Men can also take prenatal vitamins that focus on sperm health. Although there’s some evidence that substances like L-carnitine, CoQ10, vitamin E, and vitamin C may help under some circumstances, it’s generally only the case if you have infertility or sperm problems.

    For most peeps with penises, living a healthy lifestyle and eating a nutritious diet should provide everything needed for healthy sperm production.

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