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Lebanon health community targets outreach at county’s unvaccinated half



Lebanon County officials and health care providers have been concerned about how to get about half of the county’s that haven’t been vaccinated for vaccination.

This is due to the fact that the delta variant continues to affect the unvaccinated disproportionately and has led to an increase in cases among the residents of the district and local influencing factors spread doubts and conspiracy theories about the vaccine.

Currently, 52 percent of Lebanon County’s residents have been partially vaccinated and 47.7 percent of the total population have been fully vaccinated, according to the state health department.

Stephanie Andreozzi, co-lead of WellSpan’s vaccination team, said: “People have reasons to hesitate. Some of this is misinformation you’ve heard about in the media, some of it stemming from long-term concerns about the safety and trust within the health system.

“We heard some people expressed concern about how quickly the vaccine was developed,” despite the fact that the technology behind the vaccine has been in development for years and the Pfizer BioNTech jab has now received full FDA approval.

The perception that vaccines are not very effective or based on novel technologies is a common reason some residents of the county say they are not receiving the vaccine, alongside the fact that vaccinated people still have to wear masks in some situations. Also, some people who have had the coronavirus and have some natural immunity from it do not think it is necessary to get the vaccine.

“Our data shows a sharp drop in the number of people who get it, and that’s because of the vaccination rates we have,” said Andreozzi. “People who have been vaccinated, even if they test positive, don’t develop serious illness and (don’t) end up in the hospital, and that’s an important step.”

She added that case numbers are rising in local communities, a “frustrating trend” she attributes to the fact that “we do not have enough people in our communities who are vaccinated”.

Regarding groundbreaking cases, Andreozzi said the vaccines were never said to be 100 percent effective, even when studies showed an effectiveness rate in the 95 percent range. Even if the virus did pass through the drug, the chances of it causing serious illness are still much lower.

“If we can prevent illness and hospitalization and death, it’s a wonderful thing,” said Andreozzi.

The locals in Lebanon heat themselves up over disinformation and distrust

Nonetheless, misinformation and doubts about coronavirus vaccines continue to creep through the veins of Lebanon County’s digital arteries. At the national level, Republicans and African Americans were disproportionately reluctant. In Lebanon County, local influencers in these groups have sown suspicions about the coronavirus vaccines.

Republican MP Russ Diamond has repeatedly promoted the right to refuse legislation on his Facebook page, recently rhetoric comparing coronavirus vaccinations to what some interpreted as rape, which aroused outrage from the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape.

Cornwall Mayor Mark Thomas in a Facebook post described the vaccines as the product of a plot by Microsoft’s ex-CEO and founder Bill Gates, together with the CIA, to eradicate religion and control men’s minds.

Thomas also promoted a video showing the activities of the Steve Bannon-linked Rule of Law Society, which published a study on the coronavirus that scientific experts have described as “bizarre and unfounded”. He did not respond to questions for comments on Facebook or email.

Meanwhile, prominent African American activist Michelle Cotton, who led and organized the recent Black Lives Matter demonstrations in the county, has been beating up vaccines for years and invoking discredited conspiracy theories that cause autism.

Anti-vaccine posts from her on Facebook reaching Lebanon County’s minorities have become more common lately. Recent comments or reposts from her account have conjured up the specter of a sinister conspiracy among the residents of the microchip county, calling coronavirus vaccine passports “Nazi” and declaring them the new Jim Crow. She did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

Taste of Sicily, a Palmyra area restaurant that has performed fact checks by USA Today on previous statements of inaccuracies regarding coronavirus rules and flagged its content as misleading information, has used Facebook to make religious exemptions from coronavirus vaccine mandates and – Encourage examples of the people who received the vaccine and still received the virus as alleged evidence that the vaccine is in doubt.

Targeted news

Now that supply-side issues are no longer a major issue, news coordination through the Community Health Council has set out to target those who are more resistant to the vaccine, said Nikki Maurer, council executive director.

One of the techniques the non-profit collective undertakes is communicating with local influencers.

In Lebanon County in particular, WellSpan has entered into a partnership with Guadalupe Barba, the owner of La Placita de Lebanon. There have been several pop-up vaccination pages that vaccinated entire families because of their influence, Andreozzi said.

Communicating with religious leaders to ensure they can play an important role in combating the misinformation is also very effective, Maurer said.

“We want people to talk to their doctor,” said Andreozzi. Many people had waited for their normal doctor’s office to deliver the vaccine instead of receiving it from a mass station, and it is now available.

She added that it is especially important to keep community partners updated with the latest information to allay concerns that were previously relatively unknown, such as: B. Pregnancy.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine are now recommending the vaccine for pregnant women.

“Our providers were able to hold very specific discussions with people who have very specific concerns,” said Maurer. “Unfortunately, COVID is getting nowhere and the best defense we have is vaccinating people.”

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Jen Hetrick, a resident, was among those who were initially reluctant due to previous allergic reactions to medicines and food.

“My approach was to trust the scientists,” said Hetrick. “My reasons for not getting it at first were my allergic reactions.”

Hetrick had reacted poorly to over-the-counter drugs and shellfish. “It was kind of uncharted territory,” she said, referring to the vaccine novelty that was preoccupying her at the time.

She waited, but when she started planning concerts and other events, she decided to do the recording.

At that point, all of their EpiPens had expired, but their doctor said that more than 31,000 people had been vaccinated at the county’s local mass vaccination site at the time, and he only knows maybe two or three people who had vaccinated after medical care the vaccination.

In the end, Hetrick said she had never had a fever or felt sick, just a slight sore arm and slight fatigue. She drank a lot of water and rested and was fine. She had a similar reaction to the second dose.

Hal Conte is a Quality of Life and Central Pennsylvania reporter for the Lebanon Daily News. You can find him on Twitter at @conte_hal.

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Men’s Health

Walking Daily Helped Me Lose 28 Pounds and Get Shredded at 52



Bernard Creed, a 52-year-old accountant from Dubai, shared the results of his 12-week body transformation with Men’s Health and revealed the surprising mental benefits of his new routine.

I always worked out and tried to choose healthy foods. Even during Covid, I stuck to my workout routine at home. I was never heavy, but after I was 50 I noticed that things were catching up with me and my metabolism was not what it used to be. I was no longer able to get away with my previous habits, had gained weight, and felt uncomfortable in my clothes.

I knew I had to make some changes so I started working at Ultimate Performance Dubai with my trainer, Tawfik Bakkar. In addition to our three times a week strength training, I also spent a lot more time doing cardio: I started daily walks and took 15,000 steps every day.

The biggest change for me was learning macros. That was really a revelation. I knew high protein would help me maintain my muscle percentage, but I hadn’t been paying attention to the healthy fats I needed and the effect of carbohydrates on energy. Keeping track of my macros and meeting my daily goals forced me to make much better decisions and ended up having a huge impact.

I had coaches in the past but never got very far. Tawfik taught me how the combination of weight training, macro goals, sleep, hydration, and daily walking was really transformative. He checked in with me every day and pushed me further – this professional support was great.

In total, I lost a total of 13 kg (28 pounds) and managed to gain 1.5 kg (3.3 pounds) of muscle mass in 12 weeks.

Ultimate performance

While the physical transformation was quite drastic on the outside, I have to say that daily walks of over an hour a day resulted in the greatest change on the inside. It brought an element of mindfulness into my day and allowed me some peace to think and reflect. I had never experienced this combination of physical and mental changes.

I’ve also had back pain for years – but since I’ve been training with Tawfik without putting any pressure on this area, I haven’t had any back problems since then.

Mens Health MVP Subscription

I’ve kept up with my workouts, macro goals, and daily walks, and I feel really great with the choices I’ve introduced into my lifestyle. Tawfik recently started the bulk phase of my workout, which I love. I am building more muscle and increasing my calorie intake and I look forward to seeing where this next leg of my health and fitness journey will take me.

My advice to anyone looking to get in better shape is to find a program and trainer that will suit you and your needs. Having someone who pushes you knows what they’re doing and listens is key. If you don’t have the budget, there are plenty of apps and forums out there with useful information. But remember to block the noise from critics and focus only on what will help you pursue your goals.

Last but not least: a daily walk is free and will surprise you with its effects.

Philip Ellis is a UK based freelance writer and journalist specializing in pop culture, relationships and LGBTQ + topics.

This content is created and maintained by a third party and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. You may find more information on this and similar content at

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Men’s Health

It’s okay not to be okay



The Chronicle

Andile Tshuma
Last week’s headlines painted a sad picture with a string of suicides recorded across the country.
Ironically, we are still in suicide prevention month.

September is a time to raise awareness of suicide and help prevent it. It’s about people living with mental or behavioral health problems and helping to reduce the stigma that so many experiences have.

Most people can name many ways to measure physical health. Mental health is harder to define. We know what it is like to be happy, sad, angry, or satisfied. Sometimes we’re just somewhere in between.

The mental health of women and men has become a public health issue that requires attention, especially in the face of rising incidences of depression, violent crime, and suicide.

A man’s toughness is viewed as closely related to physical and emotional strength and invincibility.

Being told to be a man throughout parenting and even in adulthood reinforces the idea that men should be tough and deal with problems on their own.

There is a widespread social expectation that men should never rely on other people, talk about their feelings, or seek help with their physical or mental health.

Men in particular find it difficult and unnecessary to seek psychological help or counseling services.
The latest available data from the World Health Organization shows that Zimbabwe has the 34th highest suicide rate in the world and fifth in Africa behind Lesotho, ESwatini, South Africa and Botswana, respectively.

In the past five years, more men than women have committed suicide, according to mental wellness organization Create Zim.

Padare / Enkundleni Men’s Forum on Gender-Based Seniors Programs Mr Ziphongezipho Ndebele recently said the state of mental health of men in the country was of concern and called for a change in the behavior of men looking for health.

“You will find that men are most likely to experience mental illness because they do not seek help and do not share their problems. Many men struggle with depression. It’s real We really need to achieve more and share the message that it’s okay not to be okay. If you look at the suicide statistics over the past few years, you will see a worrying trend and show you that we are indeed in a crisis, ”said Ndebele.

Global and regional health institutions and bodies must assume specific global obligations as well as accompanying frameworks and strategies in order to better address the links between masculinity and poor health behavior.

Growing numbers of people are resorting to suicide in Bulawayo due to social pressure as police complain about the high rate of suicide cases in the city, including young people.
People usually think of suicide when they are exposed to social pressures, when they feel they have failed, or even when their family breaks down. Therefore, it is important that families watch out for suicidality as suicide can be prevented.

Communities need to be on the lookout for depression or other psychiatric problems that trigger suicide.

A local psychiatrist said that most suicide cases are male dominated because of the belief that a macho should suppress things even if they are affected by social pressures.

According to medical professionals, severe depression can be effectively combated with modern drugs and other medical techniques, but it is necessary that those who drift into suicidal depression are identified as quickly as possible and referred to competent doctors or psychiatrists.

Police in the city have also raised concerns about the alarming suicide rates in the city and urged parishioners to consider counseling before they commit suicide.

Surveys from around the world show that most men everywhere struggle to open up about mental health, but they are significantly more at risk of attempting suicide than women.

According to the 2018 World Health Organization (WHO) report, three times as many men as women die from suicide in high-income countries.

However, reports show that men are less likely than women to seek psychological support or therapy when they have problems.

The 2018 WHO reports set out that the cultural stigma associated with mental health is one of the main barriers preventing people from admitting that they need help.

This stigma is particularly pronounced among men.
Prescribed age-old ideas about gender and expectations are also behind the leading cause of mental health problems in men that eventually lead to suicide.

The report goes on to say that many are embarrassed to seek formal treatment for mental health problems, which often leads some of them to contemplate suicide.

Talking about mental health is not as easy in a social setting as it is at a soccer game. Everyone wants to create the image that their house is in order and everything is good, which in many cases can be an illusion.

Family members must offer support if they notice any suspicious trends that suggest a family member is suffering from depression.

Self-medication with alcohol and other substances is a common symptom of depression in men and can worsen mental health problems and increase the risk of developing other health conditions. Family members need to try to find ways to offer support without being confrontational. This could save a life.

Policy makers and other responsible bodies need to seek better and more effective mental health education so that Zimbabweans, especially men, can easily seek help and know that there is no shame in using health services.

It is important to break the traditional mindset of men about depression and suicide by breaking the stigma that surrounds these issues.

Another way to remove mental health stigma is to treat our mental health institutions differently.
Sometimes the families are to blame.

Once someone has mental health problems, they are dumped and left in facilities like Ingutsheni Central Hospital without anyone bothering to visit them and hold their hand in their recovery process.

The more we view our mental health centers as places of hope and refuge, rather than places to leave social outcasts, we could change the societal perception of mental health. One might consider seeking help and not killing oneself.

Nobody is immune to mental episodes or depression. We must all be willing to offer a helping hand to one of us in need, as we may need the same help tomorrow.

There should be no shame in using mental health services and seeking help when one is depressed. Suicide and violence are not a solution, as such acts only transfer pain to loved ones. – @andile_tshuma

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Men’s Health

Meet The Competitors at the 2021 Giants Live World Tour Finals



This weekend some of the strongest men in the world will compete in the Giants Live World Tour Finals 2021. After the success of the 2021 World’s Strongest Man Competition in Sacramento, CA, which crowned the new Strongman King Tom Stoltman, the contestants will again fight body and soul for their chance to dominate the stage and face Eddie Hall, Martins Licis , Brian Shaw and Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson in the Strongman Hall of Fame.

So who should you watch out for at the 2021 Giants Live World Tour Finals? Read on to find out:

Giants Live World Tour finalists 2021

  • Gavin Bilton
  • Adam Bishop
  • Luke Stoltman
  • Tom Stoltman
  • Maxime Boudreault
  • Andy Black
  • Markus Felix
  • Gabriel Pena
  • Evan Singleton
  • Kevin Faires

    2021 Giants Live World Tour events

    Nicol stones

    • Farmers carry for the distance
    • One stone weighs 114 kg (251 lbs) and another 138 kg (304 lbs)
    • Current record: 19.5 m, Luke Stoltman (Great Britain)

      Trunk lift for employees

      • 150kg (330.7-pound) log
      • “One of the unique challenges of the block press is that, unlike a barbell, the logs are often slightly unbalanced due to the natural growth of the log and balancing is critical,” the event information describes.

        Axial deadlifts for reps

        • “What makes this particular lift so difficult is the sheer diameter of the bar it lifts. Coupled with a bar that doesn’t bend, this really is an extreme test of strength and endurance,” the event information describes.

          Car hike

          • “The Car Walk is a test of balance, flexibility and of course strength,” says a Giants live description of the Car Walk. “The athletes have to pick up a 1000 pound VW Beetle with the frame resting on their shoulders and carry it over the entire distance. The races are usually driven by two people, with the fastest time to complete the route determining the winner. “
          • “Athletes need to combine tremendous leg strength to get the car off the ground, insane upper body strength to stabilize the car with their arms to avoid hitting the tires on the ground, and colossal amounts of core strength, Balance and control to keep your body stable when walking with the equivalent of 5 full grown men on your shoulders. “

            Atlas stones

            • “If there is one event that has always defined the sport of strongman, it is the Atlas Stones,” says the event description.
            • “The goal is simple: lift your 5 stones onto the platform faster than your competitor. Each stone is heavier than the last, usually between 120 kg and 200 kg. Lifting 200kg may not be anything for most of our athletes, but after lifting a combined weight of 600kg just seconds before, that last stone becomes the heaviest object in the universe. “

              Ed Cooper is Assistant Digital Editor at Men’s Health UK, writing and editing on anything you want to know – from tech to fitness, mental health to style, food and more.

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