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The Weekly Covet: New Year, Fresh Start



Once a week, we ask our editors to share the items they loved or desired – whether it’s a new skin care product we’re dying to try, or a travel essential we can’t live without. Consider “The Weekly Covet” your editor-approved wishlist for beauty, travel, fashion, and everything in between.


Enlite bra with zipper on the front

“If a sports bra could be your soulmate, this would be The One for me. It’s soft and comfortable (no itching or pinching), but also super supportive (no jumping either!) And is basically the only sports bra that which I will wear for my training in 2022. ” – Lauren Hubbard, contributor


Infrared sauna blanket V3

“When the lifestyle editor at T&C, Roxanne, raved about the infrared exercise mat from HigherDose as a cure for winter nonsense, I was fascinated. As soon as I found myself wrapped in the V4 sauna ceiling, I became a convert. The latest version of their cult favorite infrared blanket is lined with clay, charcoal and crystals to amplify the benefits of infrared heat and emit negative ions. Wrap yourself up on a cold winter morning and within half an hour you are sweaty, radiant and positively happy (thanks everyone!) Endorphins you just released, it makes these dark months infinitely more bearable. “- Olivia Hosken, Author for style and decor


Carioca diffuser

“The 151-year-old Brazilian pharmacy Granado is a revered one in its home country, where its flagship in Brazil is parked in front of the former imperial palace. But in America she remains a stranger. I’m trying to get through here. While lighting a candle from home at the start of a work day, Granados Diffuser has added a new level of floral complexity to my home. In addition, the old-school look of the apothecary bottle makes for a striking decoration objeto. “- Erik Maza, Style Features Director


Retreat at Greydon House

“For anyone looking for a quick reorientation, I recommend one of the retreats that will run from February 11th to 13th and April 8th to 10th at Greydon House, the Roman and Williams designed hotel on Nantucket, in collaboration with the holistic lavender farm wellness of the island.Think of: massages, wellness consultations, a two-day juice and vegetable cleaning from a healthy market (and an indispensable home shop) The Green and guided mindfulness meditation on the expansive beaches of the Coskatu-Coatue Wildlife Refuge (where you will almost certainly see seals). ” – April Long, Beauty Director


Pure face lifting

“After spending all of December in a constant state of abundance, I will desperately need a detox on January 1. Along with ramping up the HIIT classes and trying to stay dry for 30 days, I’ll be doing FaceGyms Pure Apply Lift Face Device, essentially a non-invasive, high-tech workout for toning, lifting, and deflating the facial muscles. ” —Leena Kim, co-editor


Dad Grass Classic Formula CBD Tincture

“I recently became excited about the benefits of CBD oil, thanks to the cheeky LA startup Dad Grass. I took it before bed when my chronic neck / shoulder pain flares up and each time I’ve managed to have a delicious night of sleep with no discomfort. “- Danielle Stein Chizzik, Assistant Editor


Botanical bath milk set

“This Tammy Fender bath milk is really unlike anything I’ve ever tried. They’re powder to begin with, which makes them super travel-friendly, and when dissolved in hot water they turn into silky, luxurious, moisturizing treats for the skin I especially love this set, which contains all four types: Herbal Clarity, Rose, Sunlit Citrus and Sacred Serenity. ” – April Long, Beauty Director


The play mat

“Bala products are so beautifully designed that they are difficult to train with. They also look great when not in use, almost part of your home decor. I’ll put your new, uniquely shaped playmat in mine.” Integrate daily yoga & Pilates sessions in the new year. Hopefully it will help me to finally perfect this handstand too! ”- MaryKate Boylan, Senior Fashion Editor


The skin supplement

“What don’t I love about Augustinus Bader’s Skin Rejuvenating Complex Supplement? To be honest, nothing. moment adaptogen ashwagandha – their powder formulation (which easily dissolves in pretty much any beverage) makes them an easy daily chore for an anti pill like me. “- April Long, Beauty Director


Round meditation cushion + Zabuton seat set

“One of the best things I did in 2021 was to rebuild my yoga practice that I had fallen away from in recent years. I look forward to deepening my practice in the coming year, but I’m also starting to To meditate I like meditation, but historically I haven’t been very good at prioritizing. In 2022, I want to change that, and I think a special room like this will help. ” – Meg Donohue, contributor



“It’s safe to say that at the end of the year I fell completely out of the routine, but I’m not wasting time getting back on track. I turn to Lia Barthas B the Method to help me with this Your carefully and strategically sequenced program is based on gentle, regenerative movements to tone, strengthen and lengthen. With a slower pace and deliberate movements, I feel like I am putting in the attention and meditative movement that my body is following longs, let’s say, I hope I can take about 4 courses a week. ” – Roxanne Adamiyat, Senior Digital Editor


Jolie’s filtered shower head

“I recently renovated my bathroom to spend more time at home in the winter. I added a dried eucalyptus bundle to my shower and also swapped my shower head for one that filters out chlorine and other contaminants to keep water clean, man.” might think it came from a natural source. The best part? There are no compromises with my water pressure. I love it. “- Roxanne Adamiyat, Senior Digital Editor

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Cannabis Capsules Are Ultra-Efficient, But Are They Right For You?



This story originally appeared on Emjay

The future is here. Cannabis comes in an ultra-efficient smokeless pill form that you can take orally. It seems unconventional, but when you really think about it, most things come in pill form.


It’s not uncommon to see psychoactive compounds, medications, and dietary supplements in capsule or tablet form. It would be a lot weirder if you had to smoke your vitamins or your allergy medicine.

Before you run out and grab some cannabis pods, there are a few things you should know. The experience varies widely and the effects may not be for everyone.

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What is a cannabis capsule?

Cannabis capsules take the extract of a cannabis plant and mix it with a type of carrier oil in pre-measured doses. The packaging will usually list how much THC and how much CBD is in each capsule. You swallow your pre-measured dose of cannabis just like you would swallow any other capsule or tablet.

Cannabis capsules are not an adjunct to smoking or vaping cannabis. You are an alternative. If you don’t like smoking or can’t smoke, cannabis capsules allow you to enjoy the high of your favorite strains without involving your lungs.

Hemp or CBD capsules are completely different

Labeling is crucial, and vague terms can sometimes be misleading. Hemp is cannabis and CBD is a cannabinoid. Hemp extract capsules, or CBD capsules, are also technically cannabis capsules. The main difference between the two is that hemp capsules will not get you high. Hemp contains less than 0.3% THC, which is insufficient to induce any noticeable psychoactive effects.

That doesn’t mean hemp extract or CBD are baseless. They’re a great way to naturally induce relaxation and create feelings of emotional well-being without altering your mind. If you want some of the benefits of weed but need to keep your mind sober, CBD capsules are great. This is a complementary way to enjoy cannabis. You can take CBD with weed without getting high.

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How do cannabis capsules work?

You swallow your cannabis capsule and it reaches your stomach. Your body begins to digest and filter the cannabinoids, including the THC. They are released slowly over time, producing a high that can last up to two hours to start and up to eight hours to finally finish.

Capsules can be very polarizing. This is going to sound like an absolute nightmare to some people. If you want to be able to control your high and have a good idea of ​​when it will end, capsules are definitely not for you.

If you have a high THC tolerance and use weed for its medicinal or wellness benefits, you’ll probably love the idea of ​​a capsule. Taking one low-dose capsule twice a day will give you benefits without making you feel too high to function. It’s the perfect means to an end.

How capsules compare to other forms

Cannabis capsules work very differently than other forms of cannabis. For some people, this is a selling point. Others might see it as a disadvantage. It all depends on how you want to enjoy your weed.

vaporize cannabis

Vaping cannabis is one of the most convenient ways to use cannabis. It’s not messy. There is no smoke, no ash and no lighter. You don’t have to grind, pack or roll anything. You don’t have to remove the resin from a pipe or bong. It’s also extremely concentrated. You can take a strong hit from a vape and quickly end your smoking session when you have a novel to write or a song to play. You will feel the effects almost immediately.

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Hemp In All, All In Hemp



Food, fashion, nutrition, grooming, self-care — the common factor across them all is hemp. What is it about this plant that you can’t turn left or right without bumping into it? And how does it help? We find out

Did you wonder ‘will this get me high?’ when you heard of hemp? Don’t worry, you’re not being judged. The answer is an obvious no, but there’s quite a confusion about what hemp is, and why it’s literally in every moisturizer or muffin you come across. Let’s begin by understanding hemp.

CBD Oils - The Consolation

“Hemp has a plethora of medicinal benefits without the psychoactive effects. The hemp protein is derived from the cannabis plant, and is a great plant-based protein source. THC, the hallucinogenic ingredient found in marijuana, is not present. It can become a great staple in your diet, whether you already consume a plant-based diet or not,” explains Harshal Goel, founder of The Trost, a brand committed to health and wellness through hemp nutrition.

Hemp Seed Oil - The Consolation

“Cannabis is the umbrella term, and hemp and marijuana are broad classifications of it. THC and CBD are present in both marijuana and hemp. Hemp contains high CBD and low THC (less than 0.3 per cent), while marijuana contains much more THC (over 0.3 per cent),” explains Kunaal Kapoor, the co-founder of Hempivate, a platform that sells wellness, fashion, and nutrition products.

Hemp Powder - The Consolation

Bombay Hemp Company is one of the country’s leading companies on the forefront of the hemp revolution that boasts a wide range of brands under its umbrella including a fashion label, wellness products, hemp fabric and nutrition products. Yash Kotak, Co-founder & CMO at Bombay Hemp Company explains, “Hemp is an extremely versatile crop, with over 25,000 proven uses in a multitude of industries. This native crop shows the potential to propel exponential changes in many industries while aiding and improving the quality of life at large. Hemp products under the category of health and wellness hold massive opportunities in the Indian market.” Speaking about the future of this unique plant in India, he continues, “ Working with hemp is environmentally sound, economically equitable, and socially inclusive. The versatility of the crop makes it a no-brainer for it to be plugged in as a raw material or as a main ingredient in most of the product offerings. In the Indian market, the crop holds a massive opportunity, given all the scientific evidence as to why the plant should exist in the first place. There are more reasons made for it than against it. Hemp has been out and out an Indian crop and I strongly believe with times to come and the right kind of scientific evidence people will pick up on it.”

Paw treats - Agility

Tiger Terps - Lemon Mint Wild Leaf - Hemp seed oil

The last three years have brought hemp to the forefront of not only consumption, but also conversation. FSSAI issued a notification on November 15, 2021, stating, “The hemp seed, hemp seed oil, and hemp seed flour shall be sold as food or used as an ingredient in a food for sale subject to conforming standards.” Thanks for this clarity, the hemp space is bound to see quite a boost in the coming years.

Cannabryl Dewaxed

cannadom-premium_1200x Cannabliss Sleep well

Rohit Shah, co-founder and CEO of Hemp Horizons, delves a little into the history of this domesticated crop. “Pick any ancient civilization and you’ll find cannabis being cultivated, used as medicine, used as a construction material. Take Ajanta Ellora caves for instance — history shows that these were covered and protected by wild cannabis grown over the years. Mayans used cannabis, Mesopotamia historical data has cannabis usage for clothing, medicine, nutrition, Chinese civilizations used hemp. Vedas deem cannabis as one of the five sacred plants. What other affirmations do we need?”

Hempivate pain patch - recoverHemp protein Cannaease - pain management

With entrepreneurs and startups aiming to create a culture with hemp, the demand has been on an all-time high (quite literally), from therapeutic products, prescription-based products to relieve pain and anxiety, nutrition powders, oils, and other personal care products. Shah says that as people are realizing its benefits, the demand is sure to rise. “In India, we have seen a four time growth in our processing quantities in the past 12 months. More and more brands, restaurants, cafes have started looking at hemp seed products as a healthy, gluten free, soy free, dairy free alternative. The pet industry has already started using hemp seed oil as a joint and skin health oil for pets. Hemp powder is also a great alternative for high fiber nutrient dense meals for pets,” he details, and Kapoor further adds, “The demand chart was initially hindered due to the Indian government’s decision of banning hemp cultivation until July 2018. Now that more awareness is being created and dialogues are being opened up regarding the benefits of hemp, the demand for new as well as existing products has risen quite significantly.”

Hempivate soap


Go to any good, clean eating restaurant, and they will have a few hemp favoring dishes worth trying. Sante Spa Cuisine in Khar offers Zucchini Zoodles with Hemp Pesto and Braised Kale Salad with toasted Hemp seeds. We tried zoodles, and loved the texture as well as the taste; a great weekday lunch option if you don’t want to feel sluggish after a meal. Chef Shailendra of Sante Spa explains, “Hemp has a lot of health benefits and as a substitute to using nuts, we’ve incorporated hemp seeds to make a beautiful earthy pesto for our pastas. Also, we use hemp oil to make salad dressings. The thought was to be able to use a melange of ingredients that are healthy, locally sourced, and have benefits that are great for our everyday lives.”


Since we did history, here’s also a little science. Hemp powder and seeds contain a protein ratio of 2:1 — 30g of hemp powder or seeds contain 15g of protein. The brain uses amino acids to create protein, which are obtained through diet, most commonly from animal products such as meat, milk, and eggs. Hemp products, on the other hand, contain all of the amino acids required to aid in the repair of muscle cells, the regulation of the neurological system, and the regulation of brain function. This makes them an excellent animal-free alternative in food, not to mention they are rich in fiber, fatty acids including the 1: 3 perfect ratio of Omega 3s and Omega 6s naturally present, vitamin E, minerals, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and zinc as well.

SoulTree Hemp_100  Organic Cold Pressed Hemp Oil SoulTree Hemp Treat _ Nourish Youth Day Cream Soultree Hemp Ayurvedic Treatment Facial Oil

Luxury Ayurveda brand SoulTree has recently launched their range of hemp products. dr Ipsita Chatterjee, Ayurveda Expert & Technical Head, of SoulTree explains the benefits of hemp in personal care products. “There is an intrinsic sense of curiosity and interest in the consumer about the ingredient, which has enabled the journey of discovering beauty and wellness solutions featuring hemp, and specifically with our range of products, the Hemp Ayurvedic Treatment Facial Oil, the Hemp Soothing Elixir Face Serum and Hemp Treat and Nourish Day Cream are seeing overwhelming adoption and demand.”

Skincare brands such as Colorbar, Juicy Chemistry, Neemli Naturals, Beardo, and many others are introducing hemp-based ranges. “Our Vita Hemp range includes a serum, moisturizer, and night oil, which restores and balances the skin. Hemp oil is rich in vitamins and antioxidants, which hydrate and relax the skin. Hemp oil also repairs the skin from sunburn, redness, and dryness,” explains a spokesperson from Colorbar. Similarly, Beardo has introduced a wide range of hemp products that caters especially for men’s skincare needs including face wash, hair oil, face scrub and soaps. “We found natural ways of keeping the skin healthy with our miracle ingredient – introducing skincare’s best kept secret – hemp seed oil – a multipurpose warrior with all-round benefits,” says the brand’s website.

Beardo’s CEO explains, “As a company we are very optimistic about the future of hemp for personal care in India. In fact so kicked that we have launched not just with one product but an entire bouquet of six products under the hemp umbrella. We acknowledge that it will take some doing, on consumer education, but given how the entire ecosystem is growing with multiple companies now offering these products, the compounding effect is sure to take wings some time down the road.”

beardo 2

Hemp seed oil in skincare comes with a lot of benefits. “It treats and heals acne-prone, dry, rosacea-prone, and sensitive skin. The perfect ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 and the rare Gamma-Linolenic Acid, act as the ideal skin barrier, reduce inflammation, and improve texture and appearance. Vital amino acids nourish skin, restore visible damage, strengthen skin surface, and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Phytochemicals promote healthy cell turnover and maintain water balance in the skin,” adds Dr. Chatterjee.

Trost is the first brand to do roll cigarettes, one of their CBD-based prescription products. Goel explains, “One has to fill a medical consultation form. Upon filling the same, a virtual appointment will be booked with an Ayurvedic doctor, who will be able to advice on recommended dosage etc. as per one’s ailments.”

There’s so much scope in hemp yet to be explored, brands and doctors unanimously agree. Time to try that hemp seed oil before bed time.

Colorbar_Restoring_Balancing Milk Serum_INR 695

Colorbar_Restoring_Balancing Moisturizer_INR 695 Colorbar_Restoring_Balancing night oil_INR 695


In 2015, the cultivation of hemp was legalized by the Uttarakhand government. As the Cannabis Sativa crop is often perceived as a drug for its psychoactive properties, both the cultivation and harvest of this crop is regulated globally. Each year, the sowing of Cannabis Sativa varieties is reviewed, certified seeds are used to start the crop, field registrations are required, and throughout the cycle of cultivation, the crop continues to be monitored by authorities.

Currently, it is legal to grow hemp in India under the conditions that the THC levels are maintained below 0.3 percent, and an individual is only allowed to cultivate the seeds, leaves, and stalks of the plant. (Flowers are still banned under certain conditions). Pure Hemp products such as seeds, apparels, accessories, and personal care can be sold without requesting a prescription; however, when it comes to CBD/THC centric products, a prescription is needed for verification.

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Martha Stewart Launches CBD Skin Care



After touting the benefits of ingesting CBD, Martha Stewart turns her attention to topical use.

Martha Stewart CBD on Wednesday launched its expansion beyond ingestible CBD with its Wellness Topicals range, which consists of three personal care products. The products — Super Strength CBD Cream, Sleep Science CBD Cream, and Daily De-Stress CBD Cream — range in price from $19.99 to $99.99, depending on size, and will be launched on

More from WWD

The brand is a subsidiary of cannabis and cannabinoid company Canopy Growth Corp., of which Stewart sits on the advisory board. Their product offerings vary in format, from oils and gummies to soft gels and pet food supplements.

“The natural next step was really topical creams, which are very popular,” Stewart told WWD via Zoom. “People are looking for muscle relief or rest, sleep health. Instead of taking ingestible supplements, you can also add topical skin care products. This is big business.”

The products combine CBD with a range of active ingredients. The Super Strength Cream adds Magnesium and Ginger for muscle recovery, the Sleep Science CBD Cream contains Lavender and Vetiver essential oils, and the Daily De-Stress Cream uses Neroli and Ho Wood essential oils.

dr Anna Persaud, vice president of skincare and topicals at Canopy Growth, said in an email, “Each product is designed to be easy-to-use and easy-to-love, with market-leading levels of CBD, powerful coactives, and proven-work.” aroma-technology, the line is carefully balanced to achieve optimal results for everyday wellness challenges such as muscle recovery, sleep support and stress management.”

Stewart said the horizons for the brand are endless, with more categories on the horizon for expansion. When asked if she was eyeing both facial skincare and haircare, she replied: “All of the above is coming.

“Later this year you will see skincare and very fabulous products that I have used. I’ve been testing my product for over a year now and it really is effective in the best possible way,” she continued.

The story goes on

Even a well-respected figure like Stewart said getting consumers to feel comfortable with cannabis-derived products is a hurdle. However, it has not hindered growth. A spokesman for the brand said the company exceeded its initial sales estimates by 20 percent quarter-on-quarter.

“People will come up to me shyly – women of a certain age, like 60+ – and say, ‘How are the gummies, I’ve never tried CBD.’ I say, “Here’s a box, try it,” and they’ll become raving customers,” she said, making it clear that the appeal of her products was universal. “The themes are for all ages. People were concerned that CBD is pot even though it is a very different compound than THC [the psychoactive component of cannabis].

“We’re going to be very compelling throughout the year in terms of the effectiveness, the reliability and the really good quality of the things we’re making,” continued Steward. “I’m a future thinker, I’m always trying new things. I don’t smoke weed, but I use CBD.”

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Sara and Erin Foster discuss the Allure Store, skincare regimens and celebrity beauty crushes

Annie Lawless talks about a record year of growth and product enhancements at Lawless Beauty

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