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Local Sisters “Cruise” to Top of Tennis World

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Cruise Control Gear owners Candice Kolins, left, and Kristen Vogelbacher join longtime friend and tennis coach Mike Sell for a light moment. (Photos courtesy of Cruise Control Gear)


Anyone who knows sisters Candice Kolins of Ocean City and Kristen Vogelbacher of Somers Point isn’t surprised by their success.

The entrepreneurial tennis stars, who played for Villanova and Princeton universities, respectively, grew their Cruise Control Gear franchise from a fledgling producer of tennis and active wear into a business player on the international stage.

Candice and Kristen’s products have been spotted at some of the top tennis tournaments in the world in recent years, just a short time after being found only online and at local outlets.

Again, not surprising.

This year, they took the company beyond dollars and cents to a higher level. They are partnering with the United States Tennis Association’s Middle States region’s Unstoppable Women in Tennis series to spotlight the strong women who are forces on and off the court.

While vocal if asked, the sisters are certainly leading by example.

“My dad works for himself, and that appealed to me,” said Candice, the founder of Cruise Control Gear. “We liked the idea of ​​being our own bosses and working with the sport and people we love.”

It has worked out well. Candice is the main designer, and Kristen, who came on board as co-owner, joined the firm to head up marketing.

Separate from growing sales, Cruise Control Gear is an industry-wide example of how hard work can pay off.

In recognition of its advancement of the sport, the US Tennis Association bestowed its Tennis Industry Initiative award to Cruise Control Gear.

“We are grateful and humbled for our business, but now our role has gone beyond being a clothing retailer,” Candice said. “Now we’re addressing larger issues such as empowerment and entrepreneurship for working women and working moms.”

Cruise Control Gear won honors from the US Tennis Association for its work advancing the sport.

Both Candice and Kristen were inducted last month into the New Jersey Tennis Hall of Fame. It is the latest example of the sisters living a kind of parallel tennis life. The former Moorestown High School teammates are separated by two years in age. Kristen is a 2001 Moorestown High grad, while Candice followed two years later.

“We played each other for the number one singles position, her senior year,” Candice said of Kristen in a previously published interview. “She won, but it was a close match. We’ve never played each other in a match since then. It could get too nasty.”

The mood will be anything but nasty next month when the sisters will be inducted into the New Jersey Tennis Hall of Fame.

“We’re humbled to be inducted together,” Kristen said. “We grew up loving tennis because of our parents, (Ocean City residents) Adele and Dan Carlin. Our dad is our first tennis coach and we still play with mom, who is always positive and fun. We hope to share the same love with our children and the community.”

Ask the sisters for their inspiration in the game and they will mention Mike Sell, a member of the Moorestown boys tennis team when they were in high school together.

Sell ​​went on to an All-America college career at the University of Georgia and is currently co-head coach of the women’s team at Louisiana State University with his wife, Julia. Sell ​​was also a touring pro for a time.

Candice said one of her biggest thrills in the game was watching Sell play in the US Open when she was still in high school.

Continuing the parallel life theme, the sisters became mothers within weeks of each other. Candice (husband Sean) gave birth to daughter Siena on October 6, 2016. Kristen (husband Bob) brought son Bobby into the world a little over three months later on January 10.

The kids and many other local residents will be on hand when Cruise Control is a lead participant in the Ocean City Health and Fitness Expo. It takes place Saturday June 18 from 9 am to 2 pm at the Ocean City Music Pier.

In addition to a fashion show, there will be appearances by local body builder and fitness model Kelly Adams, Miss Ocean City and the other town “princesses,” the Junior Miss Ocean City and Little Miss Ocean City.

The event includes health food displays, fitness classes, speakers and more.

Kristen Vogelbacher, at left, April Scannell and Candice Kolins celebrate their partnership in front of the Pappagallo boutique.

Cruise Control Gear’s Ocean City hometown and local roots have only deepened as it has grown. Different segments of the line are available locally:

  • Pappagallo’s, 744 Asbury Ave., Ocean City, carries most of Cruise Control Gear’s women’s line, including tops, tees, skorts and more. There is also a sampling of men’s wear and clothes for the kids.
  • Bowfish Kids, 956 Asbury Ave., Ocean City, boys and girls active wear.
  • Landing Creek Pickleball, 801 Third Street, Ocean City. Landing Creek is a “store within a store” at Pessano’s Variety, offering a full line of Cruise Control Gear pickleball duds. Pessano’s is seasonal and currently closed, but Landing Creek can be reached for an appointment at its website,
  • Bedazzled Boutique, 9309 Ventnor Ave., Margate. A wide selection of Cruise Control Gear for women is in stock.
  • Bravo Core Fitness, 8411 Ventnor Ave., Margate. This private, fitness training studio carries men’s and women’s Cruse Control Gear fitness clothing, all customized with the Bravo fitness logo.
  • Yes She Can, 50 Tuckahoe Road, Marmora. Women’s selection of Cruise Control apparel is available, including leggings, sports bras and tank tops.

According to April Scannell, Pappagallo’s owner, the store is a “preppy-chic boutique carrying women’s clothing, shoes, jewelry, handbags, swimwear, accessories and more. Our unique lines are truly one of a kind.”

Pappagallo’s addition of Cruise Control Gear’s upscale performance wear to its product line certainly fits in with that business model.

The Cruise Control brand may also be found at top retailers and country clubs in Florida and nationwide. The complete Cruise Control Gear line can be found and ordered at its website

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Men’s Health

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Men’s Health


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If you or anyone you know has struggled with unhealthy prostate growth, then you understand the enormous impact that this little gland can have on your quality of life.

Nighttime urges to urinate make a full night’s rest impossible, wreaking havoc on energy, mood and mental clarity.

With a weaker flow and reduced ability to empty the bladder, frequent urges can make men feel like they are handcuffed to the bathroom, an embarrassing situation that can disrupt their work life, social life and favorite hobbies.

Unhealthy urinary flow and function and also create problems for men’s intimacy and performance, and therefore their relationships.

Many men report that these worsening symptoms along with invasive exams and surgeries make them feel like they now live at the whim of these bothersome symptoms that take them away from the things that make life enjoyable.

What can men do to protect their prostate and age on their own terms? And how does Inno Supps Advanced Prostate Support promise to help?


Advanced prostate support was developed after rigorous research to uncover the root cause of unhealthy prostate growth and how to treat it.

Research shows that the presence of a hormone called DHT is known to cause unhealthy prostate growth in aging men. DHT is a derivative of testosterone, and levels rise when an enzyme called 5-alpha-reductase converts testosterone into DHT.

Most doctors recommend pharmaceutical treatments like finasteride to help inhibit 5-alpha-reductase, thus lowering DHT to fight prostate growth. But at what cost?

“Use of pharmaceutical DHT blockers like finasteride is known to interfere with sexual. drive and function in some men” says board-certified urologist, Dr. Anika Ackerman. “Many of my patients feel that using these drugs to manage their prostate health means trading in one set of unacceptable symptoms for another.”

The physical side effects of pharmaceutical DHT blockers drove the team at Inno Supps to find an effective way to combat DHT naturally — without compromising men’s intimacy.

The foundation of Advanced prostate support‘s DHT blocking power is a clinically effective dose of saw palmetto. This potent plant extract has been carefully studied and shown to help inhibit the activity of 5-alpha-reductase — thus helping lower DHT levels in men.

The result?

Many men who supplemented with saw palmetto for a minimum of 24 weeks reported a significant improvement in urinary symptoms, without a negative impact on intimacy.

Inno Supps also amplified the power of saw palmetto with 2 other ingredients in Advanced Prostate Support that work synergistically to target DHT in support of a healthy prostate:

Pumpkin seed oil – clinical studies show that pumpkin seed oil is also effective at inhibiting 5-alpha-reductase to help protect your prostate from DHT.

beta-sitosterol – studies show that supplementation with saw palmetto is more effective when taken along with beta-sitosterol.

These 3 ingredients work together to provide powerful prostate protection and urinary symptom relief for men at any age — without the trade-off.


Invasive exams and risky surgeries that could render a man impotent or incontinent are terrifying options that some men turn to out of desperation to restore their quality of life.

like all Inno Supps products, Advanced prostate support was born from their commitment to create the most effective supplements to help people achieve their health and fitness goals.

Advanced prostate support goes beyond targeting the root cause of prostate growth, and provides complete natural support for prostate health, bladder function, urinary flow and male physical performance.

Added plant sterols from stinging nettle root — considered to be the top natural source for prostate health by some experts — and pygeum bark help take this formula to the next level.

Stinging nettle root and pygeum bark are both shown to have a powerful effect on urinary health, such as helping…

  • Reduce nighttime urination
  • Reduce frequency of urination
  • Promote easier bladder emptying
  • Restore a stronger stream
  • Slow prostate cell growth

These two ingredients also help support a healthy inflammatory response and provide antioxidant protection for optimal prostate health and urinary function.

Advanced prostate support also includes essential micronutrients zinc and boron which are crucial vitamins and minerals to boost testosterone levels and enhance male performance from the gym to the bedroom.

With such a comprehensive formula, Advanced prostate support provides men at any age with everything they need to keep their prostate healthy and age on their own terms.


A careful review of the natural formula behind Advanced prostate support reveals a targeted, comprehensive formula with proven ingredients to promote prostate, bladder and urinary health.

Advanced Prostate Support is a must have for any man looking to:

  • Restore a healthy sleep pattern with fewer nighttime urges
  • Free themselves of the embarrassment of frequent bathroom trips
  • Restore drive and function with increased testosterone levels

“I happily endorse Advanced Prostate Support and recommend it to any man looking for a natural remedy to improve or protect his prostate health,” says Dr. ackerman “I truly believe that this product contains all the necessary ingredients to help men take control of their quality of life as they age.”

If you want to learn more about Advanced Prostate Support, then click here to visit the Inno Supps website today.

Medical Disclaimer: All content and information in this blog is for informational and educational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice.

Members of the editorial and news staff of the Las Vegas Review-Journal were not involved in the creation of this content.

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