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Rahul Kohli on 30 lb Weight Gain and Becoming ‘Clint Eastwood’



Rahul Kohli had an adrenaline rush. He met in the office of Mike Flanagan, the modern day horror master behind the Haunting series, and there was a box of pizza on his desk. The two were still filming The Haunting of Bly Manor when Flanagan offered him a role on an upcoming project, Midnight Mass, in which he would play Sheriff Hasaan. And he would gain weight too.

“Let’s go,” recalls Kohli, saying before he took a slice of pizza out of the box and aggressively stuffed it into his mouth.

Kohli ended up gaining 30 pounds of fat for Mass, and this with some overlap at the end of filming Bly Manor (he says you can tell his character Owen gets a bit bigger in the last few episodes of this series) and that he’s “on it.” the bad way “did of ordering things like McFlurries from his bed on DoorDash and not doing things like working with a nutritionist. “I was just like eat crap, eat crap, eat crap,” he recalls. “And we got there.”


We should probably go back a bit. While filming Bly Manor, Kohli noticed that Flanagan, who was previously behind Netflix’s limited series The Haunting of Hill House and the Stephen King film adaptation, Doctor Sleep, among others, was giving his opinion. He had asked how old he thought he could play, what dialects he could speak in, and briefly mentioned another project. After enough clues were dropped, Kohli requested a meeting to get answers. The meeting proved fruitful as it resulted in the role of Sheriff Hassan, the lonely police presence in the small island setting of Midnight Mass. Mass, Flanagan’s latest high-art horror series, was able to wow the audience every seven hour episodes before being sent to Google for the best analysis the Thinkpiece Industrial Complex can offer.

Just before filming for the fair began, Kohli noticed that he was not breathing properly; his normally slim figure was not designed to hold the weight he had gained. But he intended to work it through. He arrived in Vancouver to read the table that was due to take place just before filming – March 13, 2020. You can imagine what happened next.

The Covid-19 shutdown hit midnight mass like anywhere – the Canadian border closed and Kohli returned to Los Angeles with an extra 30 pounds of unhealthy weight. What was originally planned in two weeks turned into several months with no start date in sight. Meanwhile, Kohli was not doing well, he was woken up in the middle of the night with heartburn and stomach problems.

Eike Schröter

Kohli, a longtime and devoted gamer, eventually sent in a photo of Joel, the protagonist from the hit Playstation game The Last of Us, and Flanagan was on board. After a shooting date was finally deemed certain and set, Kohli worked with coaches in Vancouver to shed all 30 pounds he’d gained before regaining them in the form of muscles.

“It was the dumbest way of doing nonsense I’ve ever done that put me on as much weight as the industry would be, like oooh, look at him !, just to lose it all and hit the gym hard “, he says.

One place you might hear of something like this would be Kohli’s social media feeds, where he has over 350,000 Twitter followers and over 440,000 on Instagram.

But while his role in Bly Manor was dubbed by some as the newest “internet buddy” a year ago, he’s not having a hard time staying humble. (“Because it’s not real,” he says. “If I want, I can find stuff that says the opposite.”) He has built his following over the years between roles on cult shows like The CW’s iZombie, which he appeared on, See growing in all 71 episodes of and Bly Manor, and while he obviously doesn’t take that commitment entirely seriously, he sees a way it has helped over the years.

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“It has enabled me to create a greater presence than maybe my work. I was more of a minor character at iZombie, and similarly created a bigger footprint at Bly than the roles necessarily did. “

Still, he sees his time on social media as limited.

“Just like a word trend, I think, an actor or a music trend. One minute you’re the internet’s friend, the next minute you’re the internet’s bad guy. It’s everyone’s turn. So I don’t take any of this seriously,” he said says. “My personal relationship with social media is temporary. We don’t have a long-term relationship. And once I can get out of this toxic relationship, I probably will.”

KOHLI AGAINST THE OTHERS toxic relationship in Midnight Mass, where his character is constantly viewed as an outsider. He’s the only lead actor in the entire show who has no background or history with the Catholic Church – Hassan is a Muslim – and many characters on the show treat him as that outsider, including sometimes his own teenage son.

Part of what attracted him here is the contrast Flanagan built into the role; a modern twist on the type of character a Clint Eastwood would have played in the past.

“The sheriff role in cinema and television has been one of America’s most iconic heroes for many years, and has existed for years,” he says. “And [Flanagan] had taken America’s greatest heroes of cinema and cast a man who has the physicality, or at least the looks of America’s greatest villain after 9/11: the bearded brown man.

And so he wanted to tap into the spirit of this old Hollywood character. Many of Sheriff Hassan’s poses and gestures with which he carries himself purposely mirror some of those of Eastwood or John Wayne or a number of other Western characters, in a gesture meant to show how slow and quiet the sheriff was. He wanted to make sure everyone felt the same: this is a character type you’ve seen before, but this time he’s Muslim.

And above all, Eastwood was someone Kohli observed very closely in his upbringing. In fact, it turned out to be essentially a modern version of one of his dream roles.

Man looks strictly with coffee cup


“My dad is a big, big, big spaghetti western fan. And as a kid, I always wanted to be Clint Eastwood, ”he says. “Well, not Clint Eastwood – The Man Without a Name.

A combination of Covid protocols and the show’s natural structure helped Kohli become even more isolated for his underdog character during production. Where his previous appearances at iZombie and Bly Manor were inherently social – he describes it as a “campus” feeling, living abroad and often socializing and partying with castmates – Covid didn’t allow that at all. On top of that, he was one of the few Britons in the cast (the only other was actor Louis Oliver, son of Sherlock and Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat), and because his character wasn’t in (most)) the stuff of the local Church, he worked with an Islamic adviser while everyone else was busy elsewhere.

He admittedly moved a little away from the group and everything that was going on. He has since made up for it on social media, text messages, and elsewhere, but has no regrets in what turned out to be a pretty tricky shoot. “It wasn’t particularly fun filming for a number of reasons,” he says. “But it was so rewarding to see the show when it was done and to be like it was all worth it.”

YOU THINK SOMEONE who was regularly on a zombie show and now has a penchant for the scary in two surefire hit horror series. But that is not the case.

“I hate horror,” says Kohli with a smile. “I can’t stand horror! I wasn’t a horror fan. I burned my fingers as a child. I was a very scared child – afraid of everything, afraid of my own shadow. “

He goes on to explain how he saw Jaws and The Exorcist as a kid and it bothered him a lot. His entry into the genre as the massive gamer he has remained to this day was video games. But that changed when he booked Bly Manor and got the chance to work with Flanagan.

rahul kohli


Hill House by this point already had a reputation that preceded it. But Kohli had to do his due diligence as an actor, and his expectations were met.

“For me, when a horror is celebrated, it means staying away from it. That means he’s doing what he’s supposed to be doing, so don’t fucking look at it! I avoided Hill House the whole time, ”he said. “And then I booked Bly Manor, and so I did some research on Mike, which meant I had to see this.

That was the beginning of a relationship he doesn’t want to let go of, even after midnight mass is over. At Bly, Flanagan only directed the first episode and acted as the showrunner instead. But Kohli got the full experience at midnight mass: Flanagan directed all seven episodes and also served as his dialect trainer.

Kohli notes that most other directors would cast based on what an actor has previously done. But Flanagan casts in such a way that there is virtually zero overlap between Owen from Bly and the Sheriff in Midnight Mass. And his trust in the director turned it into a relationship that he doesn’t want to let go of completely.

Man yells with police behind him


“I don’t want to work with anyone but him,” he says. “That annoys my team! Because they want to send me about things and I say ‘No! Because Mike said maybe we could do that later, so I want to be free. ‘ So this just happened – I don’t want to break up with Mike and be with someone else. ‘

When his time filming Midnight Mass came to an end, Kohli had no choice but to get going straight away. He made a (currently unannounced) movie immediately after filming was completed and took over 20 hours of driving back to Los Angeles in one shot. And although he’s now moved on from it – he’s just announced that he’ll be part of the cast for a new Hulu-produced pilot to be produced by Mandy Patinkin – he’s still got a bit of achievement and anxiety and imposter syndrome, that bound seemed to manifest itself during the production of a super-intense and often complex horror project that focuses on belief and religion.

“It’s been in the back of my mind every day since we packed,” he says. “Was I good enough? Did i do my service? Do I fit into this incredible ensemble group? Although I never felt like I was improving my game like everyone else on the show was. So that was always there. ”

Kohli admits that relatable type of fear is something that will likely go away once the show finally hits Netflix – an “end of the journey feeling”. And maybe if he stays on social media long enough, he’ll hear if those fans love or hate his take on Clint Eastwood on Twitter. It would be hard to bet against the former at this point.

Evan is co-editor of Men’s Health, featured in The New York Times, MTV News, Brooklyn Magazine, and VICE.

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Men’s Health

Usain Bolt on Comebacks and Finding Fulfilment in a Second Career



Recently, Men’s Health met with a man in his mid-thirties who was struggling to find time to exercise in the chaos of an ambitious career change. Put it this way and it sounds like building a raging men’s health transformation, but this meeting wasn’t that. This was actually an interview with the fastest man on planet earth: Usain Bolt.

But oh, how different it could have been. As he explained, when we sat down for this exclusive MH Squad interview, having already won eight Olympic gold medals in three games, he would have come back to the track for the Tokyo Olympics alone. Had that happened, this would almost certainly have been a very different interview. We would have talked about training regimes to keep up with young competitors and probably we would have talked about gold medals. As it was, we talked about why the comeback never happened and why fitness and exercise lag behind a new career and passion in his life without the track.

He’s still the fastest man in the world, but he’s not exactly the Usain Bolt we all know …

Men’s Health: So we’re about two months away from the Olympics, have you seen the 100m and 200m finals? How did it feel to watch instead of competing??

Usain Bolt: It was harder than I thought. I knew I missed it, but seeing it especially because the Jamaican boys weren’t up to the level I expected it was harder because I wanted to be there just to be good for my country.

MH: We read that you thought about a comeback at some point, is that true and why did you ultimately decide against it?

UB: I didn’t decide against it, but my coach. When I retired, my coach said, ‘Listen, when you retire, you retire’. He said he wouldn’t let me be one of those athletes who retire and get back into the sport. I was with him two years before the Olympics and I thought, “Coach, we should try to come back” and he said, “No, it will be even harder to get back to where you were now that you did it have retired two years.

“I was with my coach two years before the Olympics and I thought, ‘Coach, we should try to come back’ and he said, ‘No’.”

MH: If you had competed in these finals, how would you have done it?

UB: It all depends on what shape I am in. I will always say that I will win, but it all depends on my fitness. I think Olympia years I’m always more focused and determined so I think I had a good chance because the time wasn’t that fast so it would have been fine with me.

MH: If someone had told you four years ago that an Italian competitor would win your 100 meter title, how would you have reacted?

UB: I wouldn’t have believed it, that’s for sure. All due respect to the Italians, but I don’t think anyone expected that. There were so many other guys at that moment that we expected to show up, but I have to take my hat off to him. He took the opportunity when no one was looking at him. He showed up and was executed.

Mark DadswellGetty Images

MH: How do you keep fit after the end of your career today?

UB: For me, I’m still trying to get out on the track, not much I have to say, but I also have my peloton and you have online classes so I’m mostly training right now.

MH: How often do you do that?

UB: I try three times a week but my friends are not a motivation; they are of no help. It’s hard because I’ve worked out my whole life so sometimes it’s hard to get up and do it, but I try at least three times a week.

“I actually went to my doctor and he said you had to start exercising again.”

mH: Are fitness and fit not staying in the foreground for you now? And does that mean there will soon be a day that Usain Bolt doesn’t have abs?

UB: For me, I always want to stay in decent shape. I’m not as busy with abs as I used to be in my life, but I really want to stay in shape. I actually went to my doctor and he said you had to start exercising again so I really have to get into a routine because I have bad scoliosis so this is going to bother me all my life so I try To have time for it.

MH: When a doctor tells you to go back to exercise, does it shock you? Do you think I’m still the fastest man in the world?

UB: No. I understand because I know my schedule is going up and down so I know I need to find a regime or something that will keep me going. I am now trying to find a trainer, a real trainer who comes to my house and really makes sure that I train and do the work.

MH: What do you need from a trainer?

UB: It will be different [from what I’m used to] because now it’s not really about sprinting, it’s mostly about maintaining the body and trying to stay healthy.

MH: Obviously you are a 35 year old man now, how is your education different from that at 21? Is it easier, harder, are there things you know about your body today that you didn’t know then?

UB: I think it’s more intense I would say, but I don’t do that much so I just do cardio and light weights. I don’t do heavy weights anymore because I don’t really need the muscles, I just have to keep them tight.

This content is imported from YouTube. You may find the same content in a different format or more information on their website.

MH: Let’s talk about your emerging music career, how difficult was it to start a new career in your 30s and do you feel out of your comfort zone?

UB: I don’t think it was difficult because it was locked and not busy. I got into music a little before I retired, so to me it was something I knew I wanted to do. Yes, it will be a challenge because we still have to learn the game, socialize and find out our sound. Right now we are figuring out ourselves but we are only focusing on reggae and dancehall music and just trying to get people to understand and respect our music.

MH: How hard was it to take you seriously in your second career because you were so successful in the first?

UB: Exactly because people still see me as an athlete so now I’m trying to get into the music industry so we’re trying to work on it and get it right.

“I have the same attitude towards music: I want to get to the top.”

MH: What did you take with you from your first career to your second?

UB: Nearly everything. You have to work hard, you have to learn, you have to be committed and it’s not easy. It is good to have the right people around who understand and know the goal and can help you work towards it. For me it’s similar and I have the same attitude towards music: I want to get to the top and I will work hard and make myself be the best.

MH: Do you mind that you are still associated with your first career?

UB: No, I understand that my career made me who I am, so I can’t get upset about that. I just need to build new fans and new people who understand my music, but I’ll always respect my old fans.

MH: What is your ambition now?

UB: To win a Grammy. For me, that’s the highest peak to get a platinum album or single.

MH: Would you exchange your Olympic gold medals for it?

UB: No. As I always tell people, that’s what made me who I am. That put food on my table, helped so many families, and gave birth to Jamaica so I wouldn’t change it.

Usain Bolt is the Hublot ambassador.

This content is created and maintained by a third party and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. You may find more information on this and similar content at

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Men’s Health

What is an erection tracker? Adam Sensor monitors men’s sexual health during sleep



While an “erection tracker” is not a commonly used term in the world of sexual health, it could become one soon after Adam Health launched its newest product, Adam Sensor, to monitor men’s sexual wellbeing. The sensor is attached to the base of a penis and is intended to be worn overnight. It’s supposed to count how many erections a man has while sleeping.

Believe it or not, some kind of erection tracker has been around for a long time. Although not as advanced as the Adam Sensor, penis rings that could help men figure out what is causing their erectile dysfunction and even signal a fatal illness can be viewed as the first modern portable “erection tracker” about the health of one Man, especially his state of physical and mental well-being. Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction are often desperate to find out why and what is often causing them emotional or relationship stress. Erections aren’t just indicators of libido or bedroom performance, they’re also an indication of a man’s health, especially as he gets older. Some celebrities who have made headlines when it comes to sex include Teresa Giudice, Ghislaine Maxwell, and Princess Diana Yuri Tolochko.


Is porn the new sex edition? Young Americans find it “the most helpful source of information” on sex: study

What are soaking and jump humping? Bizarre Mormon sex acts are taking TikTok by storm

What is Adam Sensor?

The Adam sensor can be attached to the base of the penis with a strap. It is meant to be worn overnight. It’s comfortable to wear under pajamas and, according to the creators, is almost unnoticed. According to the National Health Service, healthy men are said to have an average of three to five erections per night. While it is not immediately clear why this happens, many experts claim that the body’s way of keeping the erectile mechanism healthy is by pumping blood into the erectile tissue. “Regardless of the cause, most doctors agree that nocturnal erections are a sign that everything is fine,” says the organization.

Its website states, “The sensor is small, compact, and completely unobstructed, so after a few minutes you won’t even notice you’re wearing it. While you sleep, the sensor continuously monitors changes in penis swelling (the swelling of the penis) and wirelessly transmits the data to the Adam Mobile App installed on your phone. When you wake up (hopefully after 8 hours), simply stop the measurement and remove the sensor. Our intelligent algorithms then analyze the data and our app generates a report with the results of the measurement. “

Erectile dysfunction and its causes

The Adam Sensor claims to show if a man has erectile dysfunction (ED), which can be caused in more than one way. If the man is getting night erections despite having difficulty getting one in the bedroom, it may indicate that the cause of ED is psychological, such as anxiety or stress. If no nocturnal erections are absent, one can suspect that something is biologically wrong.

Currently, International Andrology London is the only clinic where you can get an Adam Sensor. Director Christos Vasilakos, who is also the founder of Adam Health, told The Sun, “When night erections are impaired, the most common cause is aging. It can also be nerve damage if you are diabetic, caused by low testosterone levels or signaled cardiovascular problems. “

He added that the sensory device can also advise a man suffering from ED on the right type of treatment for his condition.

“If you take something like Viagra, you may be able to perform, but you won’t know if the problem is getting worse,” said Vasilakos, and want to check that the natural erections are improving and that you are not just seeing the effects of Viagra . “

If you have any news or an interesting story for us, please call (323) 421-7514

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Men’s Health

Meet The Man Behind Some of Hollywood’s Greatest Body Transformations



“Exercising (especially bodybuilding) saved me from what statistics say I shouldn’t have been. Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, I had to find my way without the resources of my home state to Ranks among the highest in the US for childhood obesity, I felt compelled to fill a void I experienced in my childhood – to be an inspiration to achieve big goals and lead a healthy lifestyle to fuel the pursuit . “

And as an inspiration – alongside working with the biggest celebrities in Hollywood – Calliet is a motivational speaker, a passionate advocate of the fight against child obesity, and a devoted father of one.

He works as Leading Trainer and Personality on E! S Revenge Body by Khloe Kardashian, has held positions with brands such as Nike, ADIDAS, Bowflex, Nordictrack, Amazon, Spotify and Beats by Dre and brings his expertise to workshops and exhibitions, including Shape’s Body Shop and The FitExpo.

I experienced the incredible power [of transformation], found a passion for the process and started sharing it with others. The word of my work got around and I had people from all over the world wanting to try my training methods – this soon turned into transforming A-list celebrities filming projects on location in Louisiana and eventually led me to Los Angeles. When I landed in LA, I took off straight away and haven’t slowed down since then. “

Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer Johnson

So what does it mean, a ‘Body Transformation Specialist ‘? Much more than you think, Corey explains.

“I take a mind-body approach with every transformation. Change begins in us before we see it on the surface, ”he says. “In my experience, one has to break cycles and be ready to face obstacles directly in order to successfully improve one’s mental and physical state. I coach my clients to overcome their limiting beliefs by showing them what they are. ”When they show themselves constantly. We combine mental and physical work with proper nutrition, and a powerful change takes place. “

“We focus on the main goal first. I then evaluate needs based on fitness level, past / current injuries and the other things their life demands of them in a day.”

“You have to be ready to face obstacles head-on in order to successfully improve your mental and physical condition.”

This holistic approach is one that Calliet applies to his favorite transformation to date (except himself, of course), which comes in the form of Hollywood crush Michael B. Jordan.

“We were consistently up to the opportunity and have changed his body with every project; from Fantastic 4 to Black Panther to the Creed series – we gave each character the best, ”he explains.

Michael B. Jordan was already in impressive shape for 2015 Rocky ground out Faithbut it was not until the following years that he claimed his place under Hollywood‘s heavyweights. Working with Calliet, he switched to beast mode for the role of Erik “Killmonger” Stevens Black Panther, as well as packing 11 lbs of muscle mass for Creed II. While boxing and conditioning were an important part of his training, weightlifting remained the pillar his body was built around.

“We’re coming for our best physique yet [for Creed III]. Given the nature of this role, we implement a high dose of HIIT and strength and conditioning training. In one day he will go from boxing to HIIT to weights and cardio. We create a world class athlete on the big screen – we don’t just want to look like that.

“Our goal is to grow with every role. We’ve improved everything we’ve done a lot. The weights are heavier, the cardio is more intense, and recovery is more important than ever.”

Train like Michael B Jordan

This is where Corey shares an example of one of his meetings with MBJ.

“Train circuit style with all available weights (we train in a traditional gym, but when you are at home you can get creative)”

Round 1 – 5 reps

Round 2 – 10 reps

Round 3 – 15 reps

Round 4 – 20 reps


Press press


Alternating lunges

Sumo deadlift

Double Unders for 30 seconds (perform jumping jacks if you have no rope)

Rapid fire questions

Which exercise would you consider a waste of time?

“Any exercise that is done without intention – form and function are crucial! When doing squats with your body weight, I want you to really connect with the working muscles and control your movements to get the most out of the exercise and avoid injury. For example: adjust your posture so that your feet are in constant contact with the floor (your toes or heels shouldn’t rise), control your descent as you crouch, keep your knees in line with it Your toes, then push through the floor as you come and make sure you are feeling your glutes, quadriceps, and hamstrings throughout the movement. Repeat for each rep and you will feel the difference! “

What is one exercise that you think we should be doing more of?

“Burpees. They are by far the best for hitting all angles from head to toe, inside and out! They are a full body exercise, they have both fat burning and muscle building potential, and there are many variations and modifications that can be performed can be based on your needs / goals. “

What is your personal fitness routine like?

“I start cycling every day – I either ride inside on my stationary trainer or outside. This is not negotiable for me when traveling so that my body works the way I need it. My life is in constant motion, I have to keep moving and challenge myself! “

What about your diet?

“I stick to a clean, nutritious diet, but I also indulge in the occasional treat. Food is fuel, you wouldn’t dump tar in your car and expect it to take you where you need to go!”

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