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The Faces of Modern Masculinity



The Oxford English Dictionary describes masculinity as …

Was just a joke. We’re not giving you a dusty, outdated definition. Fortunately, what it means to be a man today is an ever changing and adaptable notion.

That doesn’t change the fact that the noun is often preceded by the word “toxic” to describe problematic behavior in relation to archetypal displays of masculinity – including aggression, dominance and a lack of empathy for others and oneself.

Other archaic stereotypes of masculinity also encompass the social pressures that men often find harsh, hide their emotions and are generally “man up”. A recent study by the Movember Foundation found that 58% of men surveyed felt that society expects them to be emotionally strong, not weak, and able to fix things. And even if that stress subsides over time (the same study found that 76% of men believed speaking had a positive impact on mental health), the pressure is still there – and it can have harmful effects.

But a new generation of men is emerging with the aim of preserving the best elements of masculinity, forgetting the negative aspects and overcoming the pressure to adapt.

Dove Men + Care shares these forward-looking values ​​too, from promoting paternity leave by researching its benefits for young fathers and their families, to breaking down stereotypes that keep men from experiencing the positive effects of care on themselves and others . Together, Men’s Health and Dove Men + Care will discuss gender roles, mental health, fatherhood and more with three modern men. Read on to learn how they broke the myths about their manhood – and how this is moving the world around them.

Sean Williams

Heartst & Getty

Sean Williams is the proud father of three and the founder of The Dad Gang, an Instagram site with a mission to educate and end the stereotype of black fathers who are absent in their children’s lives, created by the media and entertainment industry.

Break the stereotype

“In 2020 a white woman in the supermarket complimented me while shopping with my children, which she thought was a compliment. She said she was so lucky to see a young, black, active dad who borrowed from the stereotype of the missing black dad who is not involved in raising his children.

“It was the first time someone from a different ethnic group had come up to me, but I had been out with my children before this event and had gotten glances and it was uncomfortable. I knew they were looking at me because they don’t see this picture too often. Many of my friends who are also active fathers have experienced the same thing.

“It was a little shocking, but it gave me the driving force to start The Dad Gang as a platform to celebrate black fatherhood and change the narrative.”

Spread the word

“Since The Dad Gang was founded, there has been an incredible response and a worldwide flood of love. I live in the United States, but I’ve received messages from fathers in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and all of Africa. It was an ambitious mission to say that I would change the way the world sees black fathers, but thanks to partners like Dove Men + Care we were able to amplify our voices and organize events like the 2020 Father’s Day March in honor of George Floyd and other black fathers, whose lives were taken because of racial inequality. “

Redefine roles

“Fatherhood has many more layers than previous generations have led us to believe. We are not just providers and protectors; we are also caregivers. We don’t have to be traditionally masculine – we can be housewives.

“We are not just providers and protectors; we are also caregivers “

“I think masculinity changes in a positive way. We’re much more in tune with self-care now, and more people are realizing that fathers need a break. Papa doesn’t always have to be the taskmaster. We’re really starting to scratch the surface of these different nuances. ”

Do it your way

“Do fatherhood your way. Social media has a way of telling us how to do something, but when it comes to your children, you have to do it your way because if you feel uncomfortable, your children will feel it, your family will feel it and you will feel it. Fatherhood is your journey. “

Chris Magee

Chris Magier likes

Cecilia Cristolovean & Getty

For Chris Magee, starting yoga was a way to deal with a variety of rugby injuries, but what started as a “quick fix” soon gave him a whole new perspective on life and led him to become a professional yoga teacher the aim of introducing itself to its advantages for everyone.

Change your outlook

“When I started doing yoga, I had an athletic mentality. If someone in class flexed their arm, so did I – but I had to do better. By being competitive, I prevented myself from taking full advantage of the class.

“After about six months something clicked. I thought, ‘It doesn’t matter if I fall over, it doesn’t matter if someone is watching me.’ I remember lying down in supta sukhasana (crossed lying position) and actually falling asleep. The lack of pressure and anticipation had unlocked all of the benefits of yoga.

“Through this process it became clear to me: I wanted to distance myself from traditional fitness training and go through yoga to holistic fitness.”

Get out of your comfort zone

“As a yoga teacher, I have a lot of guys in my class because they think, ‘Oh, he looks like me.’ The last thing you need when you find yourself outside of your comfort zone is those barriers of a language you don’t understand, someone who is indiscernible about their life experience or who feels like they are missing out on proper training. I want to break down these barriers. When you come to my yoga class, you will get what you want and what your body needs. “

Dispelling negativity

“Yoga puts a spotlight on what you suck on. It’s a very confrontational process, especially if you have a traditional sports background because you’re used to the idea of ​​linear success. Yoga is not success or failure, victory or defeat, pass or failure. We avoid any negative self-talk. Whether something is ‘wrong’ or ‘failed’ that men are quick to jump on is the first thing to decide. “

Embrace the best of both worlds

“It’s about balance. How can you have strength and flexibility? Train body and mind? To be focused and relaxed? It’s about yin and yang, the balance of all things. Yin is feminine energy and Yang is masculine energy, and the feminine lives in the masculine and the masculine lives in the feminine.

“There is nothing wrong with embracing masculinity. I am still very much a man and I still have moments of aggression and courage, but also moments of softness and sensitivity. You don’t have to choose either side of the fence. There is no fence. “

Elliot J Powell

elliot j powell

Heartst & Getty

When the first lockdown hit, former professional dancer and bike trainer Elliot J Powell started an online community called Men2Health with the aim of creating a safe, non-intrusive space for men who have never felt comfortable to share their feelings.


“I started Men2Health during the first lockdown. I wasn’t wearing anything, I was self-employed and the gyms were closed, so I started this community to connect with people. I had no guest book, nothing to sort it out. I wanted to just do it, be brave and show myself out there.

“I’m just a normal guy. I am not a therapist, I am not a psychiatrist. I may look a little manly – I have a Nordic accent and a beard – but I feel blessed to be comfortable enough to be open about my feelings. I felt it was my responsibility to set an example because this was not difficult for me. At Men2Health, I am not trying to tell you how to live your life; it’s more about discovering together. “

Show your emotions

“People who are ready to go to therapy and talk to someone are on the right track. But a lot of men are not used to sharing and being open, so the thought of speaking to a professional can be a very intimidating scenario. My followers have told me that Men2Health has definitely helped them feel good and open up to their families and friends.

“It’s not always positive things that bring you to a good place”

“As men there is a pressure not to show weakness and a misunderstanding of what weakness is. Having emotions – and showing them – is not a weakness. Making mistakes or failing doesn’t always feel good, but you don’t have to deny these emotions. You just have to find the mindset to see it as growth. It’s not always positive things that bring you to a good place. ”

to be honest

“Even as a fitness professional, I sometimes have problems with motivation. I found it difficult to stay positive during the lockdown and it’s important to be honest.

“Social media can destroy your confidence. It’s nice to bring the best parts of yourself to your highlight role, but make it clear that it isn’t always you? Do you have an element of authenticity in your captions? You need to be aware of what this does to someone. On the other hand, we also have a responsibility for how we process social media. “

Take care of yourself

“I feel sick if I don’t take care of myself – trim my nails, wash my beard. It’s strange to think that people used to use the term “metrosexual”. Why do men who pay attention to their appearance need to be labeled? Taking care of yourself or feeling good about yourself doesn’t make you any less of a man. Personal hygiene helps with self-confidence. Trust is self-acceptance. Feeling comfortable in your own skin is something I would like every man to expect, because there is no fixed definition of masculinity. “

There will be times when society, the media, and maybe even those close to you will try to tell you what masculinity is, or should be, but if you take just one thing from these men’s personal stories, it should it be this: as long as you improve yourself and the lives of those around you, manhood can look whatever you want it to be.

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Men’s Health

Erectile Dysfunction Causes, Symptoms & Treatment



And while failure in the tough department means a significant blow to both you and your partner’s sex life, it can also induce loss of confidence, anger, fear, and shame. One of the reasons we let it stifle our self-esteem and sex life is because we don’t know much about it – and how it can be prevented and resolved.

Fortunately, this is where the men’s health platform Mosh comes into play: the online service targets men who suffer from erectile dysfunction (as well as a number of other men’s health problems) by offering discreet online consultations with medical experts and the delivery of affordable clinical treatment to your door. Under the direction of the urological and prosthetic surgeon Dr. Christopher Love, all of the doctors on the platform are 100% independent – which means your doctor has no incentive to push you into an expensive or unnecessary treatment plan.

“Depending on the cause of the erectile dysfunction, things may not always go back to normal, but there are always ways to support or restore the man’s erection,” explains Dr. Christopher Love. “To begin with, I want men to know why they have ED and how it relates to their overall health, both physical and mental, but also understand that there are a number of treatment options.”

To get to the point, we got Dr. Love some of your most Googled questions asked. (And if you’re wondering if we were going to stop these puns, we will definitely keep going. You’re welcome.)

What is erectile dysfunction?

Basically, erectile dysfunction is the inability to get or keep an erection firm enough for penetrative sexual activity. Having erectile dysfunction can mean anything from not getting an erection at all to being unable to remain rigid enough to have sexual intercourse.

What is the main cause of erectile dysfunction?

There are many causes of ED, the main one being a problem with blood flow to the penis – this is often due to aging, which causes the smooth muscle cells that line the blood vessels to stiffen and stretch less (prevents the Blood flow), but there are other things that increase your risk of poor blood flow as well.

It is common for a man with ED to have a combination of physical and psychological causes. Some other conditions that can cause ED include:

  • Blood vessel and heart disorders: Vascular disorders can affect blood flow anywhere in the body, but very often affect blood flow to the penis.
  • Nerve Damage: Men with conditions that cause nerve damage, such as multiple sclerosis (MS), Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and spinal cord injuries, can often have ED. This is because the transmission of nerve impulses between the brain and the penis is interrupted.
  • Hormonal Problems: ED can be caused by things like too little testosterone production by the testes, increased prolactin, steroid use, and too many other hormones like cortisone, thyroid hormone, and growth hormone
  • Obesity: Obesity is linked to heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, and atherosclerosis – all of which are closely linked to ED
  • Penis abnormalities: Peyronie’s disease, a condition that can develop after “trauma” to the penis, causes significant curvature or pain in some men, both of which can lead to problems with sex
  • Stress and Anxiety: Physiologically, the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline suppress the production of sex hormones, making it harder to get or maintain an erection, and can reduce blood flow in arteries throughout the body. Stress and anxiety can also disrupt the way your brain sends messages to the penis to allow additional blood flow.
  • Depression and low self-esteem: Research published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine has shown that the risk of ED in people with depression increases by 39% and that the incidence of ED in people with depression is 1.39 times higher than in people without depression .
  • Sexual attitudes and upbringing: Men who grew up in some cultural settings often associate sex and masturbation with shame and can experience sexual dysfunction such as premature ejaculation and ED.
  • Some medications: Some medications can cause ED or make ED symptoms worse. The most common culprits include drugs used to treat high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and depression.
  • Porn: While watching porn may seem harmless, there is growing evidence to suggest that watching too much porn can cause sexual performance issues like ED.

Take food, medication and alcohol have an influence?

Yes, in the sense that an unhealthy diet is linked to obesity, heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, and atherosclerosis – all of which are closely linked to ED.

Recreational drugs like cocaine, MDMA, and marijuana can all sexually affect you: cocaine and MDMA cause blood vessels to constrict, reducing blood flow to the penis, while marijuana affects erections by preventing the smooth muscles in your penis from relaxing to let enough blood flow in.

Alcohol affects sexual function in a number of ways. First, alcohol dehydrates and takes away the blood and oxygen flow needed to make the genitals feel better. Second, it lowers testosterone levels, which means it’s hard to get in the mood for sex. After all, it has a depressant effect on the nervous system, which means that blood flow and the sensitivity of the nerve endings are suppressed, making it harder to get an erection.

What is the Average Age for Erectile Dysfunction?

While ED becomes more common as men age, affecting around 40% of men by the age of 40 and nearly 70% of men by the age of 70, complaints about ED in younger men are increasing with one in four new ED- Patients to now under 40.

Penile aging can begin as early as your late 20s, but it becomes severe enough to typically be noticed in your 40s. As men get older, their likelihood of getting erectile dysfunction increases by about 10% per decade, and the severity of the problem increases as well.

Can i prevent this?

For most men, preventing and improving erectile dysfunction means improving blood flow to the penis – and the best way to do that is with proper diet and regular exercise.

  • Movement: Movement stimulates the release of hormones and increases libido. It also stimulates blood vessel growth and increases blood flow, which naturally leads to improved blood flow to the penis.
  • Diet: When it comes to food, studies show that men who eat a traditional Mediterranean diet have a lower risk of ED. That means eating lots of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, fiber, fish, virgin olive oil and having a moderate consumption of wine.

Other Strategies That Help: Kegel exercises have been shown to help keep the penis properly pumped, and sleep increases testosterone and lowers adrenaline. Finally, turn off the pornography.

Excessive exposure to pornography disrupts key brain centers that trigger desire, erections, and climaxes.

Is Erectile Dysfunction Fully Curable?

In most men, erectile dysfunction can be treated effectively, if not actually cured. Medication is typically required and, in some cases, men may need surgery. Understanding what is causing your ED, however, is the first step to treatment.

What treatment options are there?

There are a variety of clinically proven oral medications available to treat ED that are effective for most men, but finding the right fit is a whole different game.

At Mosh, the platform’s doctors and nurses can evaluate your situation and treatment program without meeting in person – they do it by asking questions to evaluate your symptoms to ensure that prescribing ED medications is safe and appropriate is. They will then use your answers to diagnose your condition and create a tailored treatment plan just for you.

Once you’ve received the best treatment option, Mosh’s subscription-based service means you will receive a new set of medications from registered Australian pharmacies every 3 months. The plan includes nurse follow-up visits, educational materials, and ongoing medical support, including referrals / referrals to other specialists, at no additional cost.

“Online platforms like Mosh offer a wonderful opportunity to offer high quality medical care to a broader segment of the population, especially in ‘difficult’ or ’embarrassing’ areas like ED,” explains Dr. Love. “This form of medical advice and treatment will grow and expand and, I believe, become a very viable alternative to traditional medical advice. It was important to me that through the use of mosh, patients received correct and timely advice and were educated about all of the options available to them. In the field of ED, there has been a tendency in traditional family doctor consultations not to really discuss things or to understand the needs and expectations of the individual and to offer erection pills without outlining treatment options when they are not working.

As for other options, there is always surgery (urologists can insert a penile prosthesis into the penis), alternative medical treatments such as penile injections (a drug that can increase blood flow when injected into the penis or inserted into the opening as a suppository) ). at the tip of the penis) or shock wave treatment (non-invasive, low-intensity sound waves are passed through the erectile tissue to help blood flow).

Ready to get tougher? Find out more here.

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Men’s Health

Tokyo Olympics: Shooting woes doom U.S. men’s basketball team, and expose a weakness



SAITAMA, Japan – Kevin Durant stood a chance. Then about 20 seconds later.

Jrue Holiday had one. Like Zach LaVine and Bam Adebayo.

The US had five attempts to achieve ultimate ownership of its recent basketball failure and all went blank.

That not only condemned the Americans to an 83:76 defeat against France on Sunday evening, but also showed that their problems could last well beyond their Olympic opener.

Because if a team can’t shoot, they won’t win.

“The ball goes in or not,” said US coach Gregg Popovich.

For the USA, it certainly didn’t go down much on Sunday. The Americans finished at 36% overall and were 10 for 32 (31%) out of the 3-point range.

Durant, who holds a variety of US scoring records and was set to break more in this tournament, was 1 to 6 with 3 points. Jayson Tatum was 1 for 5. Damian Lillard was 3 for 9.

These are All-NBA players who shoot from a 3-point arc closer than they are used to.

“Sometimes you shoot and sometimes you don’t,” said Popovich. “It’s not about which aspect of the game you win or lose. It’s a collection of everything that happened during the game. “

The Americans undoubtedly had a difficult time preparing for these Olympics. Their show schedule was reduced from five to four games after Bradley Beal was put on health and safety protocols and ultimately unable to travel to Japan. Another player had to be replaced when Kevin Love was injured.

And since Holiday, Khris Middleton and Devin Booker didn’t join the team until Saturday after missing training camp in the NBA final, nearly half of the players missed part or all of the Olympics warm-up run.

That said, Americans need to simplify their playbook, at least initially. There are few sophisticated offensive sets out there because they just haven’t had time to learn them.

But shooting shouldn’t suffer from that. And they can’t afford it right now, knowing that after such a short time they won’t have much to fall back on.

Booker missed a 3-pointer who could have built a 2-point lead with 2:09 remaining. Evan Fournier’s 3-pointer gave France the lead before the Americans lost several chances to win them back.

Durant could see the basket with his two three-pointers during possession with five shots, which started with his miss with 44 seconds to go. With 25 seconds remaining, he was on another and Holiday missed one to end possession.

“We gave them five chances in a row,” said France center Rudy Gobert.

Durant, with two Olympic gold medals and an MVP award at the 2010 World Basketball Championship, never got into rhythm when battling nasty problems.

But he wasn’t particularly keen on acting when the Americans were beaten by Nigeria and Australia. After such a strong end to its NBA season, it’s an early slump for the US

The good news for Americans was that Holiday was better than they could hope for after arriving late Saturday night – after partying with the Milwaukee Bucks after their NBA championship on Tuesday.

He seems to be fulfilling two American needs by providing a steady point guard game while defending even more physically than in the NBA.

If a few more guys start at his level starting in the Americans’ next game against Iran, the Americans think they can be a whole different team than the one that withered late against the French.

“We still have a chance to achieve our goal,” said Holiday, “and being consistent is the best way to get there.”

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Men’s Health

Men, Roll Up Your Sleeves: Forearms Are Sexy Now



When it comes to exercising and emphasizing the parts of your body that make you more attractive, you can focus your energy on your abs, biceps, or even your glutes. All of these are admirable goals. But there is a certain part of the human anatomy that is almost universally accepted as hot these days, and if you don’t pay your attention to it, then you’ll leave thirst on the table.

I’m talking about your forearms, of course.

The sharpness of the rolled up shirt sleeves and bare, muscular, slightly hairy forearm has long been known, especially among avid readers in the romance fiction community, where this is a full blown sexy trope. It means strength, security and a metaphorical unbutton: here, say the forearms, is a man ready to get his hands dirty and do the work.

But thanks to popular actor Stanley Tucci, who regularly rocks a henley with elaborate but casually pulled up sleeves, the forearms have really entered the public consciousness as a danger of thirst. Whether on the cover of his cookbook or while skillfully preparing a cocktail via livestream for an enthusiastic audience during lockdown, Tucci shows the platonic ideal of sexy forearms. Not that you have to be a movie star of Italian descent with an especially hairy brachioradialis to enjoy this allure.

“The truth is, every man has beautiful forearms, even if he couldn’t drag my downright nondescript body five feet above his fluorescent-lit cubicle,” wrote Serena Golden of Mel Magazine. “All forearms (except for Paul Ryans) are hot – hairy or smooth, pale or dark, thin or fat or muscular, it doesn’t matter – and all men lucky enough to own a pair can participate in some of the activities that are best shown to their advantage. “

Do you want to make the most of your forearms? Here are some simple steps that you need to follow.

When wearing a long-sleeved shirt, roll up your sleeves in the first place. Be careful, however, not to roll them up too far: the material should still sit comfortably under your elbow, encircle your forearm, and make it look nice and muscular. Styling expert Alex Costa also recommends experimenting with trimming your arm hair to show your muscle definition, although your mileage here may vary – for some, hair is part of the overall underarm experience.

However, to maximize the strength of your pronators, consider giving them some TLC in your workout. “It’s easy to do 1 or 2 forearm exercises at the end of a standard workout. Just do 2 to 3 sets per movement, ”advises Ebenezer Samuel CSCS, Men’s Health Director of Fitness. re a muscle group that should get routine work almost every day. This means that you don’t have to take a “rest day” from exercising your forearms. Don’t be afraid to inject them into training 5 to 6 days a week; Your grip strength will benefit from this and it can be trained with this frequency. “

Here are some of the best moves to incorporate into your next workout for bigger, stronger forearms.

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