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Chef Derek Sarno I Excited About Mushrooms and Wicked Kitchen



Derek Sarno has made it his business to make the food that everyone wants to eat. And one detail about this food is that it is vegan. The food should be “80 percent healthy and 20 percent bad,” he tells people, so in addition to a healthy diet, your meals should also be happy, tasty, and “sexy”. It’s a word he applies to mushrooms that he’s quite obsessed with. His love for mushrooms is the foundation of many of his meals, as revealed by a recent caption on an Instagram post showing a hand holding three beautiful mushrooms that reads, “Gimme Mushrooms or Gimme Death.”

Mostly healthy, partly nasty and 100 percent vegetable is the ethos of Wicked Healthy. The Sarno blog started with his brother Chad, which gave birth to their vegan grocery line Wicked Kitchen, which they launched in 2018 and which the UK needed during a storm. Wicked Kitchen is now available in the US. Together and separately, they have worked to make plant-based food more accessible, an everyday option for mainstream America (as opposed to just plant-based ones) and completely satisfying and delicious.

The ready-made food brand Wicked Kitchen was first introduced at Tesco, the giant retailer of which Sarno is Executive Chef and Director of Plant-Based Innovation, and now Americans can count on these vegan options as it landed on a store shelf since last month Near you, in over 2,500 supermarkets across the country, 2,200 Krogers and 350 or more Sprouts.

Wicked Kitchen’s vegan offerings include Spicy Mushroom and Veg Sourdough Pizza, Mac Attack Salad Bowl, and a Toasted Three Onion Dip. The iconic plant-based brand is also working on developing more vegan proteins to complement the current range, which includes BBQ Fib Rack and Wicked Chorizo ​​Style Bangers.

Sarno, who was busy in the kitchen with his camera crew and dog Frankie, finds more time in the course of a day, week, or life than most people, including spending months in a Buddhist monastery, and now he starts a regular column for The Beet. He will share his recipes, his appreciation and love for mushrooms as a meat substitute and show average cooks (who like to pretend to be above average when we hand over knives, pans and mixing spoons) how to cook delicious and “sexy” meals that involve meat Leave off the menu and keep the taste, treat, and texture that we want and that a good dinner should deliver.

He has just co-wrote the Mushroom Manifesto with Chad, a digital book that shares their extensive and in-depth knowledge of the magic mushrooms, including recipes and understandable stories, as an ode to this almost mythical natural wonder. Why people don’t love mushrooms (and there are statistics that say they don’t) is lost on Sarno. He’s made it his business to change that.

On call to discuss his new column, which he and Chad and Dave Joachim, her co-writer and regular contributor, cleverly named “In the bad kitchen on the beet” Sarno is calm, his voice steadfast and his gaze undisturbed. His passion for vegan or plant-based cooking comes to the fore, along with a sound intelligence about what it takes to make the world believe that such a diet – without animal products – is not just the mandate for a healthy future planet, but is also preferable for taste and satisfaction and pure enjoyment.

Sarno’s spicy voice doesn’t get excited until he starts talking about mushrooms and then, in a fairly measured tone, sitting in his London home doing all of his video production and food experimentation, he admits he’s “super cheered” is from mushrooms. Sarno talks about mushrooms like other people talk about space travel. It is the future, and we will all go there at some point.

“I’m super excited about [mushrooms] because you can make so much of it. For the past ten years I have only tested and worked with mushrooms. They have fake meat and I fully support them, then you have cellular farming, but the niche is the whole food market. Mushrooms are the star of the show.

The Beet, editor-in-chief Lucy Danziger caught up with the good-natured cook who is suspected of being a superhero when he puts on his apron. He tells us his story and inspires us to prepare foods that are “good for everyone” but happen to be plant-based:

Derek Sarno explains how to make food that happens to be vegan for everyone

Lucy Danziger: Tell me your story. Why did you start Wicked Kitchen?

Derek Sarno: It started with me and my brother Chad when we came up with the idea a few years ago. It just started as a blog to share recipes because I wanted to show people who ate animal products that it is very easy to make vegan food super filling, filling, tasty, sexy and just cool. The whole cooking experience – and the taste experience – are incredible. When I first went vegan, a whole world of creativity opened up to me.

LD: How long have you been vegan?

DS: I will be six years old in January. Chad went vegan first, he’s been vegan for as long as I know. I was actually the one who made fun of him. I’ve always been this cook and I’ve cooked animal products, I’m not proud of that, but it shaped who I am today.

LD: Identity is tied to food. How do you get people to change their approach?

DS: Yes, I agree! Food is also traditions and habits. Food is about culture and background. For me it’s habits. I’ve lived in a Buddhist monastery for years and have been able to practice a lot, study my mind, sit and meditate, so I understand how it works, at least for me. I have learned that we are attached to certain things and hold onto certain perceptions of ourselves, including habits. Eating is a habit. It’s like smoking. We either need to get rid of it or know how to replace it with something else. If you are an alcoholic, do not allow yourself to have a drink now and then. You work with what you have and there are so many vegetables that really replace the flavor of meat, like mushrooms.

LD: The human condition is both where we come from and where we are going.

For me, a herbal experience was on the rise in my life. Where we have been and the traditions we cherish are part of us, but we can honor them by advancing in a plant-based way. Don’t give up driving, buy a versatile car.

LD: Why are you passionate about mushrooms?

DS: Mushrooms give off a meaty texture, more nutrients, and protein. I am absolutely thrilled with them because there are so many things you can do with them. For the past ten years I have only tested and worked with mushrooms. They have fake meat and I fully support them, then you have cellular farming, but the niche is the whole food market. Mushrooms are the star of the show.

LD: I’m excited about mushrooms because they’re super healthy.

DS: There are many reasons to love mushrooms whether its nutritional benefits or texture. Mushrooms in the retail stores are likely grown in greenhouses, but if you forge mushrooms you will get various benefits like the nutrient-rich minerals from the soil. If you can look for mushrooms that is amazing.

LD: Which mushroom recipe should we make?

DS: It’s not so much a recipe it is a technique and we’ll be sharing this technique with The Beet in our upcoming column. It squeezes a cluster mushroom between two cast iron pans and turns it into a steak. We have a lot of content on this in our cookbook YouTube and on our website.

LD: I don’t think anyone thinks of mushrooms when they think of steak.

DS: Or most people think of portobello mushrooms like the steak, and we don’t do that here. The right amount of heat and a little oil ensure a crispy chard skin on the outside. I use cast iron pans when I cook in a certain way. I don’t use anything else, I use what works.

LD: Tell me about Wicked Healthy. I love your cookbook! And recipes.

DS: Well we have tons of recipes on the Wicked Healthy website if you want to cook at home. Not everyone has time to cook so we made Wicked Kitchen in the UK in 2018. We started with 20 vegan dishes – pizza, salads, sandwiches – all ready meals. It was great and it really took the country by storm. It was the biggest vegan brand launch I know. We have now grown to over 140 products at Tesco in the UK. We recently launched more than 20 products in 2,200 Krogers and 350-400 Sprouts in America, spanning everything from frozen ready meals to long-life items like mushroom meal kits and mayonnaise. We did a collaboration with Beyond Meat. These meal sets make cooking easy for you and offer simple, practical solutions that are super tasty and delicious.

LD: What is the goal of your products? Are we saving animals, the planet or our health?

DS: My personal goal is the animals. But it is for whatever reason you want. You want to eat whole foods made with all-natural ingredients, but it’s just – good luck if you can find it in a ready-made meal! So you have to cook it at home. And we’re here to help.

Our whole ethos at Wicked Healthy is to eat 80 percent healthy and 20 percent bad. That’s the bottom line of being 100 percent plant-based. If you don’t indulge yourself a bit, it’s easy to fall back into old habits.

LD: What do you eat in a day?

DS: Well, I’m a food developer so I eat food all the time. This morning I had one of our porridge pots, it’s just a little bit of oatmeal. I made a tofu bacon club sandwich for lunch. In the 80s I made club sandwiches with animal products and I felt like one, but with tofu bacon with spices. I’ll post a picture of it on my Instagram. For dinner, I went over all of these frozen ready meals to make sure I was confident. I like green beans, baby corn, broccoli, beyond burgers, I eat mushrooms, it depends on the day.

LD: Do you have a mantra?

DS: I’m a Buddhist so I have loads of mantras. So much for what people would understand: make a choice, stick with it, and get it done.

LD I love that. And check back into The Beet for your new column: In the bad kitchen, on the beet Start on 09/27

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Healthy Eating

Delish and Dash Unveil New Kitchen Line, Offering Style and Convenience for Foodies Everywhere | National News



NEW YORK, October 25, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Healthy Living Kitchen Brand Hyphen, In a relationship with Delish—The destination for recipes, videos and the latest food news that inspire people to cook – has brought new innovative kitchen utensils onto the market in time for the upcoming Christmas season.

Developed in a deal brokered by IMG, the Delish by Dash collection includes three new products that combine style and convenience, from compact worktop waffle irons and donut makers to lightweight cast iron pans.

The collection:

  • Waffle maker: These 2.5 “diameter waffles cook up to 9 at a time and are perfect for snacking, making mini-desserts, and more. To cook, simply add the batter and the waffles will turn golden brown and can in less than 3 minutes will be served with your favorite toppings.
  • Donut maker: This donut maker cooks up to 7 bakery-fresh 3 “donuts at once, making the perfect breakfast treat or fun decorating project. When done, use non-stick wipes for easy and quick cleaning.
  • Light cast iron pans: Available in 8 “, 10” and 12 “sizes, these versatile, easy-to-use pans are a great, lighter weight alternative to traditional cast iron. With a sturdy stainless steel handle and durable construction, they are easy to move and practical for everyday cooking Pancakes to pasta etc. Each package also contains one QR code with exclusive Delish by Dash recipes.

This is Delish’s second collaborative product drop in partnership with Dash, after the Delish by Dash Stand Mixer debuted last fall.

“Healthy cooking should be fun and easy for everyone. That’s why we partnered with Dash, which often shakes the industry up by exemplifying how healthy eating doesn’t have to break the bank, ”says Joanna Saltz, Editor-in-Chief of Delish. “Following the success of the collaborative kitchen line’s debut last year, we’re excited to offer a brand new range of kitchen must-haves that simplify the cooking process while adding a colorful, playful personality to any home.”

The new Delish from Dash Waffle Bite Maker and Donut Maker will be available on, Macy’s and Kohl’s, while the new lightweight cast iron pans in all sizes can be found on and Amazon. These new products also come with Delish by Dash recipe books filled with special recipes tailored to each product.

“The beauty and ease of Delish by Dash is that both companies share a common passion to deliver quality kitchen appliances that not only look good, but also reflect our belief that the path to wellbeing begins in the kitchen,” added added Evan Dash, StoreBound Founder and CEO. “Through our continued partnership, we are determined to make today’s home cooking process more enjoyable than ever to suit everyone – from families juggling multiple responsibilities to individuals looking to their next home or home adventure Get involved in van life, Delish by Dash offers all the chance to channel personal style without restricting accessibility. “

Dash is one of a number of brands developed and produced by StoreBound. The brand is committed to creating a healthier lifestyle for everyone by creating products that make it easier for people to prepare food at home.

To keep up to date, visit and keep following Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

About Delish

Celebrating easy ways to bring the fun of eating into everyday life, is the destination for recipes, videos, and the latest food news that people love to cook. Delish is the fastest growing food media brand on the internet with more than 41 million unique monthly visitors and 5 billion video views per year. From implementing their delicious recipes to checking out the hottest trends, the site’s popular short videos can get up to 11 million views in just 24 hours, and favorites have been shared hundreds of thousands of times. Delish has a wide range of exciting content covering the food and beverage industry, making the website a go-to place for people who love food. is published by Hearst Magazines, a unit of Hearst, a leading global, diversified media, information and services company. Hearst Magazines’ print and digital assets reach nearly 166 million readers and website visitors every month – 67% of all millennials and 58% of all Gen Z ages 18+ (Source: 2020 comScore Multi-Platform © MRI-Simmons (12- 20.) / S20) With more than 25 brands in the US, the company publishes nearly 250 magazine issues and 200 websites worldwide.

About Dash

Dash is committed to helping people prepare healthy, unprocessed foods at home. The brand is built on the belief that taking small steps every day can make a big difference, and that the best path to wellbeing is to eat whole, natural foods. In store, in the kitchen and online, Dash provides the tools and content to help consumers prepare delicious healthy meals. That’s what raw life is all about.

About StoreBound

StoreBound is a family of brands committed to innovation. With a fully integrated model of concept development, engineering, manufacturing, logistics, sales, marketing and corporate governance, StoreBound develops quality products and manages their performance at major retailers. With thoughtful, well-designed household and housewares products, StoreBound’s goal is to win the hearts of our customers around the world.

About IMG

IMG is a global leader in sports, fashion, events and media. The company manages some of the greatest athletes and fashion icons in the world; owns and operates hundreds of live events annually; and is a leading independent producer and distributor of sports and entertainment media. IMG also specializes in licensing, sports training and league development. IMG is a subsidiary of Endeavor, a global entertainment, sports, and content company.

Media contacts

Christina Panta /

Zoda Carey /

View original content to download multimedia: .html

SOURCE StoreBound

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Healthy Eating

Healthy eating, student living, and meal ideas



As a student with a busy schedule, eating well proportioned meals is not often prioritized. Studies show that many Canadians develop “inappropriate” eating habits in post-secondary education. While it is tempting to order your favorite “Mickey D’s” dish from UberEats and have it delivered in minutes, introducing some healthier eating options within your week can lead to both academic and physical benefits.

Ordering from fast food restaurants shouldn’t be embarrassed; everyone does it. However, taking time to eat some healthier meals during your week will give you more energy, support cognitive functions, and lead to an overall healthier lifestyle.

While I’m not a food expert or nutritionist, here are a few things I do and meals I enjoy that help balance my diet.

To have breakfest: As students, most of us have been in positions where we had to choose between having breakfast or showing up for class, and we often choose the latter.

But breakfast helps with energy intake and awareness. In a study by the US National Library of Medicine, researchers found that eating breakfast was linked to higher academic achievement.

There are many simple breakfast items that work well with time sensitive schedules. These include toast with avocado, oatmeal, berries, bananas with peanut butter, granola and yogurt, and trail mix. Foods high in fiber and protein are best in the morning and will give you the energy boost you need to start the day.

Avoid eating before bed: Many experts suggest that you should finish your last meal around three to four hours before bedtime. Since Covid-19 has changed most of our class schedules, this has become difficult for many students. A study conducted by researchers from the University of Saskatchewan suggests that the isolation caused by Covid-19 has resulted in a significant deterioration in the eating habits of a typical university student, including eating late at night.

Since everyone’s schedules are constantly adjusting, a balanced dinner isn’t often the foreground of our thinking. Personally, I sometimes prefer to have a few snacks throughout the day and eat spaghetti squash noodles with pesto or tomato sauce for a meal around 7pm.

Whatever your schedule, it’s important to give yourself enough time to digest.

Have snacks: Many associate snacking with unnecessary ingestion of food or eating out of boredom. According to Healthline Media, “research shows that certain foods can be particularly important for brain health and mental performance.” These foods include berries, dark chocolate, nuts, eggs, avocados, and citrus fruits – all super simple and enjoyable snacks.

Healthy snacks distributed throughout the day can increase your brain’s ability to concentrate, reduce food cravings and enable you to “eat on the go” at particularly busy times. It enables the reduction of gas and unwanted exhaustion after eating.
For more information on healthy eating, UTM offers free nutritional advice with registered nutritionists. To make an appointment, call (905) 828-5255 or visit the Health and Advice Center (HCC) website. Not only does the HCC allow students to create plans for their specific nutritional needs, but it also has some delicious recipes for busy schedules to try out at home!

Theater Erindale Correspondent (Volume 48)
Julia is in her fourth year of majoring and minor in English, drama and professional writing and communication. Last year she had the pleasure of writing articles for The Medium’s arts and entertainment division. When Julia is not writing or watching Netflix, she can be singing with her guitar, playing board games, headbanging to her favorite music or sipping iced coffee on a terrace. She recently published her poem “Stretch Marks” in issue 2 of Wandering Autumn Magazine. You can connect with Julia on Instagram or Facebook.

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Healthy Eating

12 Healthy Juice Recipes, Plus a Nutritionist’s Tips for Making It at Home



Contrary to popular belief, eating your recommended daily fruits and vegetables doesn’t get any easier when you are an adult. But before you try to digest three salads a day, there is a faster way to digest all the good products: juicing. Read on for a nutritionist’s tips for making better, healthier juices at home, plus 12 healthy juice recipes to get you started.

TIED TOGETHER: 31 easy and healthy smoothie recipes that really taste amazing

You can make juice from almost any product. So your home juicing menu will rely heavily on what’s in season, what you want to use before it goes bad (we see you burying withered spinach in the vegetable drawer), and what you like. But whatever you use, it’s important to juice a range of live products whenever possible. “The more colorful the fruit and vegetables, the more phytonutrients end up in the juice,” says Dr. Felicia Stoler, DCN, a registered nutritionist, nutritionist, and exercise physiologist.

Making juice is easy enough with the right equipment, but is it good for you? The short answer is yes – with one caveat. Juice provides vitamins and minerals, as well as essential fiber, if you also juice hides, peels, and seeds. But Stoler reminds us that most of the time juice is just a serving of pure carbohydrates, plus some amino acids when it contains vegetables. While there’s nothing wrong with a glass of carbohydrates, it’s better to chew your products than drink them to make sure you’re getting all of the fiber in them. “It takes longer to eat and digest [whole food] to drink as a pure liquid that leaves the stomach faster and gets into the bloodstream faster, ”explains Stoler. “Think of a cup of apple juice that has about 100 calories. A medium-sized apple has almost the same calories, but it takes a lot longer to eat and you will feel full afterwards. “

Even so, juice is okay every now and then, especially if you’re struggling to include fresh produce in your diet. Here are 12 ideas to get you started.

The story goes on

Pineapple offers carrots rich in fiber and vitamin A and spicy ginger a sweet and spicy tropical taste.

Get the prescription

Create the celery juice trend to the intestinal healing powers of vegetables. It is also said to reduce inflammation and keep you hydrated.

Get the prescription

Speaking of trendy, tiny bottles of this magical elixir can be found in countless supermarkets these days. But it turns out these turmeric-infused immunity boosters are a breeze at home.

Get the prescription

A large Granny Smith apple dampens the bitterness of fresh greens and herbs. If necessary, add a light dash of honey.

Get the prescription

Don’t sweat it out getting a fancy juicer for it: watermelon is soft enough that you can juice it in your blender instead. (It’s also a great base for a margarita … just so to speak.)

Get the prescription

You would be shocked at how many greens there are in one glass of this sipper. Fresh citrus fruits and tart, sweet apples make it tastier.

Get the prescription

An agua fresca requires cutting fresh juice with cold water to make it milder in flavor and easy to drink. Add a dash of agave if you have to, but we bet it tastes great even without it.

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Like brunch for your immune system. This mixture of carrot, orange, nectarine and ginger will become an integral part of your breakfast table in no time at all.

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Like Bloody Marys? Then this is the one for you. Think fresh tomato juice meets spinach, herbs, and lots of charged spices.

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Bring vitamins, folic acid, and polyphenols. Add a splash of unfiltered apple juice if you like it a little sweeter.

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Psst: this three-ingredient juice would be twice as nutritious if you add a handful of vegetables, like kale or spinach, to it.

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If you want to cut down on your soda consumption, try flavoring plain seltzer water with pomegranate juice.

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TIED TOGETHER: Looking for the healthiest coffee whitener? Here are 15 to try

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