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How To Get It, And How It Helps Anxiety



Medical marijuana is legal in Australia and its effects on long-term patients can be extraordinary.

Early last month, looking for solutions to the anxiety that had plagued me since my teenage years, I turned to medical marijuana.

It wasn’t the first treatment option I tried. Cycling through solutions – from various medications to ongoing therapy – I found myself in a doctor’s office. “There is no silver bullet for that,” said the doctor simply.

I know now that he is right. There is no such thing as a magic bullet. Mental health rehabilitation is a slow process that requires a global rather than a localized perspective. There is no pill that you can take that will change your life. Finding your own path to mental blossoming requires a multi-faceted treatment program that includes exercise, changing sleep patterns, diet, mindfulness, medication, and an ongoing process of rewiring negative associations. And even then, you will still have bad days. Fear is not something to be healed. It is administered.

But that is exactly what is so insidious about the disorder. The condition can negatively impact your ability to do the very things you know will help. When I was most anxious, in my twenties, I slept irregularly and was stuck on hold, which increased my anxiety. In the past few years I’ve been more used to these symptoms in general – meditation was especially helpful – but they still flared up. And then I tried medical marijuana.

Bud or oil?

Medical marijuana comes in two forms in Australia: a bud, also known as a flower, and an oil. As the doctor at Alternaleaf, the medical marijuana treatment center where I got my prescription, explained, Bud is for recovery and oil is for treatment. While flowers only stay in your system for a few hours, oil has a half-life of twelve hours, which means that most people who take it are on a two-dose regimen: one in the morning and one in the evening, with the evening dose being significantly higher higher to improve sleep.

Oil can come in one of two types – it can either contain pure CBD or it can be balanced with THC. THC has psychoactive properties – it will make you feel stoned – while CBD has none. My doctor has prescribed a mixture of THC and CBD for me, with a two-to-one ratio being the CBD route. This is because small amounts of THC can increase what is known as the “entourage effect”.

Basically, the entourage effect speaks for the way CBD and THC interact with each other. Higher levels of CBD reduce the anxiety-inducing effects of THC and modulate the psychoactive experience.

If you are concerned about the psychoactive properties of THC, you can ask your doctor about pure CBD oil, the entourage effect is doomed. Pure CBD oil still has significant benefits in treating anxiety – you don’t have to worry about downing any particular treatment pathway.

For me personally, a small dose of my oil doesn’t exactly make me stoned. To find my right dose, I had days when I was taking too much and discovered I was going through the usual psychoactive thought patterns and piercing rabbit holes which meant I became distracted and found productivity difficult.

But when I got the right dosage, I found that the effects were small enough to feel like background conditions: I have that somewhat spacey sense of embodiment that comes with high, with no impact on my motivation or thought process. In fact, the oil’s greatest and most immediate effect has been on my productivity.

Medical marijuana has increased my focus

There is currently no consensus in the medical literature on whether marijuana actually increases focus. In fact, as John Salamone, a psychopharmacologist, told Mashable, “most research on cannabis and motivation shows no effect or, if at all, reduced motivation.”

While marijuana may not be specifically aimed at productivity, it can reduce anxious thought patterns, reduce “psychological pain,” and make tasks easier. This was my experience almost immediately. During my worst anxiety a decade ago, I found it impossible to focus on anything other than potentially negative situations – my mind was constantly being thrown into the future, obsessed with what was left to happen.

The oil redirected my brain. I found that I was deeply focused on the present and able to think about the tasks ahead. This meant that my work improved – I could immerse myself in my articles without being distracted – and I could sleep without waking, have long, natural rest periods without accidentally being brought back into consciousness.

I could sleep without waking up, go through long, natural periods of rest without accidentally being brought back into consciousness.

That is, in fact, what I would like to highlight as the greatest effects of medical marijuana. It hasn’t completely resolved my anxiety – rewiring the brain takes time, and no drug will ever calm all of the anxious thought patterns those with the disorder have experienced for years. But I can help myself better. The multi-faceted approach to treatment that seemed so overwhelming in my teenage years now feels a lot nicer; Easier. I am motivated. I’m concentrated.

And these things have repercussions. The better you live, the easier it becomes to live well. CBD oil doesn’t immediately lead you to better mental health. But it starts a cycle of heightened positivity that can have profound effects on your mental wellbeing

For me it is still at the beginning: CBD oil increases the effectiveness with regular use and I am developing good habits and implementing my new schedule. It’s also worth noting that my experience is not total. You will have your own experience with the oil and you shouldn’t abandon a treatment plan if you already have one, especially if it works. Oil can be used in conjunction with other practices – it need not replace them.

Here, too, there is no silver bullet. And yet the positive effects of the oil are profoundly palpable; more every time I take a dose.

Side effects are limited

As anyone who has ever had medical treatment for their mental health will know, most of the most commonly prescribed drugs have significant side effects. I took lithium for a while, which can cause hair loss and dizziness. I then took olanzapine, which increases cholesterol and can lead to significant weight gain. And then there are the benzos, which your body will tolerate over time and require higher – and more dangerous – doses.

Deciding which medications to take is a process of balancing these side effects with their results. Despite the worst of these physical effects, the drug is often worth it to take.

With medical marijuana, it’s easier to understand this balance. The treatment is certainly not without side effects. It can cause diarrhea, changes in appetite, dry mouth, and fatigue. However, if the oil is taken in the correct dosage, these side effects may basically go unnoticed. I definitely feel like my mouth is drier. But I haven’t noticed any change in my food intake and my morning dose doesn’t make me sleepy.

The evening dose that I take makes me pleasantly tired – a clear difference to the sleeping pills I have tried in the past

In fact, the evening dose I take makes me comfortably tired – a big difference from the sleeping pills I’ve tried in the past, which each passed out for 12 hours. My sleep is natural and I wake up refreshed in the morning.

It’s worth noting that, paradoxically, medical marijuana can increase anxiety in some people. The literature is divided on why exactly this is happening – most highlight THC as the element that causes panic and anxiety in high doses, even when reduced in low doses. But that doesn’t mean a bad experience with the oil should necessarily put you off. Most medical marijuana clinics advocate a process of trial and error to find the exact proportions of THC and CBD that will work for you. Compared to many over-the-counter medications, the process of finding that balance is easier, faster, and significantly less draining.

How to get medical marijuana in Australia

To get medical marijuana in Australia you need to assess the severity of your mental illness. The process is surprisingly simple – most marijuana clinics require you to complete a brief questionnaire about your symptoms. A C-PTSD diagnosis from a doctor will get you over the line, but also a range of symptoms associated with GAD, AKA Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

You must also have tried other medications first. That means if you have never participated in an SSRI or immersed in the world of pharmacology, you will not be admitted. But if you meet this condition, you will find that extracting the oil is shockingly simple.

For me, all I needed was a call to a nurse to assess suitability, a nightly consultation with a doctor, and two weeks of waiting for the oil to be delivered to me. That’s it. The whole process was painless, especially when compared to the stop-start attempts with SSRIs I had gone through in the past.

Oil is part of my treatment process – not the whole. But, to put it simply, there is no other drug that has had such an effect on my anxiety and motivation in such a short period of time. And I am grateful for that.

Joseph Earp is a writer for Junkee. He tweeted @JosephOEarp.

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Different Ways to Take CBD Oil



Photo of CRYSTALWEED cannabis on Unsplash

Nowadays, many people want a healthier lifestyle with natural products. It can be difficult to find alternatives to products that you can buy at the drugstore, but luckily we have discovered many benefits of harnessing the natural properties of the cannabis plant. One compound that has gained a lot in traction is cannabidiol (CBD). Unlike the THC found in marijuana, CBD has no psychoactive properties. This way, you can reap the health benefits without feeling “high”.

Many people have used CBD to help regulate their sleep patterns, and its use enables your body to get the rest it needs without affecting your mental state. Here are some ways you can consume CBD to help your health.

You can smoke or vape CBD

Smoking cannabis has always been the most popular way to consume it, but we know that smoking too long is not good for your lungs. An alternative to this method is CBD vape oil. Smoking through a vape allows you to smoke CBD in a more discreet way as it does not have the typical scent associated with cannabis. Coupled with the quick dissolution and great flavors, the effects are largely the same.

Food or drink

One of the easiest and healthiest ways to take CBD is through ingesting food or drink. Since it is easy to get CBD oil, many people have experimented with the properties and flavors to come up with different CBD recipes. There are also different beverages that have been infused with different types and flavors, be it water, tea or soda. Everyone’s potency can vary, so it’s always good to start slowly.

These products allow you to get the effects of CBD quickly without enduring an unusual taste. Everyone reacts differently to the use of CBD, so taking it is not a universal approach. It’s best to start in small amounts and work your way up to see how you feel.

Take CBD topically or sublingually

If you are taking CBD for medicinal purposes, it is possible to add it to your daily medication or vitamin routine, such as the capsules offered by Hemmfy CBD products. Some people just put a few drops under their tongue with an eyedropper before bed, which is an easy way to get them into your system. There are many topical options for people with skin problems or inflammation. If you have neck pain, you can try rubbing oil, cream, or rolls fortified with CBD onto your skin. Some of these options are also fortified with other natural elements such as eucalyptus or peppermint.

Over time, we’ve discovered the benefits and uses of CBD oil and this industry is not going anywhere any time soon. There are products for everyone, including pets, that can help relieve anxiety and other physical symptoms. There are many options as the industry continues to innovate, so do your research to determine which product is best for you.




Mark Westall

Mark Westall is the founder and editor of FAD magazine, founder and co-editor of Art of Conversation and founder of the platform @worldoffad

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Natural Remedies for Everyday Ailments



Plants have been used to treat infections, relieve pain, and cure disease for millennia. Pharmacists were the chemists of antiquity. They mixed up all kinds of herbs to formulate medicines. Botanists, witch doctors, shamans, and other healers routinely try their hand at herbal remedies for all types of ailments. Many modern medicines are made from plant extracts and organic compounds. Indeed, regulated drugs in use today contain organic material in processed form.

Various herbal remedies for preventing and curing diseases have gained popularity in recent years. This billion dollar market contains all kinds of valuable nutritional supplements including protein, creatine, L-glutamine, and others. A growing chorus of researchers in the established medical community are now advocating certain mushrooms because of the tremendous health benefits they offer. Mushrooms have long had tremendous healing properties as one of the most important superfoods in the world. They are especially useful for strengthening the immune system, with accompanying health benefits for joints, muscles, bones, mood, sleep, and stress relief.

World-class research scientists from Cannabotech – a botanical pharmacy – have formulated powerful patented solutions from high quality traditional mushrooms to boost the immune system. By mixing the nutrient-rich elements in high-quality mushrooms with pharmaceutical-grade CBD oil, far-reaching benefits can now be achieved. These include health maintenance, immune system benefits, sleep support, stress relief, improved muscles and joints, and bone support. This company’s research team focuses on different types of mushrooms, in particular:

  • Oyster mushrooms – Pleurotus ostreatus, these mushrooms require high humidity and offer exceptional nutritional value, with benefits for the immune system and heart health. They are rich in anti-inflammatory agents and have powerful antioxidant effects on the body.
  • Reishi mushrooms – This popular mushroom is known for its cancer-fighting abilities and immune system boosting properties. It was reported that in a specific cancer study of 4,000 breast cancer survivors, 59% of them ate reishi mushrooms. There is promising data to suggest that these mushrooms are an effective food for fighting cancer.
  • Enokitake mushrooms – Also known as enoki mushrooms, these superfoods are the mushrooms of choice for soups, risottos and stir-fries. This edible mushroom looks like a pile of pasta. They are common across Japan and contain many ingredients such as iron, copper, phosphorus, selenium, potassium, niacin, calcium, and fiber.

These edible mushrooms have tremendous medicinal properties, especially when combined with high quality CBD.

Why are mushrooms considered such an incredible biopharmaceutical breakthrough?

According to the NCBI, the rudimentary mushroom has been consumed since ancient times. It was the Greeks who encouraged their soldiers to eat mushrooms as they believed it would strengthen them in battle. In fact, the Romans named mushrooms as the food of the gods. Further afield, to the east, the ancient Chinese regarded mushrooms as the “elixir of life”.

For millennia, the basic mushroom has met the nutritional, health and wellness needs of mankind. In addition to being low in calories, these foods are also rich in nutrients. Mushrooms have no cholesterol and are extremely low in sodium, carbohydrates and fats.

Carmiero et al (2013) published a report on the composition of edible mushrooms. Popular mushrooms like Pleurotus sajor-caju contain 37.4% protein, 1% fat, 6.3% ash and 55.3% carbohydrates. Other types of mushrooms such as Agaricus bisporus contain 14.1% protein, 2.2% fat, 9.7% ash and 74% carbohydrates.

Although the numbers vary from edible mushroom to edible mushroom, it is clear that these superfoods are very useful forms of nutrition. About 100+ medicinal properties are evident in mushrooms and mushrooms. These include a wide range of protective immune-boosting properties, in particular:

  • Antiviral
  • Antifungal agent
  • antioxidant
  • Anticancer
  • Antidiabetic drugs
  • Anti allergic
  • Antibacterial
  • Anti-parasitic
  • detoxification
  • Immunomodulating
  • Anticholesterolemia
  • Hepatoprotective effects
  • Cardiovascular protection

Mushrooms are ideal foods filled with bioactive compounds thanks to their high protein and high content of minerals, fiber, vitamins and low fat. Sucrose and fructose are found in small amounts in edible mushrooms, while trehalose, mannitol and glucose are abundant.

It is the bioactive proteins in mushrooms that have pharmaceutical value. The biological activities include ribosomal inactivating proteins, ribonucleases, fungal immunomodulatory proteins and lectins. All of these are powerful ways to fight cancer. The polyunsaturated fatty acids have been linked to lower cholesterol levels, and the phenolic compounds also have antiallergenic and anti-inflammatory properties. Mushrooms may be small, but they definitely deliver!

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Mexican cannabis bill draft circulates ahead of vote (Newsletter: November 29, 2021)



Germany wants to legalize marijuana; Taliban Sign Cannabis Deal; Former TX government talks about the benefits of psychedelics

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Germany’s new government coalition officially announced that it will legalize marijuana. The plan also includes broader harm reduction measures, such as drug control services.

the South Dakota Supreme Court upheld a lower judge’s ruling that a voter-approved marijuana legalization measure is invalid. Activists are already working on another initiative for the 2022 ballot, and lawmakers are considering the issue.

Afghanistan’s Taliban regime announced that it had signed a cannabis production contract with a company called Cpharm, although an Australian company of that name later denied it was involved, saying it had “no connection with cannabis or the Taliban” and “had no idea where.” the Taliban media release has come ”. from.”

  • The project “will be officially launched shortly and hundreds of people will get employment opportunities,” said the Interior Ministry.

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry (R)– who also served as US Secretary of Energy – spoke about his support for the therapeutic use of psychedelics to treat mental illnesses faced by military veterans.

  • “If you’d told me five years ago that Rick Perry, the ankle-wrenching right-wing Republican governor of Texas, was going to be with the word ‘psychedelics’ in the same sentence, I would have bet you on the farm, baby. ”


the of the US Department of Agriculture The Risk Management Agency tweeted, “Hemp is creating new economic opportunities for America’s farmers, and RMA is excited to offer coverage to hemp producers.”

Majority Leader in the Senate, Chuck Schumer (D-NY) tweeted: “The war on drugs was a war against people – especially people of color. We need to end the federal marijuana ban and reform the criminal justice system – I’m working with @SenBooker and @RonWyden to get our Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act passed to do just that. “

Representative Thomas Massie (R-KY) tweeted his vote for a change in psychedelics research.

Former MP Mimi Walters (R-CA) talked about helping someone get psilocybin therapy for depression.

The house bill on Marijuana schedule and funding for programs to repair war damage caused by drugs a new co-sponsor for a total of 101.


The Cayuga Nation, located in new York, started selling marijuana in tribal stores.

California generated $ 322.34 million in marijuana tax revenue last quarter.

Massachusetts Regulators overturned a recommendation that communities should prioritize the approval of marijuana applicants for social justice. They are separate accepting public comment on hemp instructions.

Virginia Regulators have passed rules removing the requirement to report previous marijuana convictions for asbestos, lead and home inspectors.

Oregon Regulators reviewed plans to accept new marijuana business license applications and approved agreed settlement agreements for violations.

Minnesota Regulators have released the results of a survey of medical cannabis among healthcare providers.

Maine Regulators are conducting a survey on the hemp program.

Connecticut Regulators released updated statistics on the medical cannabis program.

West Virginia Regulators will be hosting events next week to enroll patients with medical cannabis.

Marijuana Moment pursues more than 1,200 cannabis, psychedelics, and drug bills in state legislatures and in Congress this year. Patreon backers who have pledged at least $ 25 per month will have access to our interactive maps, charts, and hearing calendar so they don’t miss any developments.

Learn more about our marijuana bill tracker and become a Patreon supporter to gain access.


Pima County, Arizona Officials have problems processing marijuana deletions.


Luxembourg The government announced an update on its plans to legalize marijuana.

the Israeli The Knesset has created a new cannabis committee.

Ireland The Medical Cannabis Access Program has enrolled its first patient.

Mexico The Senate hosted a forum on marijuana.


One review concluded that “all reported preclinical and clinical studies show that cannabinoids, especially CBD, have many mechanisms through the cannabinoid system that are effective in treating patients infected with SARS-CoV-2. “

One study found that “Adults who microdose psychedelics report health-related motivations and” less anxiety and depression compared to non-microdosers. “


A survey found that 61 percent of the Massachusetts resident believe marijuana legalization has been positive for the state.


Planet 13 Holdings Inc. reported quarterly revenues of $ 33 million and a net loss of $ 10.2 million.

Investor’s fraud and retaliation lawsuit against Bloom Farms was rejected.

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