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Why women need to take good care of their heart health

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Half a century ago, it was a popular misconception that heart disease was mostly a male problem. That was because men more often adopted behaviors which increased the risk of heart and blood vessel disease. Prior to menopause, hormonal influences were protective in women. A male-dominated medical research enterprise designed and tested diagnostic tools in men only and later inappropriately applied them to women, often missing the signs and symptoms of heart disease in women. Health education messages and risk reduction programs exclusively targeted men. Even clinical trials with medicines had only men as subjects. As the threshold for suspecting heart disease was inordinately high in women, few women sought care for symptoms. Those who did were often misdiagnosed by doctors who did not expect women to have heart disease.

Cardiovascular disease involves the heart as well as blood vessels all over the body, including those that supply blood to the heart and the brain. Injury to the heart muscle may result not only from blockages in the blood vessels of the heart but also from inflammation of the heart muscle (myocarditis), which is provoked by infections or autoimmune phenomena whereby the body’s own immune mechanisms turn renegade to target the heart . Other forms of heart muscle disease too occur without a clearly identifiable causal agent (cardiomyopathies). Such a cardiomyopathy may also be associated with pregnancy.


Internal valves which separate the chambers of the heart are also vulnerable to disease. Rheumatic heart disease was till recently a widely prevalent cause of autoimmune valve damage in young persons, with some forms more common in women. This was triggered by the body’s reaction to a bacterial throat infection caused by streptococcus. With widespread use (and misuse) of antibiotics and improved living conditions, this threat has receded. Age-related degeneration of some valves may occur in older decades of life. The covering of the heart can also become inflamed (pericarditis) due to viral or tubercular infection. The arteries supplying blood to the brain, lungs or limbs can manifest disease in many ways. High blood pressure can arise during pregnancy, threatening both mother and child. The veins are not exempt — the deep veins of the legs and pelvis can develop clots that may travel to the lungs and threaten life (pulmonary embolism).


While there are many ways by which women can suffer from cardiovascular disease, the leading causes world over are coronary heart disease and cerebrovascular disease. The former manifests as angina or heart attacks. The latter causes brain strokes (temporary or permanent paralysis of some body parts). As societies experience developmental transitions, both of these increase in incidence with some geographical variations where these two disorders are more dominant. As life expectancy increases, these become more common but they can occur at younger ages too as living habits change. To prevent these disorders through public health programs, detect their risk factors and signs early, create capacity in health systems for their effective management and facilitate long-term self-care.

For these to happen, it is important to bust the myth that heart and blood vessel diseases are uncommon in women. In many countries, cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death among women. The risk factors for coronary and cerebrovascular disorders are common and mostly modifiable. High blood pressure, smoking, diabetes, obesity, unhealthy food habits resulting in abnormal blood fat patterns and physical inactivity are toxic to blood vessels everywhere in the body, with those supplying the heart and brain being especially vulnerable.


Prior to menopause, female sex hormones tend to protect the blood vessels. The protective HDL fraction of blood cholesterol is higher in women of reproductive age than in men. Tobacco use sharply reduces HDL cholesterol and markedly increases the risk of heart attacks in women, even more than in men. Hence the statement “if women smoke like men, they will die like men,” which countered the tobacco industry’s campaigns to target women as customers. High blood pressure is widely prevalent in men. Diabetes becomes more frequent with increasing body fat (especially when it accumulates in the abdomen). While women normally tend to have more fat around the hips than in the abdomen (pear shaped, men usually show a reverse pattern (apple shaped). This distinction gets abolished when women smoke, become physically inactive, grow obese, are highly stressed, sleep less or develop diabetes.Then, women get heart attacks at a relatively young age.

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is associated with a higher risk of vascular disease due to many associated metabolic abnormalities, and may manifest as coronary disease at a young age.


Symptoms of a heart attack are not always the same as those in men. There may be dull discomfort in the chest rather than the crushing central chest pain that men describe. The pain may be in the upper back, neck, lower jaw, arm or upper abdomen rather than in the chest. Severe fatigue, a feeling of utter exhaustion or breathlessness may be the only symptoms. Women may experience chest discomfort from intermittent spasms of the coronary arteries, even when blocks are not obstructing the vessels. Such pains are not associated with exertion.

Women are more likely to have microvascular disease, which is a disease of the small blood vessels that supply the inner layers of the heart muscle. Since many of these presentations are “atypical”, when matched with the “classic” symptoms in men, the diagnosis may be missed by doctors trained on textbook descriptions gathered from male experience. Till recently, men’s interest in women’s hearts did not stretch beyond the Valentine’s Day emojis!

Coronary angioplasty and stents were shown to confer lower benefit in women than in men in early follow up studies, whether because of late detection of coronary disease, older age at presentation being associated with more comorbidities or due to a smaller caliber of coronary arteries. Recent innovations in medicated stents and newer anti-clotting medications have narrowed these differences. However, the problem of late recognition of disease and delayed care are persistent problems, especially in low and middle income countries.


Cardiovascular disease, manifesting as compromised blood supply to the heart or brain, is becoming a major challenge to the health of women in India. Several recent studies have indicated high prevalence of coronary risk factors (like hypertension and diabetes) in Indian women, especially in urban areas. Low HDL cholesterol and high triglyceride levels (indicative of the ‘metabolic syndrome’) are common in India and pose a high risk of cardiovascular disease.

The recent National Family Health Survey (NFHS-5) reports that 24 percent of the Indian women aged between 15 and 49 years are overweight or obese, while 56.7 percent have abdominal obesity. These portend a high risk of future cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Cultural barriers of a patriarchal society reduce opportunities for regular exercise, even as consumption of unhealthy foods is increasing due to malignant market mechanics. It is essential that we create social conditions whereby women can promote and protect their health, even as health systems must gear up to assess and correct cardiovascular risk at various stages of their lives.

(The author is President, Public Health Foundation of India [PHFI]. The views expressed are personal)

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Men’s Health


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If you or anyone you know has struggled with unhealthy prostate growth, then you understand the enormous impact that this little gland can have on your quality of life.

Nighttime urges to urinate make a full night’s rest impossible, wreaking havoc on energy, mood and mental clarity.

With a weaker flow and reduced ability to empty the bladder, frequent urges can make men feel like they are handcuffed to the bathroom, an embarrassing situation that can disrupt their work life, social life and favorite hobbies.

Unhealthy urinary flow and function and also create problems for men’s intimacy and performance, and therefore their relationships.

Many men report that these worsening symptoms along with invasive exams and surgeries make them feel like they now live at the whim of these bothersome symptoms that take them away from the things that make life enjoyable.

What can men do to protect their prostate and age on their own terms? And how does Inno Supps Advanced Prostate Support promise to help?


Advanced prostate support was developed after rigorous research to uncover the root cause of unhealthy prostate growth and how to treat it.

Research shows that the presence of a hormone called DHT is known to cause unhealthy prostate growth in aging men. DHT is a derivative of testosterone, and levels rise when an enzyme called 5-alpha-reductase converts testosterone into DHT.

Most doctors recommend pharmaceutical treatments like finasteride to help inhibit 5-alpha-reductase, thus lowering DHT to fight prostate growth. But at what cost?

“Use of pharmaceutical DHT blockers like finasteride is known to interfere with sexual. drive and function in some men” says board-certified urologist, Dr. Anika Ackerman. “Many of my patients feel that using these drugs to manage their prostate health means trading in one set of unacceptable symptoms for another.”

The physical side effects of pharmaceutical DHT blockers drove the team at Inno Supps to find an effective way to combat DHT naturally — without compromising men’s intimacy.

The foundation of Advanced prostate support‘s DHT blocking power is a clinically effective dose of saw palmetto. This potent plant extract has been carefully studied and shown to help inhibit the activity of 5-alpha-reductase — thus helping lower DHT levels in men.

The result?

Many men who supplemented with saw palmetto for a minimum of 24 weeks reported a significant improvement in urinary symptoms, without a negative impact on intimacy.

Inno Supps also amplified the power of saw palmetto with 2 other ingredients in Advanced Prostate Support that work synergistically to target DHT in support of a healthy prostate:

Pumpkin seed oil – clinical studies show that pumpkin seed oil is also effective at inhibiting 5-alpha-reductase to help protect your prostate from DHT.

beta-sitosterol – studies show that supplementation with saw palmetto is more effective when taken along with beta-sitosterol.

These 3 ingredients work together to provide powerful prostate protection and urinary symptom relief for men at any age — without the trade-off.


Invasive exams and risky surgeries that could render a man impotent or incontinent are terrifying options that some men turn to out of desperation to restore their quality of life.

like all Inno Supps products, Advanced prostate support was born from their commitment to create the most effective supplements to help people achieve their health and fitness goals.

Advanced prostate support goes beyond targeting the root cause of prostate growth, and provides complete natural support for prostate health, bladder function, urinary flow and male physical performance.

Added plant sterols from stinging nettle root — considered to be the top natural source for prostate health by some experts — and pygeum bark help take this formula to the next level.

Stinging nettle root and pygeum bark are both shown to have a powerful effect on urinary health, such as helping…

  • Reduce nighttime urination
  • Reduce frequency of urination
  • Promote easier bladder emptying
  • Restore a stronger stream
  • Slow prostate cell growth

These two ingredients also help support a healthy inflammatory response and provide antioxidant protection for optimal prostate health and urinary function.

Advanced prostate support also includes essential micronutrients zinc and boron which are crucial vitamins and minerals to boost testosterone levels and enhance male performance from the gym to the bedroom.

With such a comprehensive formula, Advanced prostate support provides men at any age with everything they need to keep their prostate healthy and age on their own terms.


A careful review of the natural formula behind Advanced prostate support reveals a targeted, comprehensive formula with proven ingredients to promote prostate, bladder and urinary health.

Advanced Prostate Support is a must have for any man looking to:

  • Restore a healthy sleep pattern with fewer nighttime urges
  • Free themselves of the embarrassment of frequent bathroom trips
  • Restore drive and function with increased testosterone levels

“I happily endorse Advanced Prostate Support and recommend it to any man looking for a natural remedy to improve or protect his prostate health,” says Dr. ackerman “I truly believe that this product contains all the necessary ingredients to help men take control of their quality of life as they age.”

If you want to learn more about Advanced Prostate Support, then click here to visit the Inno Supps website today.

Medical Disclaimer: All content and information in this blog is for informational and educational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice.

Members of the editorial and news staff of the Las Vegas Review-Journal were not involved in the creation of this content.

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Men’s Health

The Truth About Men Go Their Own Way (From A Woman’s Perspective)

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The Truth About Men Go Their Own Way (From A Woman’s Perspective)

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Men’s Health

Maasalong Reviews: Must Know Details! Read Before Buying!

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According to research, anxiety affects the sexual performance of 9 to 25 percent of all males. This anxiety leads to erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Not to mention it can disrupt the relationship between your partner as well.

Considering how prevalent sexual health problems are among males, Maasalong developed a formula that aims to boost sexual performance and naturally enhance sexual health.

But does the formula work? Can it relieve sexual anxiety and make you perform well in bed without side effects? You must go through this Maasalong detailed review to know the answers to these questions.

What Is Maasalong?

At its core Maasalong is a male enhancement formula. Everyone wants to get optimal comfort and perform better in the bedroom. And Masaalong claims that it has cracked the secret to making the males achieve precisely that.

The formula comes in a dietary pill, supposedly containing active ingredients to raise men’s testosterone levels. The recipe also claims to enhance sexual performance. It does that by removing the factors that revolve around the bed performance issue.

This formula can also purportedly address the fundamental reasons for sexual dysfunction in men. And Maasalong states that the problems that the recipe eliminates are something other medications can not even get to. In other words, the formula targets the underlying reasons and removes the issue entirely.

Benefits of Maasalong

So, what will you get after taking the male enhancement supplement? According to the manufacturer, the supplement can offer these benefits:

Increased Sexual Desires

The primary target of Maasalong is to stimulate sexual desires. Often, you will lose your libido level when you have performance anxiety. And the formula claims to address the issue by impacting your sexual drive and mood.

This formula is said to contain aphrodisiacs and balancing hormones. Those make you sexually motivated and increase your drive for intimacy.

Enhancement in erections

Maasalong is said to focus on the nitric oxide production of the body. When the production of nitric oxide increases, you will get better overall erections. And that will eventually lead to pleasant and better sexual experiences.

Offer Multiple Health Benefits

The formula helps the digestive process of the body. Through that, it aims to reduce your weight and make you achieve a healthy body. The ingredients also claim to make your hair shiny and healthier. Furthermore, the brand states that the supplement can help you get better sleep and lower your cholesterol.

Maasalong Ingredients

According to the manufacturer, Maasalong contains nothing but natural ingredients, minerals, vitamins, and herbal extracts. Here is a brief description of each of the elements that the formula has:

vitamin E

Essential for different metabolic functions, vitamin E helps to generate and regulate the hormones responsible for libido in men. The element also wants to support an overall healthy lifestyle by increasing metabolic functions.

Vitamin B3

Vitamin B3 plays an essential role in ensuring proper blood circulation. Different studies have proved that vitamin B3 can enhance the quality of erections. Studies have also found that the element can reduce the risks of older men having erectile dysfunction.

Hawthorn Fruit

This ingredient is well known for increasing sexual vigor and stamina during intimacy. It also holds the ability to clean blood vessels by removing plaque. Moreover, hawthorn fruit can enhance blood circulation and lower the chances of cardiovascular diseases.

Muira Puma

Otherwise known as the “potency tree,” Muira Punam is endemic to the Amazon jungles. This ingredient holds the ability to stimulate nitric oxide synthesis inside the body. Nitric oxide is crucial for males as it can determine the quality of the erection.

Damiana Leaf Extract

Well-known for stimulating sexual drive in men, this leaf extract can also enhance sexual endurance. In other words, it will improve the overall sexual performance of men.

Ginko Biloba

Different studies have found that Ginko Biloba can improve blood flow, brain function, and cognition. Evidence suggests the ingredient can increase sexual pleasure by enhancing the pleasure hormone release rate in the brain. Studies have also found that Ginko Biloba can enhance the sexual function of men.

Chinese ginseng

This ingredient is well-known for playing a role in sexual dysfunction. It basically lowers the chances of a male going through that issue. Also, there is evidence regarding the ingredient reducing inflammation, boosting immunity, and promoting better overall health.

Catuaba Bark Extract

It can naturally enhance the sexual drive and testosterone levels in men. The ingredient is also known for alleviating performance anxiety and other mental issues that can lower the sexual performance of men.

Tribulus Terrestrial

The Tribulus Terrestris is known for being among the most potent testosterone enhancers. It is one of the well-studied ingredients that have a lot of backing in terms of the libido of men. Research also suggests that the ingredient can improve men’s pleasure and sexual performance.

Cayenne Extract

Naturally known for stimulating blood flow, Cayenne extract can also enhance the quality of erection in men. It can also help enhance metabolism, eventually making the body shed excess fat. So, it promotes a healthy body.

Horny Goat Weed

This ingredient replenishes the nutritional deficiency of the reproductive organs. Studies have found that it can also aid in boosting the overall testosterone level in men.

Oat Straw, Saw Palmetto, and Catuaba

These ingredients together help the circulation of testosterone in the body. They also can enhance the libido, sexual performance of men, and quality of the erection.

Does MaasaLong Work?

Each pill of MaasaLong is full of natural and proven herbal extracts, vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients. Due to how potent each of the ingredients is for enhancing the sexual health of menit would be safe to say that the supplement indeed works.

How Does MaasaLong Work?

After taking the MaasaLong pills, all the blockages that are present in your reproductive system will start to clear away. And when the blockages are clear, your reproductive health will be able to absorb all the nutrients that they need to make you perform better.

The formula also helps to repair any of the damages that are present in the penial tissues. Your body cannot naturally start the repair process if it does not have the nutrients to work with. And MaasaLong helps in that regard.

This formula can also help to enhance digestive health. By doing so, it helps you to easily gain all the health and wellness goals.

Alongside that, when your prostate, scrotum, and reproductive organs get the right amount of nutrients, they will start to function better. Eventually, you will be safe from the sexual issues that men face for age.

How Do You Take MaasaLong?

You do not have to go through any hassles when taking this sexual health supplement. It comes in pill form, meaning there will be no need to mix the formula with water or anything. Just take two capsules with meals, and you will all be good to go.

How Long Do You Need to Take MaasaLong?

Just like any other sexual health supplements, MaasaLong will take a little while to make you enjoy all the benefits that it can bring. According to the manufacturer, you need to take the formula for at least six months to notice all the benefits. However, some of the improvements can be noticeable early on.

Side Effects of MaasaLong

The formula has no chemicals, artificial ingredients, stimulants, or additives. For that reason, you can safely take the supplement. However, if you are taking prescribed medicines or have any medical conditions, you must consult your doctor before taking the supplement.

Final Words

To conclude this Maasalong detailed review, all we have to say is that the formula is unique. And unlike some of the other supplements in this space, Maasalong delivers. It is full of natural and potent ingredients that can indeed improve your sexual performance and help you get a healthy body.

Affiliate Disclosure:

The links contained in this product review may result in a small commission if you opt to purchase the product recommended at no additional cost to you. This goes towards supporting our research and editorial team. Please know we only recommend high-quality products.


Please understand that any advice or guidelines revealed here are not even remotely substitutes for sound medical or financial advice from a licensed healthcare provider or certified financial advisor. Make sure to consult with a professional physician or financial consultant before making any purchasing decision if you use medications or have concerns following the review details shared above. Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed as the statements regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration or Health Canada. The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA, or Health Canada approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and do not provide any kind of get-rich money scheme. Reviewer is not responsible for pricing inaccuracies. Check product sales page for final prices.

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