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Petition Calls For Turpin Public Guardian To Lose Her Real Estate License



An agent implicated in the Turpin’s child abuse case faces public calls for the state of California to suspend or revoke her real estate license.

Vanessa Espinoza was a former assistant guardian on a full-time role helping the seven eldest Turpin children navigate life after escaping their parents’ abusive home. She also worked part-time in real estate during that time, reports ABC News.

Vanessa Espinoza

Now Espinoza is the subject of a new petition from asking the California Department of Real Estate to investigate whether she did enough to meet the needs of the senior Turpins as she juggled that responsibility with her real estate career.

The petition came after a recent “20/20” report by ABC News outlined the conditions in which the 13 Turpin children were forced to live by their parents – including years of isolation, physical abuse and neglect with restricted access to food or clean access to clothes. The report also described her difficulty in finding safe shelter and other services in the years since her rescue.

Espinoza was part of this wider effort to help the Turpin siblings and help them gain a sense of normalcy and security they never knew in their parents’ home.

However, some of the adult children said Espinoza was unwilling to answer even basic questions to help them get used to life outside these doors, including using public transport or crossing the street safely.

“She just told me, ‘Just google it,'” Joshua Turpin, one of the family’s older siblings, told ABC News.

Espinoza did not immediately respond to a call from Inman asking for comment.

In the first three days, the online petition collected more than 1,300 signatures to withdraw or at least suspend Espinoza’s real estate license.

“[Espinoza’s] Lack of professionalism and neglect in their work with the Turpins and County Riverside suggests unethical and dishonest traits that could hamper their real estate responsibilities, ”the petition reads.

The California Department of Real Estate did not immediately respond to an email from Inman asking if Espinoza would review the license.

Prior to joining the Turpins, Espinoza worked for Jack Osborn, the court-appointed attorney for adult children.

According to ABC News, she left Osborn’s company for the role in the public guardian’s office. This business relationship had been disclosed to the court, Osborn told the news agency.

Espinoza’s real estate work also includes time with Century 21, according to her business Facebook page. It was unclear which agent, if any, she was working with now.

Espinoza has not worked for the public guardian’s office since Aug. 21, a district spokeswoman told ABC News.

In its report, the news agency said Espinoza failed to respond to repeated requests for comment and avoided their cameras once.

The children’s parents, David and Louise Turpin, pleaded guilty to 14 counts in 2019 and are serving life sentences. The charges ranged from child abuse to torture and wrongful imprisonment.

Authorities became aware of the abuse in 2018 when Jordan Turpin, then 17, climbed out of a window and called 9-1-1 on a cell phone to report that three of her siblings were being chained at home. The police came to the house and found the other children injured, malnourished, and un bathed. Seven of them were over 18 years old at the time.

The children had been kept away from school and had little contact with strangers or the outside world. Terms like medicine were alien to Jordan during her first interview with the police, which was captured by a department camera.

In the years since they were released from the home, some of the Turpin children have struggled to find adequate housing and other services, ABC News reported.

“Have we seen that sometimes children didn’t have to have a safe place to live or stay? Yes sir. Did they sometimes have enough to eat? They didn’t, ”said Melissa Donaldson, director of Riverside County’s Victims Services, the news organization. “They had to go to churches and eat because they didn’t know how to handle money … and sometimes without an apartment.”

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Big north San Jose office building lands Silicon Valley buyer



SAN JOSE – A large office building in northern San Jose has been purchased by a local real estate company, a sign that investors have a healthy appetite for select properties in the Bay Area’s technology centers.

Located near the intersection of State Route 237 and Zanker Road in San Jose, the building was purchased by a subsidiary of Menlo Equities, an experienced Bay Area real estate company.

Holger Technology Partners, the Menlo Equities subsidiary, paid $ 35 million for the building at 300 Holger Way, according to documents filed with the Santa Clara County Recorder’s Office on Nov. 24.

KBS Capital Markets Group has sold the building with a total area of ​​99,600 square meters. The building is part of the tech campus District 237 on Holger Way just off State Route 237.

“The location provides close proximity to several of the world’s leading technology companies, including Google, which is expanding its development presence in San Jose,” said Gio Cordoves, KBE’s Western Regional President. “This is just one example of the demand for office space in this market.”

District 237, a technology campus on Holger Way in northern San Jose, has a memorial sign and some office buildings visible. (Cushman & Wakefield)

District 237 is a modern office campus in the “Golden Triangle” of San Jose, a technically dominated section in northern San Jose, which is roughly bounded by State Route 237, Interstate 880 and US Highway 101.

KBS once owned all eight buildings on the office campus, a complex the company bought in 2013.

With the latest transaction, KBS has now sold all eight originally acquired buildings.

KBS started unloading the office properties in 2018 through five different transactions, according to documents.

– 400, 450, and 475 Holger Way, $ 97.4 million, June 2018.

– 100 Headquarters Drive and 200 Holger Way, $ 95.2 million, June 2020.

– 250 Holger Way, $ 38.3 million, September 2020.

– 350 Holger, $ 50.5 million, December 2020.

– 300 Holger, $ 35 million, November 2021.

All in all, over a period of several years, KBS collected $ 316.4 million from building sales, a 32% increase over the $ 239 million KBS paid for all eight buildings in 2013.

“This location has become one of the most desirable in Silicon Valley over the past 10 years, with the Highway 237 corridor benefiting from new office, retail and apartment buildings,” KBS stated in its web post.

CBRE commercial real estate agents Joseph Moriarty, Scott Prosser, Jack Depuy, Brad Zampa and Mike Walker arranged the purchase of the 300 Holger Way building. Commercial real estate agents Erik Hallgrimson, Steve Horton and Kelly Yoder of Cushman & Wakefield have sought tenants for the building and provided market expertise for the transaction.

“This transaction represented a rare opportunity to acquire a fully refurbished Class A office building in the premier market in north San Jose,” said Prosser.

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Troubling Data For Horry County Future Real Estate Sales MyrtleBeachSC News



Rocket Homes lists Horry County as a seller’s market for 2020 and 2021.

The average sales price for a house sold in Horry County is currently $ 245,569.

Horry County is the fastest growing county in the state with a population of 350,000 and the growth continues.


Click the image to view the Boomer Death Clock in real time

In 2014, created what is known as the Boomer Death Clock. While it is certainly a morbid name, each generation goes through its own life cycle.

According to Incendar, a baby boomer dies every 16.5 seconds in America. This number is expected to double over the next 10 years.

BoomersYoung Boomers and Old Boomers account for 32% of all home sales

According to the National Association of Realtors, baby boomers would buy 32% of all homes sold in America in 2021.

Millennial and Gen-X buyers were just behind. Millennials make up the largest generation in the United States today.

Statistics: Resident population in the USA in 2020, by generation (in millions) |  Statista
More statistics can be found at Statista


The Generation X generation is nowhere near as big as the boomers. This generation is about 10 years away from retirement. However, Horry County is not in the top state for retirement.


The top 10 states where millennials buy homes include:

1. Denver, Colorado

Denver had the largest net millennial migration with 10,974 millennials moving to the city from another state in 2019, resulting in approximately 33% of Denver’s population being millennials.

2. Seattle, Washington

Seattle had a net immigration of 6,164 millennials from other states, which is 34% of the city’s population.

3. Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix had a net migration of 5,958 millennials. Millennials made up 23 percent of the city’s population after migrating.

4. Austin, Texas

Austin had a net immigration of 5,686 millennials from other states, which is 31% of the city’s population.

5. Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs saw a net migration of 5,050 millennials from other states in 2019. Millennials made up approximately 24% of the city’s population.

6. Frisco, Texas

Frisco, which is located in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, saw a net migration of 3,516 millennials from other states in 2019, which is roughly 19% of the city’s population.

7. Cary, North Carolina

Cary, which is about 15 minutes west of Raleigh, had a net migration of 3,364 millennials from other states in 2019. No data on the millennial population were available.

8. Portland, Oregon

Portland saw a net immigration of 3,311 millennials from other states, which resulted in them making up about 29% of the city’s population.

9. Henderson, Nevada

Henderson, which is about 25 minutes from downtown Las Vegas, saw a net migration of 3,042 millennials from other states in 2019. Millennials made up about 20% of the city’s population.

10. Cape Coral, Florida

Cape Coral, which is about 20 minutes from Fort Meyers and on the Gulf Coast, saw a net migration of 2,666 millennials from other states in 2019. Millennials made up about 18% of the city’s population.

Horry County is nowhere to be found on this list.



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Jax Beach oceanfront home goes for $6.5 million



4015 Duval Drive in Jacksonville Beach sold for $ 6,500,000 on October 12.

A classic clapboard style beach house holds the top spot as the most expensive home sold in Duval County last month. Built in 1964, the nearly 4,000-square-foot home sold for $ 6,500,000 on October 12.

Below are the top 10 single family home sales recorded October 1st through October 31st.

1. 4015 Duval drive

Price: $ 6.5 million

Buyer: Modern Development LLC

Seller: John & Meghan Starling

Neighborhood: Jacksonville Beach

Cultivation area: 0.26

Square Feet: 3,926

Bedroom: 5

Baths: 4.5

Year of construction: 1964

Sale Date: October 12th

Property: With Zillow still owning hundreds of homes in Jacksonville, he stops going upside down. Should you take care of it?

Related: The tight market is helping to keep home prices at a median of $ 310,000 in the Jacksonville area

2.3904 Alhambra Drive W., Jacksonville

Price: $ 5,400,000

Buyer: William McCalla

Seller: William & Shannon Connell

Neighborhood: San Marco

Cultivation area: 2.5

Square Feet: 10,204

Bedroom: 5

Baths: 6.5

Year of construction: 2006

Sale Date: October 12th

3. 12386 Royal Troon Lane, Jacksonville

Price: $ 3,900,000

Buyer: GK Realty Holdings Land Trust

Seller: Susan & Raymond Walden

Neighborhood: Glen Kernan

Cultivation area: 2.13

Square Feet: 8,418

Bedroom: 5

Baths: 6.5

Year of construction: 2009

Sale Date: October 14th

4. 5370 Commissioners Drive, Jacksonville

Price: $ 2,205,000

Buyer: Mary Lester

Seller: Frank & Janina Pinon

Neighborhood: Pablo Creek Reserve

Cultivation area: 0.78

Square Feet: 4,260

Bedroom: 4

Baths: 4.5

Year of construction: 2014

Sale Date: October 12th

3904 Alhambra Drive W. in the San Marco area of ​​Jacksonville sold for $ 5,400,000 on October 12.

3904 Alhambra Drive W. in the San Marco area of ​​Jacksonville sold for $ 5,400,000 on October 12.

5 6326 San Jose Boulevard. W., Jacksonville

Price: $ 2,175,000

Buyer: Elsazo LLC

Seller: Todd Sack & Barbara Sharp

Neighborhood: San Jose

Cultivation area: 0.85

Square Feet: 4,513

Bedroom: 4

Baths: 3.5

Year of construction: 1951

Sale Date: October 1st

6. 3407 Pine St., Jacksonville

Price: $ 1,899,000

Buyer: John Douglas Hirabayashi et al

Seller: Eric & Katherine Gabriel

Neighborhood: Avondale

Cultivation area: 0.5

Square Feet: 5,782

Bedroom: 4

Baths: 3.5

Year of construction: 1931

Sale Date: October 12th

7. 3404 St. Johns Avenue, Jacksonville

Price: $ 1,850,000

Buyer: Michael & Lynn Israel

Seller: Nicholas & Jessica Narducci

Neighborhood: Avondale

The story goes on

Cultivation area: 0.34

Square Feet: 5,252

Bedroom: 4

Baths: 3.5

Year of construction: 1929

Sale Date: October 1st

8. 5203 Tallulah Lake Court, Jacksonville

Price: $ 1,800,000

Buyer: Charles & Stacey Hogan

Seller: Joseph & Megan Schobert

Neighborhood: Pablo Creek Reserve

Cultivation area: 1.0

Square Feet: 4,314

Bedroom: 4

Baths: 4.5

Year of construction: 2014

Sale Date: October 19th

9. 2218 Alicia Lane, Atlantic Beach

Price: $ 1,550,000

Buyer: Gary J. Schecodnic

Seller: 2218 Alicia Lane LLC

Neighborhood: Tiffany-by-the-Sea

Cultivation area: 0.25

Square feet: 5,110

Bedroom: 4

Baths: 5

Year of construction: 2000

Sale Date: October 8th

10. 2590 Karatas Court, Jacksonville

Price: $ 1,450,000

Buyer: Timothy & Tracy Walton

Seller: John & Sarah Deperi

Neighborhood: Golden Glades – The Woods

Cultivation area: 0.34

Square Feet: 4,641

Bedroom: 5

Baths: 4

Year of construction: 2019

Sale Date: October 22

Source: Real estate appraiser for the district of Duval

This article originally appeared in the Florida Times-Union: Real Estate in October: The Oceanfront Home in Jax Beach is $ 6.5 million

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